Cambridgeshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

If you like fishing and you’re in England, you know that Cambridgeshire has a lot of lakes for carp fishing. But which places are the largest? And which lakes have the biggest carps?

In this article, we’ve listed some of Cambridgeshire’s best carp fishing lakes to help you find answers.

Cambridgeshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

1. Willow Lake (by Fenland Fisheries)

Image Courtesy of Fenland Fisheries

The fishery claims the fish in Willow Lake have grown steadily in weight, and many anglers have surpassed their best records at this venue, making it an excellent fishing spot.

According to Fenland Fisheries, around 150 carp, which were about 1-2 lb fish, were derived from the original stocking in 1988. Now, about 100 of them are a bit over 20 lb, and the rest are slowly approaching the 30 lb mark.

However, it’s essential to note that Willow Lake has some rules regarding arrivals and departures. For instance, there are no arrivals before 11:00 am on the day of arrival, and all anglers must be off the lake by 11:00 am on the day of departure.

What’s more, the pricing at this western Cambridgeshire lake is quite affordable. The day tickets start at £10.00, and the 24 hour-access is £30.00.

Willow Lake at a Glance:

Name Willow Lake
Size ~ 7 acres
Location Huntingdon, PE28 3SA
Pricing Day ticket: £10.00
24-hour access: Yes / £30.00
Phone 01487 841858 / 07950 666058
Record Carp 44 lb

2. Meadows Lake (by Holme Fen Fishery)

Image Courtesy of Holme Fen Fishery

The Meadows Lake is approximately 26 acres large with an average depth of 12 feet. But it goes down to over 40 feet at its deepest point. This lake is a clear waterbed with plenty of weeds that support a rich supply of natural food for fish, so the carp are always healthy and growing.

Considering its size, with a stock of about 200 carp, this lake isn’t what you’d class as heavily stocked. But the Holme Fen Fishery estimates that Meadows Lake boasts more than 80 fish over 40 lb, with half of them being above the 50 lb mark.

The best record on Meadows Lake is currently at an impressive 71 lb. Hence, due to its record, it’s understandable that Meadows Lake is among the popular places for carp fishing in Cambridgeshire.

It’s crucial to note that bookings from this fishery are different compared to others and might not suit everyone. For example, there’s no day ticket, and the minimum session is 48 hours at a price of £140.00.

However, there are also multiple choices for more hours, such as 96 hours and 120 hours sessions, making the Meadows Lake a perfect carp fishing lake if you’re planning to stay longer in this part of Cambridgeshire.

Meadows Lake at a Glance:

Name Meadows Lake
Size 26 acres
Location Huntingdon, PE28 3RE
Pricing From: £140.00 (minimum 48 hours)
Phone 07531 910 515
Record Carp 71 lb

3. Six Islands Lake (by Willowcroft Fish Farm)

The largest lake from Willowcroft Fish Farm, Six Islands Lake, features six islands scattered throughout its eight acres of water, as the name suggests.

This lake is known for its head of catfish over 86 lb. However, it’s also home to many carp that weigh over 30 and 40 lb, and the current carp record of this lake stands at 48 lb.

Six Islands Lake costs £35 for 24 hours for non-members, but official members can get a discount and pay only £25. If you’d like to become a member and enjoy lower prices, membership would cost £60.

However, Six Islands Lake is one of the popular Cambridgeshire lakes. So, carping here can get a bit difficult because there’s constant angling pressure from frequent anglers. Thus, it’s essential to know that the Willowcroft Fish Farm allows a maximum of seven anglers on this lake.

Six Islands Lake at a Glance:

Name Six Islands Lake
Size 8 acres
Location Wisbech St Mary, Wisbech PE13 4SD
Pricing Day ticket: £35 (non-members) / £25 (members)

24 hours access: Yes

Phone 07766 815 603
Record Carp 48 lb

4. Long Lake (by East Depth Lakes)

Long Lake had traditionally served as a pond for stocking the other lakes. But a couple of years ago, East Depth Lakes made it accessible to anglers to turn it into one of the most peaceful carp fishing lakes in Cambridgeshire.

Long Lake is only about 2 acres, and although it’s similar to other lakes in East Depth Lakes Fishery, it boasts eight unique islands. The depth in this tranquil lake ranges from two feet in the shallows to five feet in the deeper regions.

Although anglers have observed many double-digit carp weighing more than 20 lb, the exact stock and size of fish in Long Lake are still unknown. The current record of carp for this lake kept rising over time and is now 29 lb.

Additionally, the minimum booking at this peaceful Cambridgeshire lake is 24 hours, and a day ticket for Long Lake is £22.50. However, there’s also an option to book a whole lake exclusively, which would cost £155.

Long Lake at a Glance:

Name Long Lake
Size 2 acres
Location Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7 1RH
Pricing Day ticket: £22.50

24 hours access: Yes

Phone 07473 154 208
Record Carp 29 lb

5. Abbey Lake (by Premium Carp Fishing)

Abbey Lake is a 5-acre farm lake near the fenland market town of Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. This lake dates from the early 1950s and has well-developed marginal vegetation, an extensive reed area along one side, and a small island.

According to Premium Carp Fishing, Abbey lake received its first stock of 150 carp of 2-3 lb back in 1999. The lake received two additional stockings from other Premium Carp lakes in 2007 and 2008, both including 20 fish of similar sizes and weights.

As a result, a large head of fish now weighs from 20 to 30 lb in Abbey Lake. On top of that, there are multiple carps that are above the 30 lb mark, and the current lake record is 34 lb.

In addition, a day ticket at this beautiful Cambridgeshire lake is £30.00 per angler, and it comes with 24-hour access. Also, there’s an option to book a whole lake for a maximum of four anglers, which makes it a great carp fishing spot if you’re coming with a group of people.

Abbey Lake at a Glance:

Name Abbey Lake
Size 5 acres
Location Ramsey, Cambridgeshire (PE26 1DW)
Pricing Day ticket: on application (for less than four anglers)

24 hours access: £30.00 per angler

Phone +44 7884 068501
Record Carp 34 lb


Cambridgeshire is a place with beautiful carp fishing lakes, which have a great stock of carp, hold good carp records, and offer various bookings.

Did you enjoy this list of Cambridgeshire’s best carp fishing lakes? Let us know what you think, and share this list with other anglers if you like it.

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