The Top 6 Best Rod Pods on the Market in 2024 – Reviewed and Compared

There may be plenty of rod pod options, but we’re pretty partial to the Leeda Rogue 3 in 1, as it’s lightweight, durable, and arguably the best rod pod on the market.
However, you can’t go wrong with the other pods that we have for you today. So, keep reading to learn more.

Image Product Details  
flyfisherpro-table__imageBest OverallLEEDA Rogue 3 in 1
  • Holds up to 3 rods
  • Lightweight
  • Carry case included
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest for Adjustable LegsFox Horizon Duo crp028
  • Fully adjustable legs
  • Capable of holding 4 rods
  • 100% polyester carry case
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost VersatilePure Fishing JRC Unisex Cocoon
  • Easy to handle
  • Fully adjustable frame and legs
  • Countersunk screw system
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest for Bank SticksNGT Carp Fishing Nomadic Pod
  • Sturdy carry case
  • Easy to handle
  • Bank sticks included
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost CompactNew Direction Tackle COMPACT 360°
  • Suitable for almost any swim
  • Micro Style
  • Cam levers facilitate usage
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest ValuePure Fishing JRC Unisex Contact Pod
  • Three-rod support buzzer bar
  • Strong aluminium build
  • Useful as a goal post set up
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Best Rod Pod on the Market

The Top 6 Best Rod Pods on the Market in 2024

Carp anglers are spoilt for choice, thanks to the variety of rod pods available. But here are six of the best rod pods that you can use on almost any ground surface:

1. LEEDA Rogue 3 in 1

LEEDA Rogue 3 in 1

Best Overall

Rating: 4.7

  • Holds up to 3 rods
  • Lightweight yet sturdily constructed
  • Carry case included
  • Comes with two buzz bard

The LEEDA Rogue 3 in 1 is one of the best models you can bring on your fishing trip. This rod pod is lightweight, durable, capable of holding up to three rods on all sorts of footing, and one of the most compact rod pods.

Moreover, LEEDA’s carp fishing rod pod comes with two buzz bars, one for the front and the other at the rear, accommodating three alarms. It also comes with some single bank sticks measuring 8×10 inches.

The rod pod also ships with a carry bag that contains straps made of Velcro on the inside, which carp anglers can use to secure the pod, bank sticks, and buzz bars during transport.

Moreover, this rod pod is easy to assemble and competitively priced, making it one of the best rod pods for beginners and veteran hunters alike.

With that said, this rod pod can get a little fiddly, so you might take a little longer to set it up.

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2. Fox Horizon Duo crp028

Fox Horizon Duo crp028

Best for Adjustable Legs

Rating: 4.5

  • Fully adjustable legs
  • Capable of holding 4 rods
  • Comes with two karabiner mounting points
  • 100% polyester carry case

The highly adjustable legs on the Fox Horizon Duo crp028 make it a carp fishing rod pod-like no other. They feature a mechanism that allows the legs to be angled in four-leg positions and the rod tips to be pointed skyward.

Also, the rod pod’s all brass thread fittings mean you won’t get corrosion on the parts where you place your alarms.

Additionally, it comes with two cam levers and two karabiner mounting points that make it more stable.

Finally, a new rubber bumper on the head moulding prevents damage to the pod if the swinger/hangers detach from the line.

If there were one thing we could change about this rod pod, it’d have to be its price.

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3. ‎Pure Fishing JRC Unisex Cocoon

Pure Fishing JRC Unisex Cocoon

Most Versatile

Rating: 4.5

  • Suitable for almost any ground condition
  • Easy to handle, thanks to its oversized cam levers
  • Comes with a countersunk screw system
  • Fully adjustable frame and legs

The ‎Pure Fishing JRC Unisex Cocoon’s oversized cam levers set it apart from other rod pods on this list.

To illustrate, they provide a maximum force distribution that keeps this rod pod rooted in the ground while making it easy to handle and suitable for almost any ground condition you can come across. So, if stability is high on your list of priorities, this is the rod pod for you.

Moreover, the rod pod is both length and height-adjustable, thanks to the cam locking system on this pod. And its countersunk screw system makes it easy to align bite alarms.

This rod pod also sports a high-quality finish and is shipped with a padded carry case, which protects its contents from damage while in transit.

The one con we’ve found in this rod pod is that its legs seemed a bit unsteady when extended fully.

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4. NGT Carp Fishing Nomadic Pod

NGT Carp Fishing Nomadic Pod

Best for Bank Sticks

Rating: 4.4

  • Sturdy carry case
  • Easy to handle, thanks to oversized cam levers
  • Bank sticks included in three sizes

The NGT Carp Fishing Nomadic Pod comes with bank sticks and buzz bars, which fit neatly into a sturdy carry case. You’ll find the sticks in three pairs of the small, medium, and large sizes, making it easier to fish with rods high in the air or close to the ground.

Also, the rod pod’s length and height are adjustable, and it can hold three rods. Finally, it comes with a free carry case, which fits it nicely when packed down to a more compact design.

With that being said, NGT could’ve provided a bigger carry case, as the one provided is a little on the smaller side. But, unfortunately, that makes packing the pod away a bit troublesome.

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5. New Direction Tackle COMPACT 360°

New Direction Tackle COMPACT 360°

Most Compact

Rating: 4.3

  • Suitable for almost any swim
  • Micro Style
  • The oversized cam levers facilitate usage

The New Direction Tackle COMPACT 360° has that micro-style design if you want a low-profile pod, and its 360 degrees foldability also helps. In addition, the compact rod pod is fully adjustable, thanks to a folding system that reduces its dimensions drastically when not in use.

Moreover, it’s a highly adjustable pod built on a solid frame. Additionally, the directional nuts on this pod mean you can rotate the fixed buzz bars anyway, allowing you either to point your rods up high and over weed or down towards the water if that’s more suitable.

Finally, you’re also able to lock the alarms and the rod butt down using the directional nuts. So, you don’t have to worry about your rod getting dragged in by a boisterous catch.

We need to point out a minor gripe about this pod, though. Since you can’t adjust its feet, it’s a bit unstable on uneven surfaces. So, keep that in mind if you plan on visiting a variety of swims.

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6. Pure Fishing JRC Unisex Contact Pod

Pure Fishing JRC Unisex Contact Pod

Best Value

Rating: 4.4

  • Three-rod support buzzer bar
  • Strong aluminium build
  • Useful as a goal post set up

In our opinion, the Pure Fishing JRC Unisex Contact Pod offers the best value for money, and it’s worth every cent.

Unlike the more tubular layout a typical rod pod has, this rod pod has a square frame. Depending on your preferences, you can use this pod in a goal post style set-up or as a rod pod.

In addition, the buzzer bar on this rod pod can support up to three rods. You’re also able to adjust the height and the length, and its countersunk screw system makes it easy to line up your alarms perfectly.

Nonetheless, we aren’t especially fond of its carrier bag, which could’ve been made into a more durable design.

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Things to Look For When Choosing a Rod Pod

Although we can’t sum up every factor, below are the key features to consider if you want the best rod pods for carp fishing.

Build Materials

While most rod pods are built with lightweight aluminium, you’ll find some made of stainless steel. An aluminium rod pod is usually lighter than its stainless steel counterpart, which is why they’re the preferred option.

However, pods built with stainless steel tend to be much stronger. Still, either option will give your carp rods the support they need.

Things to Look For When Choosing a Rod Pod


A lightweight rod pod will be easier to transport to the swim. We must point out that a well-crafted rod pod will be both lightweight and sturdy at the same time.


The rod pod should fit the rods you’re using. After all, you want your butt ring to go behind the alarm while still securing the butt of your rods in place on the other end of the pod.

Also, if you plan on saving space, you’ll want a compact pod that’s able to collapse down to small dimensions. This will make transporting it to and from swims a more effortless and pleasant experience.


Easy adjustment and multiple adjustment points on a rod pod mean you’re able to set it up on just about any type of terrain, whether it’s uneven or smooth. Therefore, make sure you choose a rod pod whose length and height are fully-adjustable. Additionally, ensure it also has adjustable legs for maximum stability.

Rod Pods or Bank Sticks?

Rod Pods or Bank Sticks

Some anglers prefer using a bank stick over a rod pod when fishing and the debate rages on as to which is better when it comes to holding fishing rods in place.

Overall, using a rod pod provides anglers with certain advantages that using a bank stick doesn’t and vice versa.

The main advantage rod pods have over bank sticks is that anglers can set up their rods on almost any surface. Also, because of how much adjustability some pods provide, they can provide stability on uneven terrain.

Additionally, a rod pod is superior to a bank stick when it comes to ease of set-up. That’s because you’re able to set up multiple rods on the same pod in one go, whereas, with bank sticks, you’re only able to set up rods one at a time.

Nonetheless, the main disadvantage of using a rod pod is that you forgo the flexibility of setting up your rods in multiple locations.

On a rod pod, you have to set up the rods a few inches apart. This can be disastrous when you get a bite because fish may end up running across the other lines due to how close they are to one another.

Also, as sturdy as a rod pod tends to be, it isn’t impervious to being pulled into the water by bigger fish. Again, this will cause issues when your rods are placed closely together.

Bank Sticks

However, the sturdiness you get with bank sticks is incomparable to rod pods. They stay put when they’ve been driven into the ground. As such, a stick eliminates the problem of having your rod pulled into the water by a big fish.

Moreover, you’re able to position your rods as far apart as you like when using bank sticks. This allows you to fish in different areas around the same swim without worrying about crossing lines if you hook a particularly feisty fish.

Ironically, the biggest strength of a stick also happens to be its biggest weakness. Although a bank stick offers far more stability than a rod pod once driven into the ground, you can’t use it on surfaces like wood or concrete.

Worse still, it’ll be hard to use one during summer since the ground is rock solid.

All in all, the better option for you will depend on your needs. Both rod pods and bank sticks are excellent pieces of fishing equipment whose strengths and weaknesses you can harness depending on your fishing journey.

rod pod conclusion


Overall, a rod pod makes carp fishing with multiple rods a breeze and secures each carp rod firmly in place no matter the terrain, but you’ve got to pick the right one.

We highly recommend you give the LEEDA Rogue 3 in 1 a shot if a compact pod is what you’re looking for. Based on its portability alone, it’s the best rod pod carp anglers can get. However, if you want a rod pod that can hold more than three carp rods, get the Fox Horizon Duo crp028 Rod Pod instead.

As for why LEEDA Rogue 3 in 1 is our favourite, it beats the other rod pod options on this list in terms of portability and is excellent for carp anglers who want a pod they can easily carry along with whichever swim takes their fancy.

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