The 7 Best Fishing Rucksack for Carp in 2024 – Buyers Guide

Whether it’s a short or long trip to where you want to fish, you’ll need a spacious and robust rucksack to help you transport all your gear.

Best Rucksacks for Carp Fishing

However, finding a good rucksack can be tricky, especially with many manufacturers touting theirs as the best.

Image Product Details  
flyfisherpro-table__imageBest OverallNash Scope OPS Ruckall
  • Two spacious compartments
  • Zipped main compartment
  • Insulated bag area
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost Spacious BackpackSaber Supra 90ltr
  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Large space main compartments
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost VersatileGreys Prodigy Tackle Base Fishing Rucksack
  • Large pockets for maximum storage
  • Insulated bait compartment
  • Full back support
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBudget PickNGT Carp Coarse Fishing XPR
  • Low pricing
  • Large space
  • Easy to carry
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flyfisherpro-table__imageExcellent BuildTrakker NXG
  • Large space
  • Stiffened EVA handles
  • Waterproof nyplex at the base
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost Stylish RucksackDaiwa NEW MISSION ROVING RUCKSACK
  • Adjustable dividers and pouches
  • Measures 37cm x 22cm x 38cm
  • 110ltr capacity
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest for Pro AnglersFox R Series
  • Water-resistant and water-repellent
  • Hard-shelled 400 denier polyester fabric
  • 35ltr Inner compartment
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But never fear. In this guide, we’ve rounded up the best carp fishing rucksacks and highlighted what each is best for, making it easy for you to choose. One of our best fishing rucksacks for carp is the Nash Scope OPS Ruckall, but any of the carp rucksack options we have for you are excellent!

The 7 Best Rucksacks for Carp Fishing in 2024

1. Nash Scope OPS Ruckall

Nash Scope OPS Ruckall

Best Overall

Rating: 4.9

  • Two spacious compartments
  • Zipped main compartment
  • Insulated bag area
  • Fully-padded shoulder straps

The Nash Scope OPS Ruckall is a best-in-class carp rucksack, and it’s stunning. On one side of the ruckall, you’ll see two spacious compartments where you can store your tackle.

Moreover, it has a base with base pouches and eight retaining loops. So, if you need to store lots of accessories, you have enough space.

The grab handles allow you to carry the bag easily. This is one of those carp rucksacks that tick all the boxes. And it’s perfect for your daily session. The only downside is that it’s expensive, which is understandable considering how feature-packed it is.

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2. Saber Supra 90ltr

Saber Supra 90ltr

Most Spacious Backpack

Rating: 4.7

  • Large space main compartments
  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Easy access zips
  • Six external pockets

The Saber Supra 90ltr is one of the best fishing rucksacks available for your fishing pleasure, and anglers love their space. This carp rucksack provides just the right space for your tools.

Additionally, the adjustable straps come with a chest and waist harness, supporting your back and keeping the entire rucksack steady.

There isn’t just one strap for the back but three other neoprene-made handles, making the fishing rucksack easy to carry from different angles, although they can be tricky to set up.

As for the reinforcing on the base, it’s a top add-on for the sack. If your bag hits something or just falls from a height, be assured the reinforcement would safeguard your tools and prevent significant damage.

Accordingly, this fishing rucksack is a good choice if you think your journey might be bumpy.

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3. Greys Prodigy Tackle Base Fishing Rucksack

Greys Prodigy Tackle Base Fishing Rucksack

Most Versatile

Rating: 4.7

  • Large pockets for maximum storage
  • Insulated bait compartment
  • Well-padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Full back support

You don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind with the Greys Prodigy Tackle Base Fishing rucksack. The main compartment can fit your clothes and cookware in it.

To illustrate, you can fit your base box perfectly in the jumbo front pocket, whether it’s the Prodigy Klip-Lok Tackle Base Box from Greys or any other type that works for you.

Although not the most stylish, it gets the job done. And there’s an internal soft mesh pouch where you can store your valuables.

When you buy the Greys rucksack, you’ll enjoy its maximum stability and durability with reinforced base and anchoring points.

This fishing rucksack never fails to amaze us, from its skilful design that allows you to grab your accessories easily to its large storage capacity for all your luggage.

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4. NGT Carp Coarse Fishing XPR

NGT Carp Coarse Fishing XPR

Budget Pick

Rating: 4.3

  • Low pricing
  • Large space
  • Easy to carry

The NGT Carp Coarse Fishing XPR rucksack is an accessible choice to many people, thanks to its affordability, and the perfect backpack for light and mobile fishing.

There are two main compartments with a zip that separates them and three additional side compartments where you can store your accessories and valuables.

How can we pinpoint this carp rucksack’s best feature? After all, it has soft sides, a comfortable shoulder strap, and waterproof and water-resistant qualities. The shoulder pads are also fully-padded, giving you a comfortable rucksack.

Also, this option features a waistband to keep the backpack in place. However, it isn’t as high-quality as other options.

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5. Trakker NXG

Trakker NXG

Excellent Build

Rating: 4.6

  • Large space
  • Stiffened EVA handles
  • Easy grabbing, carrying, and loading
  • Waterproof nyplex at the base
  •  Twin zip feature

The Trakker NXG is a standout option because of its construction. If you want a portable carp rucksack with an impressive capacity, the Trakker NXG is one of the best.

These compartments are secured with a drawstring weather cover to protect the bag against severe weather conditions. And the extra straps at the base of the sack allow you to carry and efficiently access smaller accessories. There’s a possibility of the stitching coming undone early, though.

Moreover, the rigid EVA table attached to the top of the bag is also detachable for external use.

On the side of the sack is a triple-row elastic loop, which firmly holds any short or long bank sticks and other fishing gear.

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Most Stylish Rucksack

Rating: 4.9

  • It measures 37cm x 22cm x 38cm
  • Adjustable dividers and pouches
  • Has a large 110ltr capacity

The Daiwa New Mission Roving Rucksack is an excellent choice for people looking for stylish carp rucksacks.

This rucksack holds everything you might need on a fishing trip, whether it’s for a couple of days or longer sessions. So if you’re an angler who likes short sessions of a few hours, overnight fishing, or the full-day session type, this is the best carp rucksack for you.

To elaborate, its adjustable shoulder straps are fully padded and comfortable. The neoprene handle makes it easy to carry. It also has a reinforced base that keeps it upright.

Nonetheless, it’s a bit small and expensive (but worth it). After all, it’s a good value for money with superior quality and a beautiful design.

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7. Fox R Series

Fox R Series

Best for Pro Anglers

Rating: 4.5

  • Is water-resistant and water-repellent
  • Features hard-shelled 400 denier polyester fabric
  • Has a 35ltr inner compartment
  • Top pocket for storing accessories

The Fox R Series is excellent for pro anglers because it’s customizable, and you can easily get around with it.

Also, it has heavy-duty 10mm zips, which are reinforced for exceptional reliability. And there’s the top pocket and two small side pockets. Its front pocket fits the large fishing tackle box.

In addition, this rucksack features a shoulder harness and waist strap that are fully padded, an elastic loop to hold your bank sticks, and an EVA grab handle.

Also, it has a hard-wearing base and adjustable straps to secure an unhooking mat or lightweight chair. So, rest assured that this rucksack’s design is fantastic.

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How to Pick the Best Rucksack

What should you look for when choosing a rucksack? We’re explaining the main features of the best carp rucksacks below.

How to Pick the Best Rucksack


Your choice of carp rucksack depends on the gear you intend to carry. There are a number of requisite tools to enjoy your fishing; some like to add a couple of extra ones.

If you’re good with just the essential gear, you can go for a rucksack like the Daiwa New Missions Roving rucksack, which has smaller dimensions.


Another lookout is your fishing destination. You don’t want to tire yourself carrying your kit to a far distance. If you live around a water body or a recreational area with fishing waters, a large rucksack like the Greys Prodigy Tackle Base Fishing Rucksack would be suitable.

If you intend to travel miles, then consider choosing a smaller rucksack.

Otherwise, if your destination is all swampy, you should choose a waterproof rucksack to keep your kit safe from water.

Construction Quality

It’s essential to consider the quality of the rucksack. A good quality rucksack won’t have frayed seams or broken buckles and clutches. In addition, you want a bag that’s water-resistant and can handle all your fishing tackle.

construction quality

You could test-run the rucksack by placing some weights and having a short walk or run. This way, you’ll know how comfortable it is and notice any defects it may have.

For instance, the Daiwa New Mission rucksack has a neoprene handle that gives it a soft landing on your shoulder.

The Fox R series bag is made from polyester, which makes it durable. Its padded shoulder straps enable the bag’s weight to be distributed evenly for balance. It also has waist straps to hold you firm when you’re walking.


If you have to travel to get to your local lake and you’re staying for an overnight session, you’ll have a lot of tackle items to pack. So, look for the best carp rucksack that can accommodate all this gear easily.

This dilemma is why you have to look for a rucksack with lots of space. The Saber Supra 90ltr rucksack is excellent for its spaciousness. It has a large main compartment, with six pockets (two side pockets each) so that it can fit all the tackle.

The Nash Scope Ruckall also has two spacious compartments and base pouches to pack all your luggage.


Another consideration is the cost of the rucksack. While you want your fishing trip to be infused with pleasure, the bag shouldn’t be way above your budget.

rucksack cost

You can choose something like the Saber Supra 90ltr Rucksack and still have a wonderful fishing experience with the economical rucksack.


You wouldn’t want the rucksack to weigh you down when you’re walking long miles. Plus, you may even have to hold your rod, shopping basket, and other tackle items in your hand.

For example, our most versatile pick, the Greys Prodigy Tackle Base rucksack, weighs 1.4 kg. So, it won’t weigh you down and cause harm when you stack your tackle in it.

Manufacturers typically prioritize this feature, so selecting a lightweight rucksack won’t be difficult for you.

rucksack design


What do you want your rucksack to look like? The design and build of a bag are important to some. Some rucksacks can fully open so that you can view all their compartments at once. An example is the Greys Prodigy Tackle Base rucksack. It also has many pockets and an overall attractive design.

The Daiwa New Mission is, of course, very stylish. It was indeed built with the angler in mind. This neat backpack has a top compartment and pockets that can house all your stuff and still keep you steady.


When you’re looking for a rucksack, you should also consider its colour. The available colours you’ll find are usually black, brown, red, green, khakis, and orange. Depending on your style, you can select any of these to place your tackle in.

rucksack last words

Last Words

No matter what budget you’re working with and what features you prioritize, you’ll find a rucksack that suits you. That’s the main takeaway. So, invest in the best carp rucksacks and take advantage of their outstanding features.

The Trakker NXG has an excellent and compact build. Otherwise, the Daiwa New Mission is very stylish, so if you’re one for style, it’s worth looking at. But, of course, you know our best carp rucksack.

The Nash Scope OPS Ruckall ticks a lot of boxes. With its stunning design, ample space and compartments, zippable waterproof base, and fully padded and adjustable straps, you can store everything you need for your daily session. In short, everything about the rucksack testifies to its unmatched quality.

With this review, you now know which rucksack can help you enjoy a fantastic carp fishing season, so happy fishing!

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