Herefordshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Herefordshire is home to the River Wye, which is known for its vast fishing opportunities. This clearwater river has rich aquatic life. It’s also known for attracting carp fishers from all over the United Kingdom thanks to its good stock of healthy carp, some of which can weigh over 30 lbs.

But, whether your visit was inspired by River Wye or not, Herefordshire also houses many interesting fisheries we recommend the aspiring angler try out.

Let’s take a look at some of the most recommended fishing spots!

Herefordshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

Pridewood Hops Fishery

Image Courtesy of Pridewood Hops Fishery

Pridewood Hops Fishery is part of a 500-acre farm located at Ashperton, near Ledbury. The fishery is easily accessible thanks to its flat and even grass banks and is home to a variety of common carp that weigh up to 28 lbs.

The lake is shallow at a depth of around 1.2 metres. There are no designated pegs, so you can fish wherever you want. Surface fishing is also allowed, and tickets are available on the bank. The managing staff are incredibly helpful, too, which makes Pridewood Hops one of the nicest places to go fishing as a beginner angler.

Day tickets are £7 for a single rod and £8 for two. Juveniles are offered much lower prices, at £3 for a single rod and £4 for two. Parking is provided, so you can easily access the fishery via car. It’s also a quiet fishery, best for those looking to fish in a relaxing spot.

Pridewood Hops Fishery At a Glance

Name: Pridewood Hops Fishery Lake Size: 0.75 acres
Location: Ashperton, near Ledbury Pricing: Starting at £7 (£3 for juveniles)
Biggest Carp: +28lbs Contact: +44 1531 670416

Evesbatch Fishery

Image Courtesy of Evesbatch Fishery

Evesbatch Fishery offers two lakes in a secluded country setting about 20 kilometres off Worcester and 1.5 kilometres off the main Worcester to Hereford road. Evesbatch Fishery lakes are one of the few at which you’re guaranteed to catch good carp, as they have a healthy stock that weighs up to 20 lbs.

The bankside has been improved, and a few facilities have been installed to make it more enjoyable for visiting anglers — it’s most suitable for parents, their children, and the disabled. Floating bait provides good sport in the summer season, and the largest carp are caught on the surface with freelined bread during the said season.

Fishing permits have to be purchased in advance via PayPal, and they start at £5. Make sure you print your receipt and contact the fishery before purchasing to reserve a spot, as availability can be limited sometimes!

Evesbatch Fishery At a Glance

Name: Evesbatch Fishery Lake Size: 2 acres
Location: Off the A4103 Hereford to Worcester road, midway between the two cities Pricing: Starting at £5
Biggest Carp: +20 lbs Contact: 07936 990 398 – Website

Blueberry Fields Lake

Image Courtesy of Arrow Meadow Fishery

Run by Arrow Meadow Fisheries, the Blueberry Fields is a 1.5 acres lake set in the gorgeous Siddington Farm at Leadington, near Ledbury. The lake is fully fenced and secure and hosts four large double pegs, perfect for fishing with friends. There are also several facilities on site, including clean toilets and showers at the farm.

This lake is considered one of the best in the United Kingdom thanks to its cleanliness and carp stock. Carp fished out of Blueberry Fields can weigh up to 30 lbs. While it was previously available for exclusive use, you now have to apply online.

The application process is expensive at £850 and spreads over two payments, but it makes you a member of Arrow Meadow Fishery, and that comes with many benefits. The most notable is access to 8 premium lakes and their respective facilities spread across 5 locations in the midlands a

Blueberry Fields Lake At a Glance

Name: Blueberry Fields Lake Lake Size: 1.5
Location: Siddington Farm, Leadington Pricing: £850 (yearly, multiple fisheries)
Biggest Carp: +30 lbs Contact: 0330 330 0426

Rosefern Pool

Hidden from the main A44 Worcester to Leominster road as you enter Bromyard is Rosefern Pool, a pear-shaped 1.5 acres lilypad pool that’s home to a variety of fish and carp that weigh up to 30 lbs.

Rosefern Pool opened day-ticket angling in 2019 and has been attracting a small number of anglers since then. The pool is easy to fish at, which makes it a great spot for beginner and young anglers looking to train their fishing skill.

While it lacks facilities, it has a large, hard-standing car park where the owner offers caravaning and parking spots. Day tickets can be collected at the bank, and they cost £8. Note that this venue is very informal — you can fish anywhere you want, and you’re responsible for your gear and children!

Unfortunately, there’s no official website or Facebook page we can guide you to. But, the points of contact are 01885 482389 or 07578 423837.

Rosefern Pool At a Glance

Name: Rosefern Pool Lake Size: 1.5 acres
Location: A44 Worcester to Leominster Pricing: £8
Biggest Carp: +30 lbs Contact: 01885 482389 – 07578 423837

Andy’s Fishing Lake

Image Courtesy of Andy’s Fishing Lake

Set in the beautiful countryside of South Herefordshire, Andy’s Fishing Lake is a 5-acre coarse fishing lake that feeds a local fruit farm and is home to carp averaging 6 lbs. The exact location is Trevase Farm, Pencoyd, Tretire, Herefordshire HR2 8ND.

An interesting fact about this lake is that thanks to water quality, all the stocked fish are in excellent condition and are challenging to reel in. As such, it might be difficult for a beginner angler to manage a large catch.

Andy’s lake also has a car park and a portable toilet near the entrance gate, which opens up to a road leading directly to the lake’s many pegs.

The lake is open for fishing from dawn until dusk, and tickets are available on the bank. The option for card payments and booking isn’t available. Day tickets cost £10 for adults and £8 for concessions. After 2 PM, their cost is reduced to £8 and £7 respectively.

Andy’s Fishing Lake At a Glance

Name: Andy’s Fishing Lake Lake Size: 5 acres
Location: Trevase Farm, Pencoyd, Tretire Pricing: Starting at £10 (reduced past 2 PM)
Biggest Carp: +20 lbs Contact: 01989 730210 – 07815 742659


Although Herefordshire’s main attraction is the River Wye, there are countless other fisheries you can visit where you’re guaranteed to catch excellent-quality carp. This area is known for its number of syndicates and informal fisheries, making it a popular destination for angling enthusiasts and beginners.

We recommend giving Rosefern Pool a try if you’re just starting. However, if you’re up to it, enlisting with the Arrow Meadow Fishery is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

If you’ve ever fished at any of these locations, tell us about your experience!

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