The Top 6 Best Bivvy Table in 2024 – Reviewed and Compared

When carp fishing, the importance of staying organised can’t be overstated. There’s so much prep and gear to keep track of, making having a level surface to work on and store things essential.

best bivvy table

A bivvy table solves the above issues for carp anglers by providing an all-in-one surface for preparing baits, storing non-fishing essentials like your mobile phone and keys, and generally giving access to your frequently used tackle items.

This article reveals the best bivvy table to use when carp fishing, which is the NGT Large Bivvy Table. We’ll also go through the top ones on the market, so keep reading to check our picks.

Image Product Details  
flyfisherpro-table__imageBest OverallNGT Large
  • Large Surface Area
  • Portable Design
  • Raised Lids on Edges
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flyfisherpro-table__imageRunner UpNGT System II
  • 2-in-1 Table & Carry Bag
  • Compact
  • Multiple Compartments
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost High-TechRidge Monkey Vault
  • Tall Table
  • Integrated Power Bank
  • Spring-Hinge Design
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost Minimalistic DesignKoala Abode DLX
  • Minimalist
  • Cutaway Corners
  • Green Colour Blends
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flyfisherpro-table__imageStylish PickFox Warrior
  • Powder-Coated Finish
  • Ample Storage
  • Comes With a Carry Bag
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest for StabilitySonik SK-Tek
  • Extremely Stable Table
  • Heat-Resistant Aluminium Top
  • Comes with a carry bag
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The Top 6 Best Bivvy Tables for Carp Fishing in 2024

Below are the best bivvy tables that’ll help you be organised on your next fishing trip.

1. NGT Large – Best Overall (4.5/5 Stars)

ngt bivvy table


  • Folding legs give it a portable design
  • A large surface area provides ample storage space
  • Sturdy and corrosion-resistant aluminium build
  • Raised lip on the edges keeps items from falling off

Topping our list is the NGT Large Bivvy Table, a lightweight bivvy table made with durable aluminium. You can use this rust-resistant table near the water, and it features raised edges that keep your items from sliding off when you’re working with them.

Additionally, the table’s folding legs and carry handle make it portable, and its rubber feet provide stability on uneven ground. Moreover, carp fishing enthusiasts will be happy to know the NGT Large lives up to its name. This relatively large table with spacious dimensions provides storage for anything in your fishing tackle.

If there’s one area where this bivvy table falls short, it’s that you don’t get adjustable height, which is a shame because the table’s sturdy construction and folding legs put it up there among the best bivvy tables.

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2. NGT System II – Runner Up (4/5 Stars)

ngt system ii bivvy table


  • 2-in-1 bivvy table and carry bag design
  • Multiple compartments keep equipment and accessories organised
  • Folds down into a compact bag

NGT makes another appearance on our list, this time with the NGT System II, and for a good reason—this system isn’t just a table; it also doubles as a tackle box! So you’ll have zero issue storing items like hook baits, rigs, or other fishing equipment in an organised manner with multiple compartments in the storage bag.

In addition, the said storage bag is removable, revealing the spacious table surface underneath. Storing prepared rigs in a tangle-free manner is a simple task, thanks to Table System II’s specialised rig board. And the icing on the cake is the table’s height-adjustable legs with rubberised feet, which provide all the support you need on surfaces, rough or smooth.

Moreover, the Table System II can fold to a carry bag with an adjustable padded shoulder strap, making it one of the top bivvy tables cum tackle boxes you can buy. It’s a fantastic option if you don’t already have a fishing tackle, though we’ll concede that anglers who have one may find the bag and its multiple compartments superfluous.

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3. Ridge Monkey Vault – Most High-Tech (4/5 Stars)

Ridge Monkey Vault


  • Integrated power bank for charging phones, torches, etc.
  • One of the tallest bivvy tables
  • Spring-hinge design on adjustable legs makes height adjustment a breeze

Charging your mobile phone may seem blasphemous when communing with nature, but it may be necessary when, for example, you need to call for help. This is why one of the key features of the Ridge Monkey Vault Tech Table is its 9500 mAh power bank, a handy piece of tech that keeps you connected, just in case.

However, charging your phone isn’t all the power bank is suitable for; you can use the 5 V USB port to charge everything from bite alarm receivers to your torches. The table even comes with a USB-C port for super-fast charging when used with compatible cables. And the power bank’s battery is replaceable, which is handy for extended fishing trips.

Outside of the integrated power bank, the Ridge Monkey Vault measures 48 cm x 31 cm x 7.5 cm, making it one of the tallest on this best bivvy table list. Moreover, it comes with adjustable folding legs that sport a spring-hinge design, niftily doing away with screws and cam locks. Unfortunately, expect to cough up a pretty penny for this table as it isn’t budget-friendly.

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4. Koala Abode DLX – Most Minimalistic Design (4/5 Stars)

koala Abode DLX


  • Minimalism at its finest
  • Cutaway corners for effortless cleaning
  • Green colour blends with your bivvy

Some of the best bivvy tables sport a budget-friendly price and simple design, and the Koala Abode DLX Carp Table is one of them. This lightweight fishing bivvy table sports folding legs with a cam-lock mechanism for added stability and a spacious metal top surface for working with tackle boxes and other gear.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your items rolling off when working with this bivvy table, thanks to its raised edges. Also, the table’s corners are conveniently cut away to make cleaning the metal surface easier. You’ll be impressed by the Abode DLX’s green colour, which makes it blend seamlessly with many bivvies and fishing gear.

This bivvy table is also height-adjustable and extends between 20 and 27 cm off the ground. Unfortunately, when raised higher off the ground, the table tends to wobble, so you’ll have to adjust it to hit the height sweet spot. However, it’s such a well-priced table that you’ll quickly get over this gripe.

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5. Fox Warrior – Stylish Pick (4/5 Stars)

fox warrior


  • Powder-coated finish
  • Provides ample storage for accessories
  • Comes with a carry bag

The Fox Warrior Bivvy Table is a stylish piece of fishing kit that sports a resistant powder-coated finish. This table is meant for keeping things organised, and it shows from the raised lip around its edges, which acts as a guard for keeping rigs and other items on the table from falling to the adjustable legs the Fox Warrior delivers.

Transporting the table to your chosen spot and back is easy because it folds flat into a compact size, so you can store it away once your trip’s over. Additionally, its aluminium build makes it sturdy, lightweight, and rust-resistant, so you can set it up by the lake without issue when you need a little more space in your carp bivvy.

If we had one complaint, it’s that the table wobbles when the adjustable legs are extended to full height. However, the Fox bivvy table earns points for coming with its own carry bag made with 100% polyester.

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6. Sonik SK-Tek – Best for Stability (4/5 Stars)

sonic sk tek


  • Extremely stable table
  • Heat-resistant aluminium top
  • Comes with a carry bag

Look no further than the Sonik Sk-Tek if you’re looking for a fishing table that offers maximum stability. This table’s positive leg locks, cam-lock adjustable legs, and non-slip feet are its key features, working together to keep it planted firmly in place no matter what surface it’s on.

The SK-Tek spans 47 cm x 30 cm x 22 cm. Admittedly, it isn’t the largest table by any stretch of the imagination, but its adjustable legs mean it can extend upwards of 33 cm. Moreover, the table’s edges are conveniently turned upright to keep your items from falling off, while its durable aluminium build provides a heat-resistant tabletop for equipment like camping stoves.

Conveniently, this table comes with a bag that has a handy carry handle for extra comfort.

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Bivvy Table for Carp Fishing

When choosing a bivvy table, keep the following factors in mind:


It’d be best to prioritise a lighter bivvy because it’ll be easier to transport to and from the riverbank. Your bivvy table’s weight will be less of an issue if you drive to the swim. However, if you don’t have a car, you’ll want a bivvy table that’s as light as possible.

Also, remember that you’ll be bringing other gear along for the trip (like bite alarms and rods), so the less weight you need to carry, the better. Therefore, even with the storage space in a car, there will still be the challenge of getting your gear and bivvy to the water.

adjustable leg

Adjustable Height and Legs

Having the ability to adjust the four legs of your bivvy table guarantees a sturdy surface even when you have to set up on the uneven ground. In addition, it’s far more comfortable to work on a height-adjustable table, so aim for one that extends very high.

Some of the bivvy tables we reviewed provided the option for adjusting the legs and height, such as the Ridge Monkey Vault and Fox Warrior.

How High Can a Bivvy Table Extend?

It depends on the brand of the bivvy table. Some extend as high as 14-inches off the ground. As a good rule of thumb, choose a bivvy table that’s tall enough for you to eat your meals on while seated in a chair. You’ll be using it to do just about everything, so you want to be as comfortable as possible.

Fold Dimensions

Portability is a feature you’ll want out of your bivvy table from the get-go, as it’s what will make carrying your table around less of a pain.

Therefore, prioritise bivvy tables like the NGT Large and Fox Warrior that fold down to small dimensions.

construction material

Construction Materials

The materials used to construct a bivvy table determine how long it’ll last. Commonly, manufacturers use metal and plastic, and both materials have pros and cons.

For example, a metal bivvy offers sturdier construction but is heavier to lug around, while one made with plastic is lightweight but not as durable.

Are All Metal Bivvy Tables Heavy to Carry Around?

Not really; it depends on the brand. For example, bivvy tables made with aluminium strike a good balance between sturdy and lightweight. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems transporting them to and from your fishing spot.

Additionally, most bivvy tables can fold and so aren’t cumbersome to transport. Some of the brands we reviewed even provide a free bag meant for storing the bivvy table while in transit.

Can You Put a Camping Stove on a Bivvy Table?

Yes, you can put your camping stove on a bivvy table as long as it’s made of aluminium or another metal. However, placing a camping stove on a plastic table top is another matter as the heat from a camping stove will melt through plastic like butter. Therefore, keep it off if your bivvy table’s surface is made from plastic.



Expensive doesn’t necessarily equal higher quality, which is excellent news if you have a modest budget. However, picking an inexpensive bivvy table may not be the best investment if you want something for the long haul. Therefore, aim for a good bivvy table in the middle price range to get a good balance of durability and functionality.

Raised Sides

You don’t just want a bivvy table that you can place your belongings on; you want one that keeps the items on too. Bivvy tables with raised edges are great at doing the latter job, so you should prioritise them over the ones that don’t provide storage in this way.


So that’s a wrap. With this list, you should be able to pick the best bivvy table for your fishing needs.

The NGT Large Carp Fishing Bivvy is the best one due to its lightweight build and a portable folding design that makes it easy to carry around and store away.

The NGT Bivvy Table System II is an excellent alternative if you don’t already have a tackle, making it our second recommendation.

Finally, consider the Koala Products Abode DLX Carp Table if you’d like a table with minimalistic aesthetics which offers all the functionality you need.

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