Q&A Sessions with 9 Famous UK Carp Anglers

In this article, we present a compilation of Q&A sessions with nine famous UK carp anglers. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to gain insights and learn from the experiences of some of the most accomplished anglers in the UK carp fishing community. By exploring these Q&A sessions, both novice and experienced anglers can gain a wealth of knowledge and learn valuable tips to enhance their carp fishing skills.

Q&A Sessions

1. Danny Fairbrass

Danny Fairbrass

Danny Fairbrass, the founder of Korda Developments, often hosts live Q&A sessions on his Facebook page and Korda’s YouTube channel. These sessions cover a wide range of carp fishing topics, from rig mechanics to bait selection, and allow participants to ask Danny their most pressing questions.

2. Terry Hearn

Terry Hearn

Terry Hearn, a legendary UK carp angler, has participated in various Q&A sessions hosted by carp fishing magazines and websites. One notable session can be found on CARPology, where Terry answers questions about his angling experiences, techniques, and inspirations.

3. Ali Hamidi

Ali Hamidi
Image Courtesy of Ali Hamidi

Ali Hamidi, a TV presenter and carp angler, has been featured in several Q&A sessions on different platforms. He often answers questions from his followers on his Twitter account and has participated in interviews, such as the one on Angling Direct, where he shares his thoughts on carp fishing techniques and the importance of confidence.

4. Adam Penning

Adam Penning
Image Courtesy of Adam Penning

Adam Penning, a respected carp angler and consultant, has participated in numerous Q&A sessions. One such session is featured on the Carpfeed website, where he discusses his angling experiences, the importance of learning from mistakes, and the value of enjoying the sport.

5. Darrell Peck

Darrell Peck
Image Courtesy of Darrell Peck

Darrell Peck, an innovative carp angler and member of Team Korda, has taken part in various Q&A sessions on Korda’s YouTube channel and social media platforms. During these sessions, he offers valuable insights into carp fishing tactics, rig mechanics, and bait presentation.

6. Tom Dove

Tom Dove
Image Courtesy of Tom Dove Angler

Tom Dove, another accomplished member of Team Korda, has participated in Q&A sessions on Korda’s YouTube channel and other platforms. Tom shares his knowledge about rig mechanics, bait choice, and how to approach different fishing venues. Check out his interview with Carpworld Magazine for more insights into his angling techniques and experiences.

7. Ian Chillcott

Ian Chillcott
Image Courtesy of Ian Chillcott Carp Angler

Ian “Chilly” Chillcott, a veteran carp angler and TV presenter, has engaged in Q&A sessions on various platforms, including Carpfeed. In these sessions, Chillcott shares his thoughts on perseverance, the importance of observation, and his most memorable angling experiences.

8. Simon Crow

Simon Crow
Image Courtesy of CARPology

Simon Crow, a celebrated carp angler and writer, has participated in several Q&A sessions where he shares his vast knowledge about carp fishing. In his interview with CARPology, Simon discusses bait selection, the value of observation, and the importance of learning from others in the carp fishing community.

9. Mark Pitchers

Mark Pitchers
Image Courtesy of Mark Pitchers

Mark Pitchers, a skilled carp angler and Fox International consultant, regularly hosts Q&A sessions on his YouTube channel. Mark’s Q&A sessions cover a wide range of topics, including bait selection, rig mechanics, and the importance of enjoying the sport of carp fishing.


Q&A sessions with famous UK carp anglers offer invaluable opportunities to learn from their experiences and gather expert advice. By engaging with these Q&A sessions and taking note of the tips and insights provided, both novice and experienced anglers can improve their carp fishing skills and better understand the intricacies of the sport. Be sure to follow these prominent UK carp anglers on their respective websites, social media channels, and YouTube channels to stay up-to-date with their latest Q&A sessions and other valuable content.

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