Hertfordshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Hertfordshire is home to many iconic fisheries and fishing clubs that every angler should get the chance to enjoy. Are you looking for large lakes, tricky waters, or historical spots?

These Hertfordshire carp fishing lakes are waiting for you to explore them and catch your biggest carp to date!

Hertfordshire Carp Fishing Lakes

1. Stanborough Lake

Image Courtesy of Stanborough Lake Club

Stanborough Lake is found in Stanborough Park, two miles away from Welwyn Garden City. You can visit the 126 acres park, enjoy the countryside, and go fishing.

Welwyn Garden City Angling Club controls its lakes. One of them, the North Lake, is a stock pond for the local waters, so it isn’t open for fishing.

What concerns us is the South Lake, 16 acres of water with carp and other fish, including specimen bream, crucians, tench, chub, roach, zander, and pike. The carp are typically low or mid double-figures. You can find fish heavier than 20lb, and the lake record is over 32lb!

If you’re interested in catching these, you can get day tickets and concession passes. For night fishing, you’ll want to book in advance.

Aside from lakes and stunning views, the park features a bait and tackle shop, cafes, toilets, and parking so that you can have a trouble-free fishing trip.

Stanborough Lake at a Glance

Name Stanborough Lake
Lake Size 16 acres
Location Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6DF
Pricing £8 for day tickets (per rod) – £30 for 24-hour access
Phone Number 07789658056
Record Carp 32lb+

2. Rib Valley Lakes

Image Courtesy of Rib Valley Fishing Lakes Club

Rib Valley Lakes are located in Crouchfields near Ware. The fishery features several lakes and a pond.

The first one is Millennium Lake, which is five acres and is open for fly fishing. And if you don’t use that method, coarse fishing is available in the trout close season.

Also, it’s available all year in Westmill Lake. Measuring 2.75 acres, this lake is home to carp in excess of 20lb.

The third is Rib Lake, the complex’s main specimen lake with carp as its target species. These 12 acres of water are separated by three islands.

Its carp is usually mid double-figures. You’ll find plenty of 20lb+ and some over 30lb. The lake record is 35lb.

As for beginners, you’ll find the 0.5-acre Kingfisher Pond excellent. It’s full of bream, roach, and small carp and is perfect for kids. Finally, you’ll find a well-stocked tackle shop at the facility.

Rib Valley Lakes at a Glance

Name Rib Valley Lakes
Lake Size 5 acres – 2.75 acres – 12 acres
Location Hertford, SG12 0ES
Pricing £12 for day tickets (1 rod) – £32.50 for 24-hour access
Phone Number 07789658056
Record Carp 35lb+

3. Albans Lake

Image Courtesy of Albans Lake

Situated in Colney Heath, Albans Lake is a popular spot in Hertfordshire. This complex features three lakes.

Firstly, Farm Lake is 12 acres. It’s the specimen lake and go-to for experienced anglers who want a challenge.

After all, it’s the deepest lake of the three; its depth ranges from five feet to 20 feet. Also, it contains deep holes, islands, and plateaus.

The lake holds over 700 carp. Most of them are over 15lb, and the lake record is over 34lb.

Secondly, Willows Lake is about 22 acres. There are 7,000 carp in the lake (300 carp per acre!). You’ll mostly find 12lb and low/mid double-figures, but some are over 30lb.

Thirdly, Match Lake is a peg snake-shaped water body. It’s perfect for individual anglers, young anglers, and newbies with easy-to-catch, small carp. Finally, the complex has a well-stocked tackle shop.

Albans Lake at a Glance

Name Albans Lake
Lake Size 12 acres – 22 acres – 6 acres
Location St Albans, AL4 0RY
Pricing £12 for day tickets – £25 and £30 for Willows and Farm Lake 24-hour access
Phone Number 07903819270
Record Carp 34lb+

4. Nash Lakes

Image Courtesy of Nash Lakes Club

Find Nash Lakes in Frog End. The carp fishing icon, Kevin Nash, runs these exclusive lakes.

The largest is Wood Lake, taking up about five acres. It’s also deeper, ranging between three feet and 30 feet.

Previously club water, the lake originally had carp; now, it has an additional stock of 200 carp. Their average weights are 25+lb.

Kingfisher Lake, the second one, is long and narrow, with only four acres. Like Wood Lake, it has 200 extra carp along with its original stock. The lake record is 40lb, but we venture you could break it!

These lakes are a great match for anglers who love long fishing sessions. With a day ticket, you can enjoy sculpted surroundings, beautiful scenery, and handpicked carp.

Also, you can take it a step further and get a membership. This way, you get to book both lakes for ultimate exclusivity.

Nash Lakes at a Glance

Name Nash Lakes
Lake Size 5 acres – 4 acres
Location Royston, SG8 6RA
Pricing From £20
Phone Number 01702233232
Record Carp 38lb+

5. Fairlands Lake

Image Courtesy of Welwyn Garden City Angling Club

Fairlands Lake is in Fairlands Valley Park. It’s under the ownership of the local council, but Welwyn Garden City Angling Club manages the lake on its behalf.

The park features four lakes, which amount to over 20 acres of water. However, we’re only interested in Fairlands Lake. After all, the 4-acre lake is well-stocked with carp and coarse fish.

You’ll find most carp over 10lb and several bigger carp over 20lb. As for the carp lake record, it’s 35lb.

Not to mention, the lake is home to crucians, roach, rudd, barbel, chub, and perch. Lastly, Fairlands Lake grants you access to night fishing, a children’s area, a water play facility, parking, disability-friendly facilities, and more.

Fairlands Lake at a Glance

Name Fairlands Lake
Lake Size 4 acres
Location Stevenage, SG2 0BL
Pricing £8.20 for day tickets (1 rod) – £20 for 24-hour access
Phone Number 07719277443
Record Carp 35lb+

6. Jack’s Lake

Image Courtesy of Hadley Angling and Preservation Society

Hadley Angling and Preservation Society (HAPS) runs Jack’s Lake, which is close to Cockfosters. This spot features three lakes, but only one is accessible to date.

Jack’s Lake is about 5 acres. As a mixed coarse fishery, it’s suitable for anglers who don’t want to stick to carp fishing. They can fish chub, bream, roach, pike, tench, eels, barbel, rudd, and gudgeon.

Additionally, you’ll appreciate its good head of carp. On average, they’re 10lb, with some ranging from 15 to 20lb, and the lake record is 26lb.

On the downside, this lake isn’t accessible to disabled anglers; you can only enter it via woodland paths. There are no disabled facilities or parking.

Also, only members can go night fishing. Otherwise, day tickets are available for non-members.

Jack’s Lake at a Glance

Name Jack’s Lake
Lake Size 5 acres
Location Barnet, EN4 9DW
Pricing £8 for day tickets – 24-hour access for members only
Phone Number 07925546880
Record Carp 26lb+


Now that we’ve shown you Hertfordshire’s best carp fishing lakes, we want to hear from you. Have you enjoyed our mini tour? The lakes’ diversity should provide you with the ideal spot for your needs.

So, which lake has piqued your interest? If you like this article, share it and bond over fishing with fellow anglers!

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