Shropshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

While Shropshire doesn’t have a lot of vast carp farms and extremely large fish, it’s a place with various small lakes, which provide some decent stock of carp and beautiful nature.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the top Shropshire carp fishing lakes you can find in the West Midlands. Keep reading and check them out.

Shropshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

1. Merrington Lake (by Merrington Carp Fishery)

Image Courtesy of Merrington Lake Fishery Club

Merrington Lake is the main lake of Merrington Carp Fishery. With a size of eight acres, it’s the largest lake in this complex. This lake has an excellent stock of 275 fish and provides up to 15 comfortable single swims.

Moreover, around 90% of fish weigh more than 20 lb, around 50 carp weigh more than 30 lb, and two of them weigh more than 40 lb. Besides a great stock of fish, the lake also holds an excellent record of 41 lb.

Regarding the price, the day ticket price for Merrington Lake (aka the Main Lake) is £32.50 and comes with 24-hour access. However, the weekends are available with a minimum of 48-hour sessions.

Merrington Lake at a Glance:

Name Merrington (Main) Lake
Size 8 acres
Location Shropshire, Shrewsbury, SY4 3QH
Pricing Day ticket: £32.50
24-hour access: Yes
Phone 07707670408
Record Carp 41 lb

2. Monument One Lake (by RH Fisheries)

Monument One Lake is home to about 300 carp, and it’s one of the lakes with the biggest stock in the West Midlands. There’s a large head of 85 different carp above the 30 lb mark, and also around 15 different 40+ lb carp.

According to RH Fisheries, there are also two different carp that are both above 48 lb“Richie” and “The Big Male.” As for the record, the current best is an impressive 53 lb.

Regarding booking, the minimum booking session is 36 hours for £50.00. So, if you’re looking for a carp fishing lake in Shropshire with an affordable ticket but still want to catch some big carp, this lake could be an excellent choice.

Monument One at a Glance:

Name Monument One Lake
Size 8 acres
Location Shropshire, Shifnal TF11 8SD
Pricing Day ticket: £50.00 – a minimum of 36 hours

24-hour access: Yes

Phone 01952 463 141
Record Carp 53 lb

3. Blakemere Lake (by Blakemere Fishery)

Image Courtesy of Blakemere Lake Club

Blakemere Lake is one of the most natural-looking carp fishing lakes in Shropshire. Its size is eight acres, with an average depth of six ft, and the deepest parts of the waterbed reach 12 feet.

This lake is well-stocked with over 200 fish. There are about three to five fish of 30+ lb, as well as 25 fish over 25 lb, a large head of fish with 20 lb, and smaller fish that spawned naturally and are around the 10 lb mark, according to Blakemere Fishery.

In addition, the lake has nine pegs for carp fishing and the fishery allows a maximum of eight out of nine swims to be in use simultaneously.

Day tickets are £30 per 24 hours, which is also the minimum booking session. After the first 24 hours, bookings are available at £15 every 12 hours.

Blakemere at a Glance:

Name Blakemere Lake
Size 8 acres
Location Shropshire, Whitchurch, SY13 4JP
Pricing Day ticket: £30.00

24-hour access: Yes

Phone 07973 254626
Record Carp 33 lb

4. Blackthorn Lake (by Blackthorn Fishery)

Image Courtesy of Blackthorn Lake Club

Blackthorn Lake is the only venue at Blackthorn Fishery, which is a scenic 3.5-acre luxury carp fishery. This lake is one of the most peaceful and quiet places for carp fishing in the North of Shropshire.

The fishery stocked the lake in February 2011 for the first time, with various carp ranging from 1-2 lb up to 24 lb. Since then, Blackthorn fishery has recorded more than 20 carp over the 30 lb mark, with about five of them weighing over 38 lb.

Additionally, there are also some fish over 40 lb. As for its record carp, Blackthorn Lake’s biggest catch was 44 lb.

The pricing at Blackthorn lake is quite different compared to other lakes on our list. For instance, there’s no day ticket, and the anglers can choose to book a session from the following options:

  • Monday to Friday (workdays)
  • Friday to Monday (weekend)
  • Whole week

Depending on what session you book and whether you choose an original (basic) cabin or a luxury cabin, the price of the booking session varies. The cheapest session for a basic cabin is £470.00, and the most expensive one is £1,775.00 for a luxury cabin.

Blackthorn at a Glance:

Name Blackthorn Lake
Size 3.5 acres
Location Shropshire, Trefonen, SY10 9
Pricing Day ticket: No – check bookings here
24-hour access: Yes
Phone 07779 127796
Record Carp 44 lb

5. Trevor’s Specimen Carp Lake (by Spring Lea Fishery)

Trevor’s Specimen Carp Lake from Spring Lead Fishery is 1.5 acres in size, making it one of the smallest lakes in Shropshire. Although it’s not big, it’s an open water pool with an average depth of 14 ft.

This lake might be the smallest one on our list, but it has a decent stock of carp. There are about 50 hand-selected carp, and the fish ranges from 12 lb to around 30 lb. Also, the highest carp record stands at 33 lb. Hence, this lake’s depth and stock compensate for its small size.

Also, it’s important to note that this carp pool provides 12 swims but allows up to eight anglers to book them, so everyone can benefit if they want to move around. As for the pricing, the day tickets cost only £16.00, but there’s also 24-hour access available for £25.00.

Trevor’s Specimen at a Glance:

Name Trevor’s Specimen Lake
Size 1.5 acres
Location Shropshire, Shrewsbury, SY5 8HU
Pricing Day ticket: £16.00

24-hour access: Yes (£25.00)

Phone 01743 860972
Record Carp 33 lb


Shropshire is a beautiful place with small lakes and a decent stock of fish, making it a great spot for new anglers who want to fish quietly while admiring the beautiful scenery.

Did you enjoy reading this list of Shropshire’s top carp fishing lakes? Let us know what you think, and share this list with others if you like it.

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