Norfolk Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

With Norfolk’s stunning countryside setting, excellent facilities, and well-stocked waters, it’s perfect for thrilling carp fishing.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, the many Norfolk carp fishing lakes offer something for everyone.

In this post, you’ll find a list of Norfolk’s best carp fishing lakes, so stick around.

Norfolk Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

From Shallowbrook lakes to Swangey lake, here’s a list of the best carp fishing lakes in Norfolk:

Shallowbrook Lakes

Image Courtesy of Shallowbrook Lakes Club

Shallowbrook is a 10-minute drive from the centre of Norwich, Norfolk. It has four fishing lakes that cater to both beginners and experienced anglers.

Carp lake has 11 pegs and holds stocks of carp up to 30lb. You can also find other fish species in Snipe lake, including bream, tench, eel, and perch.

Shallowbrook lakes don’t need any pre-booking, and you can also pay bankside.

Name: Shallowbrook Lake Price: From £10
Location: Norwich NR5 0LA Call: 07766 167931
Lake Size: 2 acres Biggest Carp: 30lb

Burgh Castle Fisheries (Great Yarmouth)

Image Courtesy of Visit East of England

Burgh Castle Fishery is located 5 miles from Great Yarmouth. It has three lakes, but only the main lake is intended for carp fishing.

It’s not a big lake at only 1.5 acres, but it has the finest carp you’ll find within Norfolk, weighing 20lb to 37lb.

Name: Burgh Castle Fisheries Price: From £10
Location: Great Yarmouth, NR31 9PU UK Call: 07919 080 961
Lake Size: 1.5 acres Biggest Carp: 37lb

Willowcroft Fishery (Kings Lynn)

Image Courtesy of Willowcroft Fishery Club

Willowcroft Fishery is situated in Pentney, which is about 9 miles away from Kings Lynn. It has eight lakes, but only seven are fishable for carp anglers, namely Ghost lake, Millennium, Cabin lake, Catfish lake, Ski lake, Bird lake, and Specimen lake.

Bird lake is the largest at 40 acres and got the highest banked carp at 40lb+.

It’s also worth noting that Catfish lake is the only lake in the UK where you can fish rare species such as albino grass carp.

Name: Willowcroft Fishery Price: From £10
Location: Kings Lynn, PE32 1LE Call: 07543 688 301
Lake Size: Various Biggest Carp: 40lb+

Waveney Valley Lakes (Harleston)

Image Courtesy of Waveney Valley Lakes Club

Waveney Valley Lakes are within the border between Norfolk and Suffolk. They’re situated in Wortwell, which is 4 miles away from Harleston.

Waveney Valley has 12 lakes, but only three lakes are fishable on a day-ticket basis.

The two lakes that are fishable for day tickets are Kingfisher pool and Heartsmere, while Marsh lake is mixed for day tickets and homeowners. 

The lakes are well stocked with carp weighing 20lb up to 34lb.

Name: Waveney Valley Lakes Price: £26 (Minimum 24 hours booking)
Location: Harleston, IP20 0EJ Call: 01986 788 676
Lake Size: Various Biggest Carp: 34lb

Taswood Lakes (Norwich)

Image Courtesy of Taswood Lakes

Taswood Lakes is located approximately 5 miles south of Norwich, situated in the Tas Valley of Flordon.

It has seven lakes, but only four are for carp fishing, namely Spring lake, Broadway lake, Heron lake, and Grove lake.

Heron is the biggest lake among the four, and its biggest carp record is around 40lb. 

While Spring lake is ideal for new carp fishers as it is heavily stocked with singles and doubles weighing around 20lb.

Name: Taswood Lakes Price: From £10
Location: Norwich, NR15 1LX Call: 01508 470 919
Lake Size: Various Biggest Carp: 42lb

Oakwood Park Lakes (Thetford)

Image Courtesy of Oakwood Park Lakes Club

Oakwood Park Lakes is located near Hockwold cum Wilton and Feltwell village in Thetford.

Oakwood Park has three lakes: Predator lake, Carp lake, and Ornamental lake.

Both Predator and Carp lake are fishable with carp stocks weighing 35lb and catfish weighing up to 120lb, while the Ornamental lake is intended for picnic enjoyment.

Name: Oakwood Park Lakes Price: From £10
Location: Thetford, IP26 4JW Call: 07919 865 636
Lake Size: 5 acres Biggest Carp: 30lb+

Narborough Fisheries (Kings Lynn)

Image Courtesy of Narborough Fisheries Club

Narborough Fisheries is located between Kings Lynn and Swaffham. It has five lakes, namely Millers lake, Foresters lake, Ashford lake, Willow lake, and Meadow lake.

Millers lake is the carp specimen lake with carp stocks weighing up to 30lb. 

Forester lake and Ashford lake are stocked with varieties of fish, while Willow is intended for fly fishing tryouts only. As for Meadow, it has been closed.

Name: Narborough Fisheries Price: From £10
Location: Kings Lynn, PE32 1TE Call: 01760 338 005
Lake Size: Various Biggest carp: 30lb+

Catch 22 Fishery (Norwich)

Image Courtesy of Catch 22 Fishery

Catch 22 Fishery is situated near the village of Lyng, Norfolk, and is approximately 12 miles away from Norwich.

The fishery has two lakes that are open for fishing day and night: Day Ticket lakes and Syndicate lake.

The Day Ticket lake is 23 acres and has 31 bankside swims. Carp stocks there weigh 10lb to 30lb. Syndicate lake carp stocks weigh 20lb to 40lb and got four of the biggest catch reports of 40lb+.

Name: Catch 22 Fishery Price: £10
Location: Norwich, NR9 5BQ Call: 01603 872 948
Lake Size: 23 acres Biggest carp: 45lb+

Cobbleacre Park (Norwich).

Image Courtesy of Cobbleacre Park

Cobbleacre Park is situated in Hevingham, Norwich, and is a family-owned business.

The park has five lakes, namely Adam’s lake, Gianna’s lake, Mario’s lake, Amy’s lake, and Alex’s lake. The lakes were named after the owners’ grandchildren’s names.

All lakes are fishable with fish stocks such as carp, catfish, tench, ide, silvers, roach, rudd, perch, and skimmers. 

However, in Mario’s lake, they only allow 10 anglers to fish at one time.

Name: Cobbleacre Park Price: Form £10
Location: Norwich, NR10 5NL Call: 01603 754 305
Lake Size: Various Biggest carp: 35lb+

Airfield Lakes

Airfield lakes are located on the Norfolk or Suffolk border, 20 miles south of Norwich, outside Dickleburgh rural village.

It’s approximately four miles from Diss, 5 miles from Harleston, and 1 mile from the central A140 Ipswich to Norwich road.

It’s a 5-acre lake in Norfolk countryside with 200 handpicked English-bred carp. It was voted as one of the best carp fishing in the UK.

The average size of fish weighs 25lb, and the biggest carp record in the lake stands at 50lb.

Name: Airfield Lakes Price: From £10
Location: New Lodge Farm Dickleburgh Diss Norfolk IP21 4PH Call: 07706 48 30 84
Lake Size: 5 acres Biggest Carp: 50lb+

Cross Drove Fishery

Image Courtesy of Cross Drove Fishery Club

Cross Drove Fishery is based on the Norfolk and Suffolk border and 14 miles away from the market town of Thetford.

Although Cross Drove is only one large lake, it has 70 pegs that offer different fishing experiences.

The lake is stocked with a variety of fish such as carp, catfish, eels, zander, roach, rudd, bream, perch, and tench.

Name: Cross Drove Fishery Price: From £10
Location: Thetford, IP26 4JQ Call: 07775 732982
Lake Size: 8 acres Biggest carp: 30lb+

Dents Farm Fishing Lakes (Downham Market)

Image Courtesy of Dents Farm Fishery Club

Dents Farm Fishery is located in Hilgay Norfolk Downham Market and is a family-owned fishery.

Dents Farm has five lakes stocked with carp, namely Kingfisher pond, Willow lake, Farm Shop lake, 2 Island lake, and Spinney lake.

Kingfisher pond and Spinney are the smallest lakes among the five lakes, and they contain carp weighing 15lb to 22lb. Both are ideal for beginners or junior anglers.

The three lakes, Willow, 2 Island, and Farm Shop, have 30lb weighing carp stocks.

Name: Dents Farm Fishing Lakes Price: From £10
Location: Downham Market, PE38 0QH Call: 07979 954 354
Lake Size: Various Biggest carp: 30lb+

Darrow Farm Fishery (Diss)

Image Courtesy of Darrow Farm Fishery Club

Darrow Farm Fishery is located in the Market town of Diss in Suffolk/Norfolk. It’s a friendly and family-owned business offering quality day-ticket fishing.

Darrow Farm fish stocks are specially handpicked by leading UK fish farmers, including 115 carp weighing from 10lb-27lb and some reaching 30lb.

LName: Darrow Farm Fishery Price: From £10
Location: Diss, IP22 4XY Call: 07737 533 146
Lake Size: 3 acres Biggest Carp: 30lb+

Barford Lakes

Image Courtesy of Barford Lakes Club

Barford is located near Norwich and is one of the most popular areas for fishing in East Anglia.

There are eight lakes in Barford, namely, Pleasure lake, Top lake, Match lake, Training lake, Colton lake, Railway lake, Willow lake, and Abby waters.

All of the lakes are stocked with a variety of fishes including carp that usually weighs 2 ½ lb to 15lb. Barford also has carp fishing matching and their highest banked carp in total was 328lb(55 fishes) in Colton lake.

Name: Barford Lakes Price: From £2.5
Location: Chapel Street, Barford, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 4BJ Call: 01603 759624
Lake Size: Various Biggest Carp: 15lb

Swangey Lake

Image Courtesy of Swangey Lake Club

Swangey Lake is located near the rural town of Attleborough and has been locally family owned for 30 years.

There are two lakes in Swangey, which are the Small lake and the Main lake. The lakes were graveled works back in the 60s and became fishing lakes in the middle of the 1970s.

The two lakes are stocked with a variety of fishes including big catfish, bream, large carp, silverfish, and tench.

Name: Swangey Lake Price: From £7
Location: Swangey Lane, Attleborough, NR17 1XJ Call: 07597 754462
Lake Size: Various Biggest Carp: 38lb

Wrapping Up

Norfolk is one of the best destinations for carp fishing enthusiasts in the UK. Norfolk county is, in fact, known for its high-quality carp fishing lake experiences and well-maintained facilities.

Surely, one of the above-listed lakes will meet your carp fishing needs!

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