Local and Regional Events in UK Carp Fishing

The United Kingdom boasts a thriving carp fishing community, with numerous local and regional events taking place throughout the year. These events cater to a wide range of interests, from competitive angling tournaments to instructional workshops and social gatherings. In this article, we will explore various types of events related to carp fishing in the UK, providing real-world examples and links to relevant websites and social media pages where possible.

Local-and Regional Events

Competitions and Tournaments

Competitions and Tournaments
Image courtesy of British Carp Angling Championship

Carp fishing competitions and tournaments provide anglers with the opportunity to test their skills against fellow enthusiasts. These events can range from small, local contests to large, regional tournaments with significant prize pools. Some notable examples of UK carp fishing competitions include:

  • The British Carp Cup: A prestigious national competition with multiple qualifying rounds held at various fisheries across the UK, culminating in a grand final.
  • The UK Carp Championships: A popular competition series offering various categories, including Pairs, Singles, and Ladies events, held at different venues throughout the UK.
  • Carping 4 Heroes: An annual charity carp fishing event that raises funds for Help for Heroes, bringing together anglers from all walks of life to support a worthy cause.

Workshops and Educational Events

Workshops and Educational Events
Image Courtesy of The Carp Society

For anglers looking to improve their carp fishing skills or learn new techniques, various workshops and educational events are available throughout the UK. These events often feature experienced anglers and industry professionals sharing their knowledge and expertise through demonstrations, seminars, and hands-on instruction. Examples of such events include:

  • Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass: A series of instructional videos and events hosted by Korda, featuring tips and techniques from their team of expert anglers.
  • The Carp Society Events: The Carp Society hosts various events throughout the year, including educational workshops, demonstrations, and open days at their flagship Horseshoe Lake fishery.
  • Carp Partikel UK Tuition: Carp Partikel UK offers tailored carp fishing tuition for anglers of all experience levels, led by experienced instructors.

Social Events and Gatherings

Social Events and Gatherings
Image Courtesy of The Northern Angling Show

Carp fishing is a social activity, and many events throughout the UK cater to anglers looking to connect with like-minded enthusiasts. These gatherings can include charity events, fish-ins, and social barbecues, offering opportunities for anglers to share stories, exchange tips, and forge new friendships. Some examples of social events within the UK carp fishing community include:

  • The Northern Angling Show: An annual event held in Manchester, featuring a wide range of exhibitors, demonstrations, and guest speakers from the carp fishing community.
  • Carp in the Park: A family-friendly weekend event held in Northamptonshire, combining carp fishing with live music, entertainment, and social activities.
  • The Big Fish Camp: A unique camping and carp fishing experience designed to bring together anglers and their families for a weekend of fishing, socialising, and outdoor fun.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Trade Shows and Exhibitions
Image Courtesy of The Big One

Trade shows and exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity for carp anglers to explore the latest products, innovations, and technologies within the industry. These events often feature a wide range of exhibitors, from tackle manufacturers to fisheries, offering visitors the chance to discover new gear, meet industry professionals, and learn about emerging trends in carp fishing. Some notable UK carp fishing trade shows and exhibitions include:

  • The Big One Show: The UK’s largest fishing show, held annually in Farnborough and Stoneleigh, featuring a vast array of exhibitors, demonstrations, and guest speakers.
  • Carp Winter Show: A seasonal event showcasing the latest carp fishing products and offering visitors the opportunity to meet industry experts and attend informative seminars.
  • Carp in the Park: In addition to its social and entertainment aspects, Carp in the Park also features a trade show element, with numerous exhibitors showcasing their latest products and innovations.


The UK carp fishing community is vibrant and diverse, offering a wide range of events catering to various interests and skill levels. From competitive tournaments and educational workshops to social gatherings and trade shows, there is always something happening within the world of UK carp fishing. By attending these events, anglers can stay up-to-date with industry developments, learn new techniques, and connect with fellow enthusiasts to share their passion for carp fishing.

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