Carp Fishing Magazines UK in 2024

Carp fishing is an exciting venture, but to get the best returns, you need more information. Thankfully, there are a collection of carp fishing magazines that can make life a lot easier for you.

carp fishing magazines uk

Carp Fishing Magazines in the UK

The following magazines can make you a great carp angler:

  1. Carpworld magazine
  2. Total Carp magazine
  3. Carp-Talk magazine
  4. Carpology magazine
  5. Big Carp magazine

Now, let’s examine each magazine in detail.


carpworld magazine


Carpworld is the first carp fishing magazine in the carp world. It was produced in 1988 and has been providing content for about 29 years. It also boasts of a large customer reach. And this monthly carp magazine provides information about how to fish and fishing gear.

In addition, Carpworld is as enthusiastic about carp fishing as you are. It believes that although it’s great fun when you catch carp, it can become challenging without the right skills. This drive makes it provide sound information, which differentiates it from the others.

This magazine produces monthly issues, with each one tackling helpful tips to improve your gear. So, if you follow it closely, you’ll find gear reviews to ensure you never get a blank day again.

You’ll also learn first-hand from great carp anglers as they share their personal experiences, like the different types of carp baskets and baits and even carp fly fishing tips. These tips are published by David Hall Publishing Ltd every month in simple terms. Note that an issue can have about 98,000 words.

Carpworld also offers a single digital back issue. This digital subscription includes the issues that are released during your subscriptions.

Total Carp

total carp magazine


Total Carp is the biggest seller of carp magazines. Founded in 1999, this magazine offered carp fishermen new skills to have a great season, like the best rods, baskets, and bait to use.

In Total Carp, you’ll find great seasonal advice from experts. You can also see interview sessions with these experts. So, if you’re unsure what gear to use, there are lots of reviews to assist you.

A product of David Hall Publishing Ltd, Total Carp publishes 13 issues in a year. The first issue of 2022 features Myles Gibson, who shares tips on using zigs. Oz Holness, another columnist, talks about what you require to catch a carp, carp recipes, and how you can plan a campaign.

Total Carp magazine offers different modes for you to purchase your favourite magazines. You can either buy a single issue or a Total Carp magazine subscription.

With the single issue option, you can select between the current issue or the next issue of Total Carp. And in buying this magazine’s subscription, you can either buy a 6-issue subscription over 6 months or a 13-issue subscription for an annual term.

Also, you can make payments using direct debit, day tickets, credit/debit cards, gift vouchers, PayPal, cheques, or BACS. And once you make your payments, you’ll have every monthly issue delivered directly to your door anywhere around the world.


carp talk magazine


Carp-Talk was founded by Chris Ball, Tim Paisley, and Kevin Clifford, and was launched in 1994. It became one of the leading magazines in the UK before ceasing publication in 2018. Its final issue was 1231 and was released on the 26th of June, 2018.

Carp-Talk published issues on carp fishing weekly. Each week features the real essential carp news and exclusive interviews with the most successful carp anglers on tips to fish effectively. It also includes recommendations from these experts, like when it’s time for different gear and baskets and product reviews on the right bait, basket, and rod for carp fishing.

Moreover, you can view Carp-Talk as a digital or print magazine. And when you subscribe, you’ll receive the latest issues and all regular issues that are released during your subscription. The magazine subscriptions are also auto-renewed.

Although Carp-Talk has ceased publication, all its issues are still available in print. In addition, the last issue is still available for download.

It features famous Alex West as he shared his experiences when he captured a rare species known as Darren’s Linear. These tips help you have a great catch when you’re sitting bankside.




CARPology is one of the largest carp fishing media groups. It boasts of an all-year-round online audience of more than 50 million people. In this magazine, there’s instant access to interesting news from the biggest names out there.

It released the latest issue, 218, in January. In the 48-page supplement, you’ll find features like Ian Chillcott, who shares his no-nonsense views on rigs, and Ben Hamilton, as he explains how to juggle jobs whilst targeting the largest carp in the United Kingdom.

CARPology is largely invested in beautiful designs and amazing reader photography. It focuses on videographers and photographers putting their skills to use.

It also produces content in digital form. You can opt for a 3-month or annual digital subscription. Note that each subscription is set for auto-renewal.

Big Carp Magazine

big carp magazine


Big Carp Magazine is a monthly online magazine that’s been operating for over 20 years. It offers great content from UK’s famous carp fishers. You’ll find technical information about how to bait, different baits and basket, and interview sessions with the experts.

And if you want more than just to catch fish in freshwater, Big Carp is for you. It provides content irrespective of your category, either a learner or a top carp fisher. With this, you’ll make epic trips even in the colder months. Big Carp also provides flexible subscriptions with the best prices online that can be auto-renewed.

Bottom Line

Carp fishing is easier when you have resources like magazines. With this carp guide, you now know which magazines can help you enjoy a great carp fishing season.

Tell us what you think about them in the comments and share the article if you like it.

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