Cumbria Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Cumbria hides plenty of real gems, having beautiful rivers and still water fisheries. Alongside Lake District, you’ll find this to be a region that’s perfect for longer fishing trips or angling holidays.

Although it doesn’t offer many opportunities for carp fishing, there are still great hotspots and places to visit that don’t disappoint. Discover the Cumbria carp fishing lakes together with us, and find your new favourite venue.

Cumbria Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

1. Whins Pond

Image Courtesy of Whins Pond Club

Peaceful and scenic, Whins Pond is a pleasure fishing complex that’s around 8 acres in size. The grand lake is split in half, with one part being a coarse fishing area and the other intended for specimen carp angling.

It has 30 pegs available and is well-stocked with bream, tench, roach, and carp up to 20 lb.

Whins Pond has a lot of good features; overhanging trees, natural reed beds, and lily pads. The venue takes match bookings. Regular open matches for all anglers are held by the fishery management.

Whins Pond at a Glance:

Name: Whins Pond Lake Size: 8 acres
Location: Cumbria, CA11 8SS Price: Contact the Fishery
Biggest Carp: 20 lb Call: 01768 862671

2. Ratherheath Tarn

Having undergone major work and investment in 2019, Ratherheath Tarn has become quite a fishing hotspot. It’s regarded as Windermere, Ambleside, and District Angling Associations’ (WADAA) most popular coarse water.

The venue is known for exclusive carp fishing, with specimens topping out around the 25-pound mark. It also holds a good stock of roach to 8 lb, tench to 4 lb, bream to 7 lb, and perch.

Ratherheath Tarn offers over 30 well-spaced pegs, including 6 disabled access pegs.

Night fishing is available for members only.

Ratherheath Tarn at a Glance:

Name: Ratherheath Tarn Lake Size: 3 acres
Location: Kendal, LA8 9JR Price: From £4
Biggest Carp: 20 lb Call: 07488 534113

3. Haig Angling Club

Image Courtesy of Haig Angling Club

Haig Angling Club, or “Mirehouse Ponds”, has a long history dating back to 1917. It’s a recreational fishing club consisting of two lakes.

The Top Pond holds a variety of fish species; bream, roach, skimmers, perch, tench, and rudd, alongside F1 carp. It has 32 pegs available, most of which are accessible to anglers with physical limitations.

The Bottom Pond is larger in size, with some great specimens in stock. It has common and mirror carp, bream up to 7 lb, perch, and silvers. There are 43 fishing pegs available. 

Night tickets are purchasable only by a club member at the starting price of £9.

Haig Angling Club at a Glance:

Name: Haig Angling Club Lake Size: Various
Location: Cumbria, CA28 9RU Price: From £6
Biggest Carp: 20 lb Call: 01946 825425

4. Brayton Park

Image Courtesy of Brayton Park

Brayton Park is designed as a perfect family or romantic getaway, having beautiful scenery, nature, and activities.

Regarding fishing, the complex consists of an 8.2-acre spring-fed lake with 2 islands. Next to numerous luxury lodges, there’s one with a private fishing peg called “Lawson.”

Brayton Pond is a naturally stocked ’old English’ carp fishing lake, with the size of carp up to 12 lb.

Day tickets start at £10 and are available via an honesty box at the property. Night fishing isn’t allowed. 

Brayton Park at a Glance:

Name: Brayton Park Lake Size: 8.2 acres
Location: Cumbria, CA7 3PY Price: From £10
Biggest Carp: 12 lb Call: 016973 21857

5. Crosfield Fishery

Hidden in its beautiful wildlife heaven, the Crosfield farmstead offers coarse fishing exclusively for guests.

The lake is located directly next to the cottages and is around 1 acre in size, with a depth between 12 and 18 feet. It’s well stocked with common and mirror carp to a good weight, alongside some excellent roach, bream, ide, rudd, and tench.

This venue gets its water directly from a natural spring and is available for guests only at the price of £5 per day (max 2 rods per person).

Crosfield Fishery doesn’t offer night fishing. 

Crosfield Fishery at a Glance:

Name: Crosfield Fishery Lake Size: 1 acre
Location: Cumbria, CA10 1EU Price: From £5
Biggest Carp: Not available Call: 01768 898711

6. Red Tarn

Lying at an altitude of 718 meters, Red Tarn is considered to be one of the highest waters in the Lake District, with a depth of around 25 metres. The lake was formed by the melting of a glacier that carved out the eastern side of Helvellyn.

During the 19th century, the lake was turned into a dam, supplying power to the Greenside Lead Mine. Today, it’s a wonderful fishing area that’s free to access and enjoy.

Red Tarn is a rough camping site, so be prepared for a 24-hour adventure. The lake has rare fish called Shelley, as well as other specimens such as Northern pike, carp, Eurasian perch, Largemouth bass, and trout.

Red Tarn at a Glance:

Name: Red Tarn Lake Size: Not available
Location: Cumbria, CA11 0QR Price: Not available
Biggest Carp: Not available Call: Not available

7. Lower Ormsgill Reservoir

Lower Ormsgill Reservoir is a haven for wildlife and an ideal venue for carp lovers. The water offers plenty of features, such as reeds and overhanging trees.

The lake is accessible to juniors and the disabled but with the presence of a responsible adult since it’s a bit of a long walk to the lake.

It holds plenty of double-figure carp, with the record one being in excess of 20 lb. Perch, rudd, bream, and tench can also be found in the waters of Lower Ormsgill Reservoir.

Lower Ormsgill Reservoir at a Glance:

Name: Lower Ormsgill Reservoir Lake Size: Not available
Location: Roanhead, LA14 4 Price: Not available
Biggest Carp: 20 lb Call: Not available


Although carp fishing in Cumbria isn’t as popular as in some other regions of the UK, the scenery and the nature it holds make it worth a visit.

It’s a great family getaway and a chance to enjoy and test your luck in slightly more challenging venues.

Give Cumbria a chance, and let us know your thoughts and experiences!

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