Birmingham Best Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

If you like fishing and you’re in the West Midlands, you know that Birmingham has some great lakes for carp fishing. But which places have large stocks? And which lakes have the biggest carp?

In this article, we’ve listed some of Birmingham’s best carp fishing lakes in the West Midlands to help you find answers.

Birmingham Best Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

1. Barston Lake (by Barston Lakes)

Barston Lake is one of the most popular Birmingham carp fishing lakes in the West Midlands. Its size is 21 acres, making it the biggest carp fishing lake on our list. Barston Lake boasts 125 pegs, and multiple pegs there are suitable for wheelchair users too.

This lake holds the biggest carp in the complex, with an average weight of around 15 lb. Also, there’s a decent head of fish above 20 lb, and multiple carp have crossed the 30 lb mark. As for its record carp, Barston Lake holds a record of an impressive 37 lb.

In addition, you can purchase a day ticket for the minimum session of eight hours for £10.95 or up to 16 hours for £16.95. There’s also 24-hour access available for permit holders, which costs £23.00. And besides regular carp fishing, this lake is also available for participating in matches from ten to 100 people.

Barston Lake at a Glance:

Name Barston Lake
Size 21 acres
Location Solihull, B92 0LB
Pricing From: £10.95 (eight-hour session)

24-hour access: £23.00

Phone 01675 444 890
Record Carp 37 lb

2. Cuttle Mill Lake (by Cuttle Mill Carp Fishery)

Mill Pool is the main specimen lake of the Cuttle Mill Fishery and covers around three acres of water. It’s a well-stocked lake, and most of the carp are at least upper double figures.

Moreover, a solid number of these carp are up to 35 lb. Considering it’s a small space with a good stock, the lake has given more people their first 20-lb carp than some larger lakes in West Midlands, making it an excellent fishing spot for beginners. And the current record at this lake is a bit more than 35 lb.

Additionally, day tickets at Mill Pool are priced at £20 from February 1st, except for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th, when it’ll cost £25. And if you’d like to fish during the night, you can book two consecutive day tickets, with the night session in the middle being free.

Mill Pool at a Glance:

Name Mill Pool Lake
Size ~ 3 acres
Location Sutton Coldfield, B76 9PU
Pricing From: £20.00
24-hour access: Yes (by booking consecutive day tickets)
Phone 07983 123 542
Record Carp 35+ lb

3. Bells Mill Lake (by Bells Mill Fishery)

Bells Mill Lake is just under three acres in size and has eight pegs, including six spots for singles and two for doubles. This small lake represents one of the oldest carp pools in the West Midlands. And its two central islands and overhanging trees give it a unique look.

The average depth of the waterbed in Bells Mill Lake is approximately eight ft. As for its stock, this lake has more than 100 carp residing, and most of these fish weigh more than 10 lb. Also, there’s a decent head of 20+ lb fish, and multiple carp have exceeded the 30 lb barrier.

Furthermore, a day ticket at this beautiful carp pool in Birmingham costs £30 for two rods, with 24 hours access included. But there’s also an option to pay £35 for three rods instead.

Bells Mill Lake at a Glance:

Name Bells Mill Lake
Size ~ 3 acres
Location Stourbridge, DY7 5QT
Pricing Day ticket: £30 (for 2 rods) / £35 (for 3 rods)
24-hour access: Yes
Phone 07875 354 300
Record Carp 34 lb

4. Hopsford Hall Lake (by Hopsford Hall Fishery)

The Hopsford Hall Fishery has been open since 1993, and its carp fishing lake has slowly become a popular venue in Birmingham. The Hopsford Hall Lake is approximately three acres large. While it might not be as large as other places, this lake has a good stock of various carp, such as mirror, common, ghost, and linear.

Further, over 350 carp reside in Hopsford Hall Lake, keeping an impressive 100+ carp per acre of water. The average fish size there is mid-double-figures. Also, a decent head of 20+ lb fish resides in this small estate lake, and the dam wall represents the deepest area of the lake.

The deepest part has always been a hotspot for carp and boasts specimens at more than 30 lb. And the lake holds a current record of 36+ lb.

As for the pricing, day tickets are £10, and you can use up to two rods for this price. However, fishing during the night time is possible only by booking a ticket with 24-hour access in advance, which costs £25.

Hopsford Hall Lake at a Glance:

Name Hopsford Hall Lake
Size ~ 3 acres
Location Coventry, CV7 9HY
Pricing Day ticket: £10.00

24-hour access: £25.00

Phone 07831 674 721
Record Carp 36+ lb

5. Station Lake (by Lavender Hall Fishery)

Station Lake is only about two acres in size but has eight single pegs and two double pegs. So, there can be at least ten anglers on the lake simultaneously. This lake also allows you to book swims, which is a great way to fish with friends or family members.

The average depth of Station Lake is 5 ft, and it has a stock of approximately 90 carp. Half of the carp here are over 20 lb in weight, with a couple of specimens already crossing the 30 lb mark. The rest of the stock is all in the middle and upper double-figure bracket.

Furthermore, Station Lake offers multiple booking choices. For example, there are day and night tickets priced at £11 each. But you can also choose a 24-hour ticket and pay £20 instead. And there’s an exclusive whole-lake booking with 24-hour access for £150.

Station Lake at a Glance:

Name Station Lake
Size ~ 2 acres
Location Coventry, CV7 7BN
Pricing Day ticket: £11.00

24-hour access: £20.00

Phone 01676 530 299
Record Carp 30 lb


While Birmingham doesn’t have very large carp farms, it’s still a place with small carp fishing lakes, which aren’t only beautiful for sightseeing, but also have a great stock of carp, hold some decent carp records, and offer various booking options.

Did you enjoy this list of Birmingham’s best carp fishing lakes? Let us know what you think, and share this list with other anglers if you like it.

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