Lancashire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Lancashire is home to some beautiful carp-fishing venues that’ll meet the needs of even the pickiest fisherman.

From day trips to stunning countryside and fisheries to the thrill and excitement of a match competition, Lanchaiser is surely an angler’s paradise. Hence, let’s jump right to the best fishing hotspots that’ll leave you in awe.

Lancashire Carp Fishing Lakes

1. Lathom Fisheries

Set in a remote area with beautiful scenery around it, Lathom Fisheries has been serving the fishing community for over 20 years. It has 4 lakes on the site, with lakes 1 and 4 being match lakes, and is open all year round, 24/7.

By purchasing the day ticket, you’ll have the opportunity to try out some of the admirable sports provided at the match lakes.

All four lakes are coarse fishing lakes, with the biggest carp found in Lake 2, weighing up to 32 lb.

Day tickets start at the price of £6 per 1 rod (with concessions for disabled and OAP). Night fishing must be booked in advance. 

Lathom Fisheries at a Glance:

Name: Lathom Fisheries Lake Size: Depends on the lake
Location: Lancashire, L40 4AJ Price: From £6
Biggest Carp: 32 lb Call: 07469 877 784

2. Newbridge Fishing Lakes

Image Courtesy of Newbridge Fishing Lakes Club

The Newbridge Fishing Complex consists of two lakes stocked with a variety of fish: carp (common and mirror), bream, tench, F1’s, ide, and barbel.

The Small Lake is less stocked than the Big Lake, but it includes considerably larger fish. It has 31 pegs available and holds plenty of double-figure carp, up to 22 lb. Night fishing is allowed on certain pegs with a limit of 6 anglers. Registration is required.

The Big Lake has 38 pegs and is stocked with F1’s, mirror and common carp, and bream. The lake is usually closed for matches on Wednesdays and Sundays. 

Day tickets at Newbridge Fishing Lakes are £6 (with OAP concessions available).

Newbridge Fishing Lakes at a Glance:

Name: Newbridge Fishing Lakes Lake Size: 7 acres
Location: Lancashire, L33 4YB Price: From £6
Biggest Carp: 22 lb Call: 07824 316 212

3. Rufford Meadows Fishery

Image Courtesy of Rufford Meadows Fishery Club

Smaller in size but extremely deep, Rufford Meadows Fishery is well-stocked with carp, tench, and chub, as well as other fish species.

It’s an excellent coarse fishery that offers great catches. The average size of fish is between 5 lb and 10 lb.

Day tickets are £7 for 2 rods, and 24 hours tickets are £17. Night fishing is available at the price of £10 for 2 rods. 

Rufford Meadows Fishery at a Glance:

Name: Rufford Meadows Fishery Lake Size: Unavailable
Location: Lancashire, L33 4YB Price: From £7
Biggest Carp: 10 lb Call: 07743 904 949

4. Hall Lane Fishery

Image Courtesy of Hall Lane Fishery Club

A new addition to the North West’s angling scene, Hall Lane Fishery is a clean, tranquil, and well-kept spot open for pleasure and match fishing.

It has three lakes on the site, Merlin’s, Gwen’s, and Bess’s, that are 13-14 metres wide and of uniform depth. Hall Lane Fishery holds matches on Weekends but is always available for pleasure anglers since it has over 150 pegs.

Day tickets at this venue cost £8, payable prior to fishing (with concessions available).

Hall Lane Fishery at a Glance:

Name: Hall Lane Fishery Lake Size: 13-14 metres
Location: Lancashire, WN8 7BD Price: From £8
Biggest Carp: 17 lb Call: 07766 141 388

5. Four Seasons Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Four Seasons Fishery Club

Four Seasons Fishery is a strictly members-only stillwater fishery that’s known for carp specimens (mirror and ghost) and roach. It’s also stocked with rudd, bream, tench, chub, gudgeon, perch, grass carp, crucian carp, common carp, and catfish.

The fishery offers all aspects of modern coarse fishing and also an opportunity to pursue authentic specimens of carp. 

The complex consists of three lakes: two specimen carp and catfish waters and a match/pleasure lake. For all enquiries, contact the number below. 

Four Seasons Fisheries at a Glance:

Name: Four Seasons Fisheries Lake Size: 3 acres
Location: Lancashire, FY3 0AY Price: Members-only venue
Biggest Carp: 32 lb Call: 07870 180 022

6. Devine Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Devine Fisheries Club

Devine Fisheries is known as one of the best fishing hotspots in the Accrington area. Surrounded by stunning scenery, this fishery is a sight on its own. It has two lakes; the Runs Water/Match Lake and the Specimen Lake.

Both lakes hold a variety of fish species: carp, roach, perch, rudd, bream, and tench. The Specimen Lake is also stocked with catfish.

The carp in the Match Lake reach the size of 20 lb, while in the Specimen lake, the size goes up to 30 lb. 

This venue offers day tickets at the starting price of £10 for a max of 2 rods. Overnight fishing must be booked in advance.

Devine Fisheries at a Glance:

Name: Devine Fisheries Lake Size: Depends on the lake
Location: Lancashire, BB5 2BS Price: From £10
Biggest Carp: 30 lb Call: 07311 626 262

7. Bannister House Fishery

Image Courtesy of Bannister House Fishery Club

Bannister House Fishery offers 5 well-stocked fishing lakes suitable for beginners as well as seasoned anglers. They’re home to bream, tench, roach, rudd, perch, and specimen carp up to 35 lb.

The venue holds open matches every Sunday and has over 200 pegs available. Anglers from the Wigan and Preston region find Bannister House Fishery to be quite an exquisite fishing spot.

Day tickets start at the price of £7 (with concessions for children).

Bannister House Fishery at a Glance:

Name: Bannister House Fishery Lake Size: Depends on the lake
Location: Preston, PR4 6JR Price: From £7
Biggest Carp: 35 lb Call: 07801 353 403


Peaceful fishing venues surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Lancashire. What could be better than that?

Pick your venue of choice, and enjoy your fishing experience. From rest days to matches, you have it all.

We hope to hear your thoughts on the Lancashire lakes soon!

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