Lincolnshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

If you crave peace and find basking in the sun while catching freshwater fish the best way to achieve it, you may like to explore some Lincolnshire carp fishing lakes. The area has gorgeous scenery and a range of options for every fisherman.

Read this brief guide to discover Lincolnshire’s most prominent water reservoirs and secluded ponds or lakelets.

Lincolnshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

Located in the East Midlands of England, this region has plenty to offer. Today, we’ll explore some of its have-it-all bodies of water, as recommended by seasoned anglers.

1. Alvingham Lakes

Image Courtesy of Alvingham Lakes Club

Alvingham Lakes are among the best carp fishing lakes in the county. Grass Lake is the main attraction of the site. Its waters stretch for approximately 1 acre and are full of different kinds of carp, starting with commons and mirrors. Anglers look forward to visiting it because of its vast range of specimens and its biggest fish crossing the 20 lb barrier!

The smaller one, Monkey Lake, is also brimming with diverse species, including tench, roach, and odd eels. The bulkier carp in these waters usually weighs 18 lb. Visitors can “throw a bait” at one of the lake’s 23 pegs. A day at this 6-acre slice of angler’s heaven costs £6 with a £3 fee for an extra rod, while a night fishing pass amounts to £15.

An Overview

Name Alvingham Lakes
Location Louth, LN11 7EU
Size Differs from one lake to another
Price From £6 a day (£15 night, £20 for 24 hours)
Record Weight From 18 to 20 lb
Contact 01507 328 777

2. ADH Fisheries

Image Courtesy of ADH Fisheries

ADH Fisheries has five lakes in total and is beloved by visitors for its captivating rural panorama. Top places for carp fishing here include Canal Lake, whose sides vary in size from 13 to 25 meters, and Home Lake, with a slightly larger diameter. Anglers can look forward to a vast range of fish from 12 to 15 lb.

You can also engage in piscary at ADH Specimen Lake. It has 3.5 acres of water, and its average depth goes from 4 to 10 feet. This reservoir grants its visitors an extensive area to enjoy and a stock of almost 150 carps. And those who seek a challenge should note that the lake’s record is currently at 43lb! The costs range from £6 a day for a maximum of two rods.

An Overview

Name ADH Fisheries
Location The Grange, Alford LN13 0PF
Size Varies
Price Starts at £6 a day (2 rods max)
Record Weight 43 lb
Contact 07834 596 105

3. Aylesby Lake

Aylesby Lake fishery has a massive basin for rookie and experienced anglers. The lake has a wide 2-acre surface and contains 42 spacious pegs. It offers plenty of double-figured carp and smaller fish species to fishers.

Many of the specimens found here exceed 20 lb in weight, guaranteeing you a fruitful fishing experience. All visitors and recreational anglers can get passes that cost £6 a day, and once you become a full-time member, you’ll gain access to nighttime fishing.

An Overview

Name Aylesby Lake
Location Grimsby, Northeast Lincolnshire, DN37 9NU
Size 2 acres
Price Starts at £6 a day
Record Weight 20 + lb
Contact 07944 619 711

4. Lakeside Leisure Park

Image Courtesy of Hoseasons

Lakeside Leisure Park is an appealing destination for carp fishers, located between Chapel St. Leonards and Skegness. Boating Lake is its main crowd-pleaser. With its 3.5 acres, this body of water has a specimen-rich range. It holds carp up to 34.5 lbs and gigantic catfish of 50 lbs and beyond. Still, the lake also offers sports and activities, which some find to be a massive con.

If you prefer more quiet locations, Horseshoe Lake or the Golf Pond might be more suitable choices. The first alternative is well-known for tench and carp up to 24 lb, while the pond holds carp that generally reaches 4 lb.

An Overview

Name Lakeside Leisure Park
Location Chapel St Leonards, Skegness, PE24 5TU
Size Differs from one lake to another
Price Unavailable
Record Weight From 24 to 34.5 lb
Contact 01754 872631

5. Bainside Coarse Fishery

If you’re looking for a carp fishing site in the Kirkby-on-Bain area, you should check out Bainside Coarse Fishery. It has a cosy lakelet with a 1.75-acre surface, multiple easily accessible pegs, and plenty of grass and crucian carp that often reach weights up to 20 lb in stock.

This oddly-shaped lake also holds plenty of coarse, including 12 lb bream, rudd, and more. If you buy a daily ticket, you’ll get a maximum of two rods for half a day. The prices go from £8, while overnight passes cover two rods for a cost of £10. You can also book a stay at one of the several holiday lodges nearby.

An Overview

Name Bainside Coarse Fishery
Location Roughton Road, Kirkby on Bain LN10 6YL
Size 1.75 acres
Price £8 for a day ticket

£10 for an overnight ticket

Record Weight 20 lb
Contact 01526352050

6. Haverholme Park Lake Fishery

Image Courtesy of Haverholme Park Lake

Haverholme Park Lake Fishery has two 1-acre lakes situated between Ewerby and Anwick. Both lakes have a pleasing head of carp that can go up to 22 lbs. Other fish species here include lots of roaches, bream, skimmers, gudgeons, and pike of up to 32 lbs.

If this seems like a location worth paying a visit to, you’ll need to confirm your reservation in advance. Tickets range from £6 for a day with £2 for an extra rod and an additional £9 expense for a shared peg. You can also book a 24-hour stay for £30 if you like fishing in the dark.

An Overview

Name Haverholme Park Lake
Location Sleaford, NG34 9PG
Size Two 1-acre lakes
Price £6 for a day ticket

£30 for 24hrs

Record Weight 22 lb
Contact 01526 832125

7. Bain Valley Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Bain Valley Fisheries

Bain Valley Fisheries has eight lakes, three of which aren’t open to all anglers. Lakes Wellington and Lancaster admit vetted members only, and Mosquito Lake serves as a fish-stocking basin. There are also three other lakes where you can catch carp over 20 lbs, Halifax, Hurricane, and Spitfire.

A daily pass is £8 for one rod, and you can pay a £2 fee for a second one. Night fishing requires buying a 24-hour ticket for £25. The fishery is based just outside the townlet of Coningsby in the Tattershall Thorpe area.

An Overview

Name Bain Valley Fisheries
Location North Road Farm, North Rd, Tattershall Thorpe, Lincoln LN4 4PQ
Size Differs from one lake to another
Price Starts £8 (daytime, one rod) to £25 (24 hr)
Record Weight 28 lb
Contact 01526 342275

8. Hunters Lodge Fishery

Image Courtesy of Hunters Lodge Fishery

Hunters Lodge Fishery has four lakes, three of which aim to offer superb quality of specimens over their quantity, while one is reserved for coarse fishing. Apart from carp, you can also find roaches, trenches, breams, and more in this lake.

You can get a day ticket for £10, and it’ll last you from 7 AM to sundown. Meanwhile, the 24-hour ticket is a bit pricier at £17. Luckily for anglers who like to spend the entire day in the fishery, there are toilet facilities available on-site.

An Overview

Name Hunters Lodge Fishery
Location Brigg, DN20 0RG
Size Differs from one lake to another
Price From £10 to £17 for 24 hr
Record Weight 32 lb
Contact 01652 680691

9. Langdale Lakes

If you visit the village of Langworth, located only six miles from Lincoln, you’ll find the Langdale Lakes fishery with two delightful lakelets, both abundant with coarse fish and carp. The entire complex covers an 8.5-acre radius. Aside from fishing, it offers its visitors a stay at a pleasant lodge with B&B.

Lily Lake extends for 1.5 acres with an average depth of 5 feet. Its waters are packed with carp, reaching up to 26 lb. Willow Lake is about the same size and holds lots of silverfish! But there’s enough carp, too, scaling up to 20 lb. A day ticket would cost you £8 on weekdays, while the weekend piscary here requires an extra £2. You can get a 9 AM to 9 PM pass for £20.

An Overview

Name Langdale Lakes
Location Lincoln, LN3 5BB
Size Differs from one lake to another
Price From £8 on weekdays to £10 on weekends
Record Weight From 20 to 26 lb
Contact 01522 752414

10. Old Mill Lakes

Image Courtesy of Old Mill Lakes

Old Mill Lakes is a favourite for many anglers, and you can find it near Market Rasen. It covers a huge 50-acre site, and it has three lakes, Birch Lake being the main one. This body of water is generously stocked with carp and has 8 acres in size and 20 pegs. However, to fish here, you must obtain a £200 membership card or be referred by a long-term member.

Willow Lake is a 3-acre body of water with six pegs and an average depth of up to 17ft. Its carp record reached a mesmerizing 45lb in weight. Oak Lake is nearly three times bigger and has a higher carp-per-acre ratio. Various kinds of caught carp scaled up to 30 lb, while the record catch was 36 lb.

An Overview

Name Old Mill Lakes
Location Market Rasen, LN8 3YJ
Size Differs from one lake to another
Price From £35 for 24 hr
Record Weight 45 lb
Contact 07767 363545

Lincolnshire Carp Fishing Lakes: Conclusion

Whether you’re an experienced angler with a keen eye and steady hands or a beginner looking for the next affordable and pleasant hobby, learning more about carp fishing may be an excellent idea. And if you’re a Lincolnshire resident or a tourist infatuated with angling, these ten locations could fit you.

Did you enjoy this brief tour of the best Lincolnshire carp fishing lakes? If you did, tell us your feedback in the comments and share the article with your fellow anglers!

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