South Yorkshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Carp fishing is a popular pastime in South Yorkshire. One interesting fact is that the largest known wild carp caught in the United Kingdom was caught in South Yorkshire. Thanks to its rich marine life, the area provides many fishing opportunities to anglers.

Fret no more if you’re looking to fish carp but don’t know where to start. Our comprehensive guide will recommend some of the best fisheries in South Yorkshire — read on to learn more!

South Yorkshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

Horseshoe Lake

Image Courtesy of Horseshow Lake Club

Horseshoe Lake is a 2-acre coarse fishing lake and caravan park set in an orchard near Forge Rd, Wales, Sheffield. The lake is equipped with multiple facilities that provide you with a comfortable fishing experience, from access to the disabled to electricity hookups.

The lake is well stocked with a variety of fish with a good number of easily-accessible pegs. Fished carp can weigh up to 20 lbs. It’s open every day from 7 AM to 9 PM except Mondays and Tuesdays. You can also set your caravan — there are 5 available pitches.

Tickets are available at the bank or via phone calls. Day tickets cost £6 with no set fishing limitations but note that you can only fish using pellets. Night tickets start at £20.

Horseshoe Lake At a Glance

Name: Horseshoe Lake Lake Size: 2 acres
Location: Forge Rd, Wales, Sheffield Price: Starting at £6
Biggest Carp: +20 lbs Contact: +44 1909 773826

Wentworth Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Wentworth Fisheries Club

Wentworth Fisheries is a three-lake fishery located just outside Rotherham, S62 7TD. The biggest lake, Dog Kennel, is 21 acres and hosts a great number of carp that can weigh up to 30 lbs. The three lakes all contain carp, but they vary in size, rules, and ticket prices.

Wentworth Fisheries doesn’t offer day tickets — the fishery is run on an annual permit basis. The website offers more information regarding ticket costs. It also has car parking and facilities that provide anglers of all ages with a great fishing experience — including special access to the disabled.

Tickets start at £80 for single rods at Mill Dam and go up to £450 for a full permit to Morley Pond. You also have to become a member before becoming eligible for a fishing permit.

Wentworth Fisheries At a Glance

Name: Wentworth Fisheries Lake Size: 13, 14, and 21 acres
Location: Rotherham, S62 7TD Price: Starting at £80 (£30 for juveniles)
Biggest Carp: +30 lbs Contact: 07747793540

Ravenfield Ponds

Image Courtesy of Ravenfield Ponds Club

Ravenfield Ponds is a complex of ponds located at Arbour Lane, Ravenfield, Rotherham. The fishery is home to nine ponds. A few are used to raise a variety of fish species. It’s set in a vividly picturesque valley in the countryside. They are also part of Ravenfield Park, a perfect place for individuals of all ages to relax and sightsee.

We recommend the specimen carp lake if you’re looking to fish some carp. It’s home to a large stock of carp that weigh up to 29 lbs. The other ponds are also home to other varieties of fish, including eels, bream, and ide. There are also multiple facilities on fishery grounds, from toilets to concession paths.

Fishing is exclusive to fishery members. You must buy a membership and then apply to become eligible to fish at any of the lakes. There are several offers available that cater to age and relationship status. Prices start at £75 for adults, £39 for young adults, and £20 for juveniles.

Ravenfield Ponds At a Glance

Name: Ravenfield Ponds Lakes Sizes:
Location: Arbour Ln, Ravenfield, Rotherham Price: Starting at £75 (£39 for young adults)
Biggest Carp: +29 lbs Contact: 01709 363 788

Milton Ponds

Milton Ponds is a complex of two ponds controlled by the Hoyland Angling Club. They’re located at Milton Road, Hoyland, Barnsley. The fishery is open all year round and has an active Facebook Page, where match results are announced almost daily.

Both ponds are home to a variety of fish species, including silverfish, tench, roach, and carp. The latter can achieve a stunning weight of up to 25 lbs, making it a great venue if you’re into carp fishing. Additionally, the ponds have a great number of pegs, and the fishery accommodates the disabled and has a car park.

Day tickets are available at the bank, and they’re extremely cheap. Day tickets cost £3 for adults and £1.5 for juniors and concession. Season tickets cost £30 for adults and £15 for juniors and concession.

Milton Ponds At a Glance

Name: Milton Ponds Ponds Sizes:
Location: Milton Road, Hoyland, Barnsley Price: Starting at £3 (£1.5 for juniors and concession)
Biggest Carp: +25 lbs Contact: +44 7870 407794

Aston Park Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Aston Park Fisheries Club

Aston Park Fisheries, located off Fiddleneck Lane, Mansfield Road, Aston, Sheffield is considered one of the lead fisheries in South Yorkshire due to its size, fish population, and facilities. The fishery hosts 7 well-stocked lakes that house carp that weigh up to 30 lbs.

Set in over 250 acres of farmland, the area is vivid, scenic, and well-maintained — perfect for anglers and visitors alike who wish to relax and sightsee. The fishery boasts over 240 pegs spread across 7 lakes that are ice-free all winter. There is also a tackle shop and a café on fishery grounds if you’re looking to eat or buy bait.

Day tickets start at £7 but note that the fishery hosts match often and they may limit the number of available tickets during weekends. Additionally, to maintain its cleanliness and healthy fish stock, the fishery has several rules you must abide by.

Aston Park Fisheries At a Glance

Name: Aston Park Fisheries Lakes Sizes:
Location: Fiddleneck Ln, Mansfield Rd, Aston, Sheffield Price: Starting at £7
Biggest Carp: +30 lbs Contact: 07743 845737


To this day, South Yorkshire remains home to the largest carp ever caught in the United Kingdom. It houses countless fisheries, especially around the area of Sheffield, that attract sightseers and anglers alike through its picturesque settings and a wide variety of fish.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert angler, you’ll definitely find a place that’ll cater to your budget and needs. But, if you’ve ever fished at one of these lakes, tell us about your experience!

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