Cheshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Cheshire is one of the most beautiful counties in the UK. It’s known for its wide variety of fishing lakes. As angling is a big part of the culture there, you’ll find several Chesire carp fishing lakes to pick from. 

These destinations are scattered through major cities like Chester, Knutsford, and Crewe. Read on to learn about these destinations and decide on one for your next fishing trip.

Cheshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

1. Cisterns

At the top of our list is Cisterns, one of the best fishing facilities in Cheshire, managed by the Barnton and Frodsham Angling Club.

The facility is made up of three separate parts. Fish species there include carp, crucians, gudgeon, rudd, perch, and tench, among many others. 

Name: Cisterns Lake Size: ⅓ of an acre
Location: Anderton, Cheshire CW9 6AQ Pricing: From £40 (Membership)
Phone number: 07758 465382 Record carp: 12lb+

2. Heesom’s Pool


Heesom’s Pool was originally a sand quarry, more than 15 feet deep. Now, it’s a popular fishing destination managed by the Bay Malton Angling Club.

Fish species there include bream, carp, crucian carp, perch, roach, and skimmers.

Name: Heesom’s Pool Lake Size:  4.8 acres
Location: Warrington WA4 4EE Pricing: From £40 (Membership)
Phone number: 07758 465382 Record carp: 27lb+

3. Brick Pits

Brick Pits is a fishing pond that can be found in Warrington in Cheshire. It has an extensive selection of fish to catch, from roach, carp, and eel to rudd, tench, and many more. 

Name: Brick Pits Lake Size: N/A
Location: Warrington, Cheshire WA2 0PU Pricing: N/A
Phone number: 01625 383700 Record carp: 20lb

4. Brownlees Pool

Brownlees Pool can be found at the Old Hall in Warrington, Cheshire. Brownlees Pool is split into two areas that are divided by a small footbridge.

Fish species available there include bream, roach, chub, rudd, perch, tench, crucians, and Ghost carp.

Name: Brownlees Pool Lake Size: 20 pegs
Location: Warrington, Cheshire WA5 9QQ Pricing: Only members
Phone number: 07586 341004 Record carp: N/A

5. Poplars Farm Fishery

Poplars Farm Fishery contains one lake with 25 pegs available.

The fishing destination has many fish species to catch, ranging from roach to carp to bream and chub.

Name: Poplars Farm Fishery Lake Size: 25 pegs
Location: Warrington, Cheshire WA4 6SS Pricing: £7 for a day ticket
Phone number: 01925 740243 Record carp: 22lb+

6. Lakemore Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Lakemore Fisheries

Lakemore fisheries can be found in Crewe in Cheshire. This location is considered one of the best-rated fishing facilities in the entire United Kingdom. 

When it comes to the fish species available there, carp and catfish are the two most popular types. You can also find species like roach, chub, tench, and rudd.

Name: Lakemore Fisheries Lake Size: 4 acres, 2.5 acres
Location: Haslington, Crewe, Cheshire,CW1 5SQ Pricing: 24hr – £30, 48hr- £60, 72hr-£90
Phone number: 077718448801 Record carp: 33lb 4oz

7. Winterley Pool Fishery

Image Courtesy of Winterley Pool Fisheries

Winterley Pool Fishery is a big fishing facility, spanning around 7.5 acres in size. Fish species available at the lake include a reasonable number of carp.

Name: Winterley Pool Fishery Lake Size: 7.5 acres
Location: Crewe Road, Winterley, Crewe CW1 5TR Pricing: £25 for the first 24 hours, £20 for additional 24 hours
Phone number: 0 7761 069360 Record carp: 25lb+

8. Shakerley Mere

Shakerley Mere is another great fishing destination in Cheshire that has many species of fish for anglers to choose from, including carp, of course.

Name: Shakerley Mere Lake Size: 17 acres
Location: Cranage, Knutsford WA16 9LB Pricing: Day ticket: £5 for one rod, £10 for two rods, £15 for three rods

24 hours ticket: two rods for £20, three rods for £28

48 hours ticket: two rods for £36 or three rods for £48

Phone number: 07432 874 977 Record carp: 30lb+

9. Grove Fisheries Chester

Located just outside of Chester, Grove Fisheries has a variety of fish species available. These species range from big carp, perch, rudd, and roach fish.

Name: Grove Fisheries Chester Lake Size: N/A
Location: Chorlton cum Backford, Cheshire Pricing: N/A
Phone number: 0 1244 380691 Record carp: N/A

10. Birch Farm

Image Courtesy of Birch Farm

Birch farm is a wildlife venue that has camping, fishing, and caravan ground. It can be found near the town of Mouldsworth.

It contains a 2.5-acre lake with many fish species that include carp, tench, and roach fish. 

Name: Birch Farm Lake Size: 2.5 acres
Location: Nr Chester, Cheshire CH3 8AW Pricing: Day Ticket (up to 2 rods): £10
Phone number: 01928 740231 Record carp: N/A

11. Flushing Meadows Fishery

Flushing Meadows Fishery is a fishing destination that’s located in the Cheshire countryside.

It’s made up of five ponds that are different in size. These ponds include the Snake, Island Pool, Small Marl, and Deep Marl.

Name: Flushing Meadows Fishery Lake Size: N/A
Location: Nr Northwich, Cheshire CW8 2RF Pricing: Daily: £7+
Phone number: +44 1606 851036 Record carp: N/A

12. Micklewrights Flash

Micklewrights Flash is a fishery that has 25 pegs for anglers to enjoy.

Roach, tench, crucian carp, and king carp are only some of the fish species living there.

Name: Micklewrights Flash Lake Size: 4 acres
Location: Crewe, Cheshire CW1 4ND Pricing: Membership fee of £87.50
Phone number: 07432 874 977 Record carp: 30lb+

13. Marton Heath Trout Pools

Image Courtesy of Marton Heath Trout Pools

Marton Heath Trout Pools are a family-run fishing destination in Macclesfield. The fishery has three trout pools, as well as one coarse pool for visitors to enjoy.

Name: Marton Heath Trout Pools Lake Size: 7 acres
Location: Pikelow Farm, School Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 9HD Pricing: N/A
Phone number: 01260 224231 Record carp: 12lb 6oz+

14. Stanners Pool

Stanners Pool, located in Sankey Valley, is another great fishing location to check out/ The pool has many popular fish species like common carp, roach, and mirror carp. 

Name: Stanners Pool Lake Size: N/A
Location: Warrington, Cheshire WA5 0JL Pricing: N/A
Phone number: 07771571205 Record carp: N/A

15. Four Oaks Fishery

Four Oaks Fishery is more than 15 years old with two pools. These two pools are Pete’s Pool and Heron’s Pit. Pete’s Pool has eight pegs while Heron’s Pit has 27 pegs.

Name: Four Oaks Fishery Lake Size: N/A
Location: Four Oaks Farm Powey Lane, Chester, Cheshire Pricing: N/A
Phone number: +44 151 355 9547 Record carp: 19lb

16. Goose Green Farm

Image Courtesy of Goose Green Farm

The Goose Green Farm offers four lakes that are full of fish species like carp, crucians, tench, perch, and ide. 

Name: Goose Green Farm Lake Size: 5 acres
Location: Oak Road, Mottram St Andrew, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 4RA Pricing: £7
Phone number: 01625 828814 Record carp: 50lb+

Wrapping Up

For Cheshire-based anglers who would like to enjoy a memorable fishing experience, there are several Cheshire carp fishing lakes to choose from. Cisterns facility, Winterley Pool Fishery, and Shakerley Moore are only a few of the options there.

Choosing one of them might be difficult, but we hope that our quick guide can help you pick the best lake for you to visit!

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