North Yorkshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Complete with picturesque locations and breathtaking views, North Yorkshire is England’s largest county. As a result, it’s one of the most popular tourist locations in the country.

But its historical sights aren’t the last of its attractions.

The county also boasts of a vast number of fishing lakes ready to be taken advantage of. Some of these lakes are home to great carp catches, so choose one below to get started.

North Yorkshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

Here’s a list of some of the best carp fishing lakes in North Yorkshire.

1. Sunrise Lakes

Located in an idyllic corner in Harrogate, Sunrise Lakes is home to three lakes: the North, South, and Match Lakes. The first two were built for pleasure, while the latter was for fishing competitions.

All three lakes are stocked with a generous population of crucian carp, mirror carp and other fish species. The carp sizes are up to 17 lbs, and float fishing is recommended.

At a Glance

Name Sunrise Lakes
Lake Size 4 acres and 60 pegs
Location Green Haggs Lane, Follifoot, Harrogate HG3 1EQ
Pricing Day tickets start at £7
Phone Number 07979 803207
Record Carp 17 pounds

2. Selby 3 Lakes Complex

Image Courtesy of Selby 3 Lakes Fishing Club

With over 12 acres of carp-infested waters, this fishery is a carp angler’s paradise. It’s home to two lakes, one of which is 4 acres and offers day and night fishing. The second lake is known as the Syndicate Lake and is a members-only lake that covers 8 acres.

The fishery has some of the biggest carp catches in the county, with carp that go up to 30 lbs in Lake One and 39 lbs in Syndicate Lake.

Night fishing has to be pre-booked at least a day before, and anglers aged 14 and below have to be accompanied by an adult.

At a Glance

Name Selby 3 Lakes Complex
Lake Size 12 acres
Location Bawtry Rd, Selby YO8 8NB
Pricing Day tickets start at £10, 24 h access is £20-25
Phone Number 07818 092420
Record Carp 39 pounds

3. Fairview Lake

Image Courtesy of Fairview Lake

Fairview Lake is a Stillwater fishery located in Wistow near Selby. It’s a former clay pit built in the 1800s, and it contains a variety of fish species, including carp that size up to double figures of 30 lbs.

At a Glance

Name Fairview Lake
Lake Size Not listed
Location Broad Lane, Selby, YO8 3RB, North Yorkshire
Pricing Day tickets start at £20
Phone Number +44 1757 242799
Record Carp 30 pounds

4. Newhay Lakes

Image Courtesy of Newhay Lakes Fishing Club

Located in a serene environment in Cliffe, Newhay Lakes boasts 3 Carp, Coarse and Match fishing lakes. All anglers are welcome here as the fishery is home to carp, tench, perch, rudd and bream.

Night fishing is available to members only. The facility also offers a private parking area to its visitors.

At a Glance

Name Newhay Lakes
Lake Size 1.5 acres and 3 acres
Location Cliffe, Selby YO8 6PL
Pricing Day tickets start at £20, 24h access starts at £25
Phone Number 01757638383
Record Carp 30 pounds

5. Tollerton Ponds

Image Courtesy of Tollerton Ponds

Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, Tollerton Ponds will prove an excellent fishing venue for you. It consists of three lakes: Kingfisher, Coot, and Heron Lake, all stocked with a healthy amount of carp.

The carp sizes up to 20 lbs in Kingfisher Lake, 15 lbs in Coot Lake and 10 lbs in Heron Lake. All-year fishing is available, and anglers are welcome to book anytime.

Parking is also available, in addition to disability access, clean toilets and a cafe.

At a Glance

Name Tollerton Ponds
Lake Size 2 x 15 pegs each
Location Brickyard Farm, York Rd, York YO61 1RA
Pricing Day tickets start at £30
Phone Number 01347 838115
Record Carp 20 pounds

6. Brafferton Carp Fishery

Image Courtesy of Brafferton Fisheries Club

Several species call the waters of Brafferton Carp their home, including crucian carp. The fishery is home to four lakes, all of which are stocked with a generous population of carp. Pellets are the recommended bait here.

At a Glance

Name Brafferton Carp Fishery
Lake Size 1 x 20 pegs each
Location Boroughbridge Road, Brafferton YO61 2QB
Pricing Day tickets start at £20
Phone Number 07984 412896
Record Carp 20 pounds

7. Langwith Lakes

Spanning across 18 acres, Langwith Lakes is one of the biggest fisheries in North Yorkshire. It’s a still-water fishery located just minutes from the centre of York’s historic district.

Carp, roach, and bream are some of the species offered at this venue, and the carp ranges from 1-3 lbs in size.

Secure parking, clean toilets and disability access are available to guests.

At a Glance

Name Langwith Lakes
Lake Size 18 acres
Location Langwith Stray, York YO10 5EJ
Pricing Day tickets start at £15
Phone Number 01904 431874
Record Carp 3 pounds

8. Southfield Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Southfield Fisheries

Southfield Fisheries boasts two spring-fed ponds, each covering an area of 1 acre. It’s located between Rainton and Dishforth villages on the Rainton side of the Dishforth Interchange.

Pond A has the shape of a rectangle, whereas Pond B has an oblong shape. They’re both stocked with a generous population of crucian carp, which can go up to 22 lbs.

At a Glance

Name Southfield Fisheries
Lake Size 1 acre
Location Dishforth, Thirsk YO7 3DA
Pricing £10
Phone Number +44 1765 640231
Record Carp 22 pounds

9. Redwood Park

Image Courtesy of Redwood Park

Redwood Lake, The Arc, The Canal, The Lagoon, Jessica’s Pond, Lily’s Pond, and The Moat are the seven lakes available in Redwood Park, and they’re all home to a significant amount of carp.

Handicapped pegs are available at the facility, as well as guides who will assist you.

At a Glance

Name Redwood Park
Lake Size Varies
Location Tollerton Road, Huby, York YO61 1JE
Pricing Day tickets start at £10
Phone Number 01347 811561
Record Carp 22 pounds

10. Brickyard Fishery Ripon

Image Courtesy of Brickyard Fishery

What was formerly an old clay pit in the 1800s is now home to 3 lakes. Brickyard Fishery was renovated in 2019 and is now stocked with a variety of species like carp, rock, bream, tench, and more.

At a Glance

Name Brickyard Fishery Ripon
Lake Size Varies
Location Brickyard Fishery, Hutton Moor, Ripon HG4 5NA
Pricing £8.50
Phone Number 07570 137 809
Record Carp 30 pounds


Does this make you want to abandon everything, pick up your rods, and go fishing? We certainly hope so! North Yorkshire’s fishing waters are home to some of the largest carp catches in the country, and we can’t wait to see what you reel in.

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