Suffolk Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Located on the edge of the North Sea, Suffolk’s rustic beauty made it a backdrop for many famous movies, like Harry Potter. But what makes the county unique is its abundance of fishing lakes, running waters, and beautiful natural scenery.

If you want to experience fishing in the English county, keep on scrolling for a list of the best Suffolk carp fishing lakes!

Suffolk Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

Here’s a list of the best carp fishing lakes in Suffolk.

1. Broome Pits

Image Courtesy of Broome Pits Fishing Lakes Club

The Broome Pits complex at Bungay has 4 lakes, 2 of which are aimed toward carp anglers. It covers 25 acres of water with several species swimming around in them. If you’re experienced in fishing at depth, then you might be able to catch some huge fish here.

The 4 lakes range in size, with the largest being around 12 acres. Carps in these lakes can weigh anywhere from 15 lbs to over 20 lbs, but the record catch in this fishery is over 40 lbs. Broome Pits offer day tickets for £10, and the 24-hour ticket costs £20.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Broome Pits
Lake Size 25 acres
Location Beccles, Bungay, NR35 2PE, UK
Pricing £10 for day ticket; £20 for 24-hour ticket
Phone Number 07976 165 325
Record Carp 40 lbs

2. Hawstead Fishing Lakes

Image Courtesy of Hawsted Fishing Lakes Club

Hawstead Fishing Lakes is only 3 miles away from Bury St Edmunds. This complex has two lakes: Willow Lake and Spring Head Lake. Willow Lake is the larger of both, covering nearly 2.5 acres. The average catch on this lake is around double figures, but there are larger carp with multiple specimens over 20 lbs. The lake record is over 33 lbs.

Spring Head Lake is smaller and covers less than 1 acre. Its main stock is silverfish, mainly aimed at pleasure anglers. The day tickets for this complex are available from 6.30 am – 6.30 pm. The price for anglers using 2 rods is £12. This complex also allows for night fishing, but you must book it in advance.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Hawstead Fishing Lakes
Lake Size 2.5 acres and less than 1 acre
Location Hawstead Place Hawstead, Bury St Edmunds, IP29 4AB, UK
Pricing £12
Phone Number 07919 055 515
Record Carp 33 lbs

3. Suffolk Water Park

Image Courtesy of Suffolk Water Park Club

The Suffolk Water Park has 7 lakes, including mixtures of match lakes and specimen lakes. If you’re an adventure lover, then you’ll love this complex. It has a charming, brightly coloured Koi carp called The Carrot that’s rarely caught. The 24-hour ticket is sold for £24, and the day ticket costs £12. This rate is lower during winter.

The Big Lake is the complex’s largest lake, covering over 25 acres. It has 37 pegs, giving each angler a generous pool of water to fish in. However, it doesn’t have a heavy stock of carp, as only about 200 of them exist, but they’re quite big, weighing over 20 lbs.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Suffolk Water Park
Lake Size Ranges from 2 acres to 25+ acres
Location Ipswich, IP8 4JS
Pricing £12 for 12 hours; £24 for 24 hours
Phone Number 01473 823 327
Record Carp 30 lbs

4. Weybread Carp Fishery

Image Courtesy of Weybread Carp Fishing Club

This complex in Weybread is only 12 miles away from Diss and is the border between Suffolk and Norfolk. It has a peaceful and enjoyable setting. The lake is only about 3 acres big with a central island accommodating 2 of its 7 pegs. The water is about 12 feet in the deep parts, while the shallow part is only 3 feet.

The Weybread lake has more than 100 carp at depths, and more than half weigh over 20 lbs. Additionally, more than 5 carp have been captured that weigh over 30 lbs. The complex opens for fishing from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm. You must book your ticket in advance for access, which costs £15 for 12 hours, while 24 hours cost £25.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Weybread Carp Fishery
Lake Size 3 acres
Location Diss, IP21 5TP
Pricing £15 for 12 hours; £25 for 24 hours
Phone Number 07824 696 835
Record Carp 30 lbs

5. Creeting Lakes

Image Courtesy of Creeting Lakes Club

This complex in Braziers Hall is only 2 miles away from Stowmarket. It has 1 specimen lake and 2 pleasure lakes. It’s fondly called the Big Fish Lake and covers 2 acres of water. Also, it includes a central island dividing the water between opposing pegs. The lake is heavily stocked, and most carp are over 10 lbs.

Creeting lakes have 15 pegs, so it can be busy at times. However, the high number of stocks means you’re always close to a catch. The record catch in the lake is close to 30 lbs. This lake doesn’t allow night fishing. Only day tickets are allowed, and they cost £15.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Creeting Lakes
Lake Size 2 acres
Location Braziers Hall Dr, Stowmarket, IP14 5BW, UK
Pricing £15
Phone Number 01473 327 366
Record Carp 30 lbs

6. Halesworth Lakes

Image Courtesy of Halesworth Lakes Club

Halesworth Lakes has 3 lakes; 2 pleasure lakes and another with large fish. The lake with large carp is called Middle Lake. It’s long and narrow and covers around 2 acres. If you fish in it, you’re likely to catch a carp over 20 lbs.

Halesworth Lakes doesn’t allow night fishing, and day tickets cost £8 and £11 for anglers using 2 rods.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Halesworth Lakes
Lake Size Various sizes, the largest is 2 acres
Location Wissett Road, Halesworth, IP19 8BT, UK
Pricing £8
Phone Number 01473 327 366
Record Carp 20+ lbs

7. Hintlesham Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Hintlesham Fisheries

Hintlesham Fisheries has 4 lakes in its complex: 2 specimen lakes, a predator lake, and a match lake. The predator lake is the only one with a catfish licence in Suffolk. Many of the specimens are over 50 lbs, and the current lake record is at 70 lbs. It also has large carp head with specimens weighing over 30 lbs.

The larger specimen lake covers over 2 acres and houses the largest carp in the complex. More than 50 specimens from this lake weigh over 20 lbs, with many surpassing 30 lbs. The current lake record is over 36 lbs. The day tickets cost £15, while 24-hour tickets cost £25.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Hintlesham Fisheries
Lake Size Various sizes, the largest is over 2 acres
Location Fenn Farm Hadleigh Road Burstall, Ipswich, IP8 3EG
Pricing £15 for day ticket; £25 for 24-hour ticket
Phone Number 01473 652 120
Record Carp 35+ lbs


Now that you’ve gone through our list, we hope you’re as excited to go fishing in Suffolk as we are!

It’s a beautiful and picturesque city that has lakes bustling with fish, so you’re guaranteed to go home with a big catch.

Let us know what you think in the comment section, and share the article if you like it!

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