Expert Advice and Interview Quotes from 9 Famous UK Carp Anglers

The UK carp fishing community is home to a wealth of knowledge and expertise. In this article, we present expert advice and interview quotes from nine renowned UK carp anglers. These insights will not only offer valuable tips for those looking to improve their skills but also provide a glimpse into the experiences and perspectives that have shaped these accomplished anglers.

Expert Advice and Interview Quotes

1. Danny Fairbrass

Danny Fairbrass

Danny Fairbrass, founder of Korda Developments, is a highly respected figure in the UK carp fishing scene. In an interview with CARPology, Fairbrass shares some valuable insights on carp fishing:

“The most important thing is location. You can’t catch them if they’re not there… The next most important thing is to be adaptable. If you’re not catching, change something – bait, rig, presentation, whatever – but don’t sit there doing the same thing.”

2. Terry Hearn

Terry Hearn

Terry Hearn is a legendary UK carp angler known for his dedication to the sport and his uncanny ability to catch large, elusive carp. In an interview with CARPology, Hearn offers this piece of advice:

“Observe the fish, try and understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. Then be prepared to put the effort in to make the most of what you have learnt.”

3. Ali Hamidi

Ali Hamidi
Image Courtesy of Ali Hamidi

Ali Hamidi, a well-known TV presenter and angler, has been actively involved in the carp fishing community for many years. In an interview with Angling Direct, Hamidi emphasises the importance of confidence and persistence:

“Confidence is key in carp fishing… That confidence only comes from experience and catching, so get out there, make the effort, and catch as many as you can from a variety of different venues.”

4. Adam Penning

Adam Penning
Image Courtesy of Adam Penning

Adam Penning is a highly respected carp angler, consultant, and writer with decades of experience under his belt. In an interview with Carpfeed, Penning highlights the value of learning from mistakes:

“Don’t be afraid to get it wrong. The fear of failure stifles learning… The more you get it wrong, the more you learn, and the better you get.”

5. Darrell Peck

Darrell Peck
Image Courtesy of Darrell Peck

Darrell Peck, a seasoned carp angler and member of Team Korda, is well-known for his innovative approaches to carp fishing. In an interview with CARPology, Peck stresses the importance of understanding carp behavior:

“Get to know the water and the fish. Spend time watching and observing, and use that knowledge to your advantage when formulating your fishing strategy.”

6. Tom Dove

Tom Dove
Image Courtesy of Tom Dove Angler

Tom Dove, another accomplished member of Team Korda, has a wealth of experience in both UK and European carp fishing. In an interview with Carpworld Magazine, Dove emphasizes the importance of rig mechanics:

“Rig mechanics are crucial… It’s important to understand how your rig works and to test it in different situations so that you can confidently present your bait in various scenarios.”

7. Ian Chillcott

Ian Chillcott
Image Courtesy of Ian Chillcott Carp Angler

Ian “Chilly” Chillcott, a veteran carp angler and TV presenter, is known for his vast experience and passion for the sport. In an interview with Carpfeed, Chillcott discusses the importance of perseverance:

“Never give up… Fishing can be tough, but success comes to those who stick at it and keep trying. Always believe that your next cast could be the one that makes the difference.”

8. Simon Crow

Simon Crow

Simon Crow, a celebrated carp angler and writer, has been fishing for carp for over three decades. In an interview with CARPology, Crow shares his thoughts on the significance of bait choice:

“Bait is a massive part of carp fishing… Selecting the right bait for the right situation can make all the difference in your catch rate.”

9. Mark Pitchers

Mark Pitchers
Image Courtesy of Mark Pitchers

Mark Pitchers, a highly skilled carp angler and Fox International consultant, is known for his entertaining YouTube content and educational approach. In an interview with Carpfeed, Pitchers highlights the importance of enjoyment in carp fishing:

“Remember, it’s a hobby, so enjoy it! Don’t take it too seriously or get too stressed about it. The more relaxed and positive you are, the more successful you’ll be.”


Learning from the experiences and advice of famous UK carp anglers can significantly enhance your skills and understanding of the sport. By taking note of the insights provided by these experts, both novice and experienced anglers can continually grow and develop their carp fishing techniques. Stay connected with these prominent UK carp anglers through their websites, social media channels, and interviews to stay up-to-date with the latest tips and insights.

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