Staffordshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

What’s your ideal fishing venue for a memorable experience? A members-only spot, a day ticket fishery, or a scenic venue with trophy-sized carp? Perhaps a tranquil and secluded location? Whatever your preferences are, our list of the best Staffordshire carp fishing lakes has a spot that can become your regular fishery.

Staffordshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

1. Baden Hall Fishery

Image Courtesy of Baden Hall Fishery Club

Baden Hall Fishery is a popular carp fishing venue in Eccleshall, Staffordshire. It has three specimen lakes (Glovers Pool, Bridge Pool, and The Quarry) and three runs waters (Middle Pool, Lodge Pool, and Dam Pool). For a small fee, non-fishing guests can enter the runs waters but not the specimen lakes. The venue works on pre-bookings.

An Overview

Name Baden Hall Fishery
Lake size
  • Glovers Pool: 6 acres
  • Bridge Pool: 8 acres
  • The Quarry: 12 acres
  • Middle Pool: 8 acres
  • Lodge Pool: 4 acres
  • Dam Pool: 3.5 acres
Location Eccleshall, ST21 6LG
  • Day tickets: £12 and £25 for 24 hours
  • Specimen lakes 24hr ticket: £30 except The Quarry (£35)
Phone number 01785 850313
Record carp 52 lb+

2. Hamstall Fishery

Image Courtesy of Hamstall Fishery Club

Hamstall Fishery is a family-friendly specimen carp fishery with five pools and a stretch of River Blithe. Pools 1 and 3 are stocked with small carp, while Pools 2 and 4 are home to double-figure carp. You must book in advance for night fishing.

The fishery has a luxury lakeside lodge on Lake 2 that sleeps up to six people for £350 per night.

An Overview

Name  Hamstall Fishery
Lake size
Location  Rugeley, WS15 3RZ
Pricing  Day ticket: £20 and £7 for Pool 1 and Canal
Phone number  44 1889 504449
Record carp 30 lb+

3. Millbrook Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Millbrook Fisheries

This Wetley Rocks-based fishery is a family-run business on 8.5 acres. The lake occupies 4.5 acres, has two central islands, an average depth of 5ft, and about 200 carp weighing more than 20 lbs. The fishery remains closed on Tuesdays.

An Overview

Name Millbrook Fisheries
Lake size 4.5 acres
Location  Stoke-on-Trent, ST9 0BN
Pricing  48-hour sessions: £60

72 hr sessions: £100

Phone number  01782 550 522
Record carp  39lb 15oz

4. Bishton Farm Pools

Image Courtesy of Bishton Farm Pools

Bishton Farm Pools is a complex of three pools: Pool 1(coarse fishing), Pool 2 (runs water), and Pool 3 (specimen pool). The venue allows day tickets for all three lakes. While night fishing is available, you must make reservations. You can also arrange for site tutorials.

An Overview

Name Bishton Farm Pools
Lake size
Location Rugeley, ST19 0XE
  • Day ticket: £7 (2 rods), £10 (3 rods), £5 for under 16’s and OAP
  • After 3 p.m. for £5
  • 24 hr ticket: £20
Phone Number 07976 507 474
Record carp 26 lb+

5. Seighford Lakes

Seighford Lakes is a five-pool complex: Braybrooke, The Maze syndicate, Swan, Trout Lake, and MP syndicate. The day ticket carp fishery is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Anglers can only use a maximum of two rods.

An Overview

Name Seighford Lakes
Lake size
Location Stafford, ST18 9LQ
  • Day ticket: varies starting at £5
  • 24-hr ticket: £20
Phone Number +44 7593 864479
Record carp 34 lb+

6. The Bowl Carp Syndicate DB Fishery

The Bowl Syndicate is a members-only 64-acre fishing lake run by DB fishery. It holds about 350 carp. Interested anglers can join the syndicate for £400 annually.

An Overview

Name The Bowl Syndicate
Lake size 64 acres
Location Gailey Lea Ln, Penkridge, Stafford ST19 5PT
Pricing £400 annually
Phone Number 07551454111
Record carp 44 lb 2oz

7. Chorley Springs Fishery

Chorley Springs Fishery is a complex of five spring-fed pools with 82 pegs. Three (Top Pool, Middle Pool, and Bottom Pool) are small lakes with carp in the low double digits. Specimen Pool is the largest in this Staffordshire carp fishing venue, with nine pegs, tree-lined water, and two islands. The second largest is the Runs Pool, under an acre with 23 pegs.

An Overview

Name Chorley Springs Fishery
Lake size Top Pool: 0.35 acres

Middle Pool: 0.15 acres

Bottom Pool: 0.37 acres

Specimen Pool: 1-acre

Match (Runs) Pool: 0.64 acres

Location Lichfield, WS15 4LR
  • Day tickets: £10
  • 24-hour tickets: £20
  • Overnight ticket: £15
Phone Number 07564 999 582
Record carp 31 lb

8. The Serpentine Pool Knypersley

The Serpentine is a 17-acre lake with 29 pegs. The lake’s depth varies, with the deepest parts reaching 26 ft and the shallow ones about 6 ft.

The Serpentine is one of the waters run by the Bay Malton Angling Club, making it a members-only fishery. Membership is open to various groups, including those under 15 who join free of charge under a senior members card.

An Overview

Name The Serpentine Pool Knypersley
Lake size 17 acres
Location Greenway Bank Country Park, Biddulph
Pricing 15 –17 years £25

Adults renewal fee: £100

New senior membership: £115

Phone Number 01270820812
Record Carp 32 lb

9. Cudmore Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Cudemore Fisheries Club

Cudmore Fisheries is an 11-lake complex located on the 80-acre Whitmore Estate. It’s one of the Staffordshire day tickets venues that hosts various events, such as carp weekends, Club Matches, and Veteran Matches.

The venue holds Over 60’s and Disabled Open Matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Day and night fishing tickets are bought online before visiting.

An Overview

Name Cudmore Fisheries
Lake size
Location Pleck Lane, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 5HW
Pricing Day ticket: £7.5

Night fishing: £18.75

Phone Number 01782680919
Record carp 20 lb+

10. Bottom Lake Izaak Walton Fishery

Image Courtesy of Izaak Walton Fishery Club

The Izaak Walton Fishery consists of 4 day-ticket fishing lakes. The Bottom Lake is the oldest in the complex and has a good stock of bigger carp than the others. Fishing lessons are available.

An Overview

Name Bottom Lake Izaak Walton Fishery
Lake size
Location School Lane, Chebsey, Staffs ST21 6JU
Pricing Day ticket: £8, child £6
Phone Number 07932740121
Record carp 20 lb+

11. Coppice Lane Pools

Image Courtesy of Coppice Lane Pools Club

Coppice Lane Pools is a complex of seven lakes on an 18-acre site, with Coppice Mill being the largest. It spans about 2.5 acres, holds the largest fish, and is home to over 100 carp. This carp fishing venue allows a maximum of two rods per angler and night fishing with reservations.

An Overview

Name Coppice Lane Pools
Lake size Largest 2.5 acres
Location Lichfield, WS7 0JY
Pricing Day tickets: £7, £17 for Coppice Mill

24 hr ticket: £25 for C

Phone Number 07933 488986
Record carp 29 lb 12 oz

12. Whiston Fishery

Whiston Fishery is a child and pet-friendly carp fishing venue in Staffordshire consisting of three lakes. Tickets are available for day and night fishing, and there’s also an option for full membership at £300 per year.

An Overview

Name Whiston Fishery
Lake size
Location Black Lane, Whiston, ST10 2HZ
Pricing Day tickets: £12 (two rods) and £20 (three rods)

Night fishing: £12

Phone Number 01538266260
Record carp 20 lb+


We hope you’ve found a perfect spot in our list of the top Staffordshire carp fishing lakes. If you did, tell us which one it is in the comments section below and share the article with other anglers to help them find great spots too!

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