Derbyshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

In Pride and Prejudice, one of the most famous books in history, Jane Austen states that there is “no finer county in England than Derbyshire.” After all, it’s a place full of immense natural beauty.

But Derbyshire isn’t just home to beautiful landscapes, it also possesses some of the best carp fishing lakes. We’ve compiled a list below, so check it out!

Derbyshire Carp Fishing Lakes

Here’s a list of some of the best carp fishing lakes in Derbyshire.

1. Allestree Park Lake

Image Courtesy of Allestree Park Lake Club

Allestree Park Lake is a mixed fishery home to some of the finest specimen carp in Derbyshire. It spans seven acres and is located in Allestree Park, right next to a golf course.

The fishery is a disability-friendly venue, and its management works with the Derby city council to improve the lake. Secure parking is available at the facility.

At a Glance

Name Allestree Park Lake
Lake Size 7 acres
Location Evans Ave, DE22 2EJ
Pricing Day tickets start at £6
Phone Number Not listed
Record Carp 30 pounds

2. Carr Vale Pond

Located on the outskirts of Carr Vale village, this venue is a popular fishing spot managed by the Vale Angling Fishing Club. It’s small, covering an area of only 1.75 acres. Despite this, it’s home to a generous population of carp that size up to 30 lbs.

Past anglers have had more success fishing from the car park, and recommended baits include maggots and sweetcorn. Secure parking and disabled access are available onsite.

At a Glance

Name Carr Vale Pond
Lake Size 1.75 acres
Location Sutton Hall Road, Bolsover, S44 6
Pricing Day tickets start at £5
Phone Number 01246 824 747
Record Carp 30 pounds

3. Beehive Woodland Lakes

Image Courtesy of Beehive Woodlands Lake

Beehive Woodland Lakes boasts 66 acres of picturesque woodland just waiting to be explored. This makes it the perfect venue for families with an interest in camping, caravanning and, of course, fishing.

It’s home to three lakes: Botany Bay, Horseshoe and Jubilee, each reaching varying depths of 7-13 feet. All lakes are stocked with a healthy population of roach, rudd, and crucian carp.

At a Glance

Name Beehive Woodland Lakes
Lake Size 66 acres
Location Beehive Woodland Lakes Rosliston, Coton in the Elms, DE12 8
Pricing Day tickets start at £6
Phone Number 01283 763 981
Record Carp 26 pounds

4. Haslams Lake


Haslams is a members-only lake classed as a specimen carp lake. The carp sizes up to 20 lbs and standard still water tactics are effective.

The venue is disability friendly and offers tuition to beginner anglers. Secure parking and clean toilets are also available.

At a Glance

Name Haslams Lake
Lake Size Not listed
Location Haslams Lane (opposite Folly Road) at Darley Abbey, Derby, DE22 1EB
Pricing Membership fees start at £30
Phone Number Not listed
Record Carp 26 pounds

5. Longacre Fishery

Image Courtesy of Longacre Fishery Club

Longacre Fishery is located at an idyllic corner just outside the village of Tansley. The view here is fantastic and overlooks the local countryside. The fishery holds ten pegs, and its water is home to a good head of carp, sizing up to about 20 lbs.

You can fish for free if you book a reservation at any of the two apartments available at the facility, where they also have a food delivery service.

Rods, tackle, and bait are available for sale or hire onsite. In addition, the host offers fishing lessons to novice anglers.

At a Glance

Name Longacre Fishery
Lake Size 10 pegs
Location Foxholes Lane, Matlock, DE4 5LF
Pricing Day tickets start at £10
Phone Number 01629 760631
Record Carp 20 pounds

6. Birch House Lakes

This fishery was built 30 years ago, making it one of the oldest fishing venues in Derbyshire. It occupies 25 acres of natural landscape, and the facility offers ten fishing lakes to its visitors.

The lakes cover 15 acres of water and are home to over 13 fish species, including carp weighing up to 30 lbs. They are professionally maintained and well stocked. Disabled facilities, car parks, and toilets are available.

At a Glance

Name Birch House Lakes
Lake Size 15 acres
Location Yeldersley Lane, Ednaston, DE6 3AX
Pricing £6
Phone Number 07796 874058
Record Carp 30 pounds

7. Higham Farm Fishery

Higham Farm Fishery comprises four lakes that are home to large carp catches of up to 30 lbs. This makes it the perfect venue for anglers with a particular interest in carp.

Secure parking and clean toilets are available to all visitors.

At a Glance

Name Higham Farm Fishery
Lake Size Not listed
Location Main Rd, Higham, Alfreton, DE55 6EH
Pricing Day tickets start at £7
Phone Number 07949 366628
Record Carp 30 pounds

8. Heatherton Pond

Heatherton Pond is a 4 acre pond that was created in 1988 as a balancing feature as part of the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) associated with the nearby Heatherton housing development situated on the opposite side of Moorway Lane.

The pond is open all year round, and night fishing is allowed if you purchase a premium ticket. It’s equipped with disabled access as well as a car park.

At a Glance

Name Heatherton Pond
Lake Size 4 acres
Location Moorway Ln, Littleover, Derby DE23 2FR
Pricing Day tickets start at £7
Phone Number 01283 703 719
Record Carp 30 pounds

9. Press Manor Fishing Lakes

Image Courtesy of Press Manor Fishing Lakes Club

Press Manor is conveniently situated at a stunning corner of the Peak District. It’s home to three lakes: Trout Lake, which is 5.5 acres in size; Carp Lake, which is 3.5 acres; and Mixed Coarse Fish Lake, which is 3.5 acres in size.

The Carp Lake is open seven days a week, and night sessions are allowed.

At a Glance

Name Press Manor Fishing Lakes
Lake Size 12.5 acres
Location Birkin Ln, Ashover, Chesterfield, S45 0LQ
Pricing Day tickets start at £12
Phone Number 07976 306 073
Record Carp 20 pounds

10. Springwood Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Springwood Fisheries

Springwood Fisheries is the perfect place to unwind in the beautiful National Forest. It’s home to two lakes, the Top and Bottom Lakes. Both lakes are well-stocked with a generous population of common, mirror, and ghost carp.

There’s an onsite cafe, as well as secure parking and clean toilets.

At a Glance

Name Springwood Fisheries
Lake Size Not listed
Location Ashby Rd, Melbourne, Melbourne, DE73 8BJ
Pricing Day tickets start at £7
Phone Number 01332 492142
Record Carp 20 pounds


Derbyshire is the keen carp angler’s paradise! Whether you’re looking to break a record or relax outdoors, there’s something for everyone. So give one of these fisheries a try and let us know what you think.

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