The Top 6 Best Carp Brolly System in 2024 – Reviewed and Compared

Whether it’s a short or long fishing session, you’ll need a spacious and robust brolly to protect you and your tackle.

best carp brolly

However, finding a good brolly can be tricky, especially with many brands touting theirs as the best.

For that reason, we’ve rounded up the best carp fishing brolly systems in our guide. And we’ve highlighted what each is best for, making it easy for you to choose. But, of course, our best overall is the JRC – Defender 60. We’ll tell you all about this great pick and more.

Image Product Details  
flyfisherpro-table__imageBest OverallJRC – Defender 60
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Has an excellent grip
  • Easy to carry
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost SpaciousJRC-Rova 60
  • Features taped outlets
  • Densely coated body
  • Stable, steady, and firm
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost VersatileTrakker Tempest V2
  • Hydrostatic head rating
  • Maximum internal space
  • Has tension strap
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBudget PickUltra Fishing Angling Umbrella Shelter
  • Easy to lift
  • Drop-down zippable shades
  • Multi-angle tilt function
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost WeatherproofJRC Extreme TX Brolly
  • HH Hydra-Tex material
  • Breathable
  • Weatherproof
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest ConstructionBison 1.8m
  • Stitched seams
  • Fits perfectly in rod holdalls
  • Lightweight
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The Top 6 Best Carp Brolly for Fishing in 2024

1. JRC – Defender 60

JRC - Defender 60

Best Overall

Rating: 4.9

  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Has an excellent grip
  • Easy to carry

The JRC – Defender 60 is our overall best pick. It’s made from a 5,000HH 210D PU coated polyester, and its tapered seams and storm wings offer extra protection for you. This way, you won’t get wet during your fishing session.

If you’re a person who’s just getting into angling and you’re looking for a brolly system that offers maximum stability and quality, the JRC- Defender 60 is the perfect pick for you. It has four ground-resting back spars and an 8mm fibreglass frame for high sturdiness and light weight.

This brolly system has a low-profile plunger system that helps maximize the internal space. And you’ll be protected from mosquitoes and rodents with the overwrap and mozzi rear feature.

Moreover, the brolly system provides excellent insulation for cold and damp conditions. But what happens when the weather is hot? It may get slightly uncomfortable when you’re tucked inside it.

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2. JRC-Rova 60

JRC Rova 60

Most Spacious

Rating: 4.8

  • Features taped outlets
  • Densely coated body
  • Stable, steady, and firm
  • Easy to carry

The JRC-Rover 60 brolly system is an excellent choice for any angler who loves a spacious brolly system. It has about 135cm X 240cm X 185cm of space to keep your fishing gear and even your tag-along pet.

Additionally, this nylon-made brolly will keep you and your kit warm and safe during angling. It mostly comes in green and brown camo colours, allowing it to blend neatly with your environment.

Also, the JRC-Rover makes for a relaxing trip. To do that, the rain gutter fitted onto the brolly gathers all the moisture and deposits it outside your brolly.

Finally, this brand provides a durable and accessible jute bag with a brolly system for carrying. And although the setup may seem confusing at first, it’s pretty simple.

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3. Trakker Tempest V2

Trakker Tempest V2

Most Versatile

Rating: 4.5

  • Features hydrostatic head rating for protection
  • Offers maximum internal space
  • Has tension strap
  • Has dual rod straps

The Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 system is versatile and one of the most established brolly systems. Moreover, it fits better for a planned long carping experience during summer, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it in winter. It works well regardless of the season.

The Trakker Tempest Brolly system is light, versatile, and tough-skinned. In addition, the external ribs maximize space inside your brolly.

Also, the shade of this brolly system offers a perfect ambient temperature for your bait, so you won’t have to worry about it staying fresh.

Due to the external ribs, it looks and feels exactly like a bivvy, just with the perks of a brolly system.

With this carp brolly, you have a choice of not one infill panel but two, and you can zip them entirely at the front. Even in terrible weather conditions, it also has anti-twist poles that won’t move out of place. Not to mention, the carp brolly is available at an affordable price.

With this carp brolly system, you’re getting the back-to-basics brolly that you need for a great session. Accordingly, it may not be as advanced as its competitors.

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4. Ultra Fishing Angling Umbrella Shelter

Ultra Fishing Angling Umbrella Shelter

Budget Pick

Rating: 4.5

  • Easy to lift
  • Features drop-down zippable shades
  • Has a multi-angle tilt function
  • Has pegs for anchoring

The Ultra Fishing Angling Umbrella Shelter is a budget-friendly carping umbrella, unlike other fishing umbrellas on the market.

With its budget-friendliness and incredible features, the lightweight Ultra Fishing Angling 2.2 Umbrella Shelter offers great value for money.

For example, it gives you enough shade on its insides, as it’s 2.2 meters wide in diameter, and has anchoring pegs that’ll make it firm and steady for use.

Not to mention, you can adjust the brolly system height to yours. However, we have to say that it may not be the best brolly system to set up in areas with harsh environments because it’s neither weatherproof nor rainproof.

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5. JRC Extreme TX Brolly

JRC Extreme TX Brolly

Most Weatherproof

Rating: 4.8

  • Built from waterproof HH Hydra-Tex material
  • Breathable
  • Weatherproof
  • Features tapered seams

Are you looking for the best brolly system that can be used all year round and can cope with the unpredictable weather conditions (like strong wind) that a bivvy can’t handle? Then, the JRC Extreme TX Brolly is an excellent brolly system for you.

Moreover, the zips are protected by storm baffles. And the brolly system features maximum internal space, so if you’re having an overnight session, you can sit comfortably, or you can also sleep comfortably on one of those fishing sleeping bags.

Even better, there’s a full zip-on solid front panel that features 2 large windows, a nozzle mesh option for warm days, additional storm bars for windy days, and a clear PVC version for rainy days.

The brolly system may have a high price, but it has an impressive design, smart accessories, great features, and maximum internal room within a small footprint. You’ll also have heavy-duty pegs and a zipped carry bag that’s portable. What more could you want?

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6. Bison 1.8m

Bison-1.8m umbrella shelter

Best Construction

Rating: 4.3

  • Stitched seams prevent leaks
  • Has an angle tilt top and adjustable ground spike
  • Fits perfectly in rod holdalls
  • Lightweight

The Bison 1.8m carp brolly system is expertly crafted from PU Coated Nylon, complete with tent pegs and guy ropes, and maybe the best brolly system on the market today in terms of construction quality.

To elaborate, the approximately 11m build brolly system spokes open out to about 1.7m in diameter.

With zips on its sides, this compact and lightweight carp brolly system shelter is indeed well designed with maximum space, compared with other bivvy and brolly systems.

It’s easy to put up and use. Not to mention, it shelters you and your tackle and has a solid long bank pole that makes the carp brolly lighter than other brolly systems.

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How to Choose the Best Carp Brolly System

After a detailed overview of our best brollies, you might be wondering how it is that we’ve come up with our list. So, here’s precisely what you should consider when choosing a brolly system.

How to Choose the Best Carp Brolly System


Almost every brolly can withstand some weather conditions. A quality brolly should have a good hydrostatic system between conditions 14000mm or a polythene-made material coating to keep water from seeping in.

Also, it should have enough T-pegs, extra straps, support rods, and anchors to hold the entire shelter firmly to the ground.

Light Weight

A quality and comfortable carp brolly should be easily dismantled and packaged. And it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to carry on a long journey to your camping site. However, anything above 12 kilograms might be too much.

For instance, the JRC Extreme TX Brolly, weighing 10kg, is excellent in this regard. Also, the JRC- Defender 60, weighing 5kg, is easy to be carried around.

This means that if the lake is close to your home, you’ll have to grab the brolly, rods, bait, and tackle and walk to your angling spot. However, it’s also easy if you live far from the lake. And if it has a carry case, you can move your brolly in and out of your car to the lake with no stress.

brolly waterproofing


This refers to how much water the brolly can take before leaking. You’ll mostly find this feature in brollies with taped seams. This refers to the point where the needles seal the ends of the brolly system. So, if there’s an entry point of water, that should be it.

The JRC – Defender 60 has taped seams, creating a coat on the brolly that prevents leaks and protects you when fishing in the rain. There’s also the front rain gutter that drains off the rainwater so that it doesn’t drop on you when you’re coming out of the brolly.

The JRC Extreme TX brolly can also withstand heavy downpours. So, if you’re out by the swim and there’s a change in the weather, you’ll be protected.

The waterproof rate is measured in millimetres. So, next time you’re looking out for a brolly, take note of this feature.


Poles are another essential feature to think of. The pole of your brolly should be durable, which is dependent on the material it’s made from. To exemplify, the poles of the JRC- Defender 60 are made from polyester; this makes it strong.

The Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 has anti-twist poles. If you’re out fishing and it gets windy, these poles will keep the brolly firm on the ground.

The JRC Extreme TX Brolly is our most portable brolly. It has magnetic storm poles that are also great for harsh weather conditions.

Brolly Extras

Brolly Extras

When you’re looking to purchase a brolly system, consider its add-ons. That’s because they always come in handy. Brollies are simple shelters, and they’re great for carping.

A gutter, infill panel, PVC groundsheet, and overwrap are among some of the features you can search for.

You can also take a look at our post here on the best carp fishing rucksack


You may not consider the colour of your brolly an all-important factor when choosing a brolly, but it can help it fit into your surroundings. So, you should select the colour of your brolly carefully.

The most common colours are black, red, brown, khaki, and green. If you reside in a hot area, a black brolly system may be a little uncomfortable, as it absorbs the heat. Imagine what happens when the brolly is fully insulated!

Brolly Extras


The angling session determines the appropriate brolly size for you. If you intend to have long vacations to fish, search for a spacious brolly.

The brolly size is also essential to keep you comfortable during your fishing sessions. If you’re tall, you’ll probably go in for the Ultra Fishing umbrella, which is over 2 meters.

You might also go for a small-sized brolly. If you’ll stay overnight, search for something suitable like the Bison 1.8m brolly.


The tilt is critical during bad weather; a quality brolly, mainly the umbrella forms, should come with a tilt function. This way, you’re able to tilt the umbrella-style design to shield yourself when it’s raining, especially when it’s constantly changing directions.

Brolly-last words

Last Words

No matter what budget you’re working with, you’ll find a brolly that suits you. The JRC- Defender 60 speaks volumes for itself in terms of quality, so it’s naturally our best pick.

Otherwise, the Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 is the most versatile. Also, the JRC Rover 60 brolly boasts a vast space that can accommodate all your tackle.

Be sure you know what you’re looking for before proceeding to the selection process. However, we recommend the JRC- Defender 60 for a memorable experience. Setting it up is easy, and the fibreglass frames are designed for increased rigidity and decreased weight. In addition, its advanced features set it miles ahead of other picks.

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