Essex Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Lakes in Essex offer some of the best carp fishing in the east. Various rare and hard-fighting carp species thrive in these tranquil waters among the rolling hills and picturesque countryside.

Moreover, anglers can land some vast specimens of up to 40 pounds or more in Essex carp fishing lakes. And there’s something for everyone here, whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting.

Essex Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

Check out some of the best carp lakes in Essex.

1. A12 Lakes

Image Courtesy of A12 Lakes Club

Essex is home to some of the best carp fishing in the country, and A12 Lakes near Chelmsford is no exception. A12 Lakes has three available lakes to fish in, Specimen 1 Lake, Specimen 2 Lake, and Island Lake. 

The record carp within these lakes comes from the Specimen 1 Lake, where two over-40-pound carp fish were found.

Day tickets start at £10 and 24 hours access starts at £30. With year-round and day tickets, you can explore this scenic landscape for trophy species like carp, tench, roach, bream, and eel.

Name A12 Lakes
Lake Size Various
Location Cuton Lakes, Brook End Rd, Chelmer Village, Chelmsford CM2 6NX
Pricing (Day Ticket) £10
Pricing (24 Hr Access) £30
Phone Number 07946 847 703
Record Carp 40+ lbs

2. Newland Hall Fishery

Image Courtesy of Newland Hall Fishery Club

Newland Hall Fishery is making dreams a reality for carp fishing fans. Nestled smack dab in the middle of the Essex countryside, you’ll hardly find a more majestic setting to try your hand at landing a massive carp.

With depths up to 18ft, Newland Hall is the ideal destination to measure your mettle in this increasingly popular sport. In recent years, Newland Hall has seen carp weighing over 30 pounds hauled out of its waters, which only enhances its reputation as one of the premier locations for carp fishing in Essex.

Name Newland Hall Fishery
Lake Size Various
Location Bishops Stortford Road, Roxwell, Chelmsford CM1 4LH
Pricing (Day Ticket) Starts at £15
Pricing (24 Hr Access) £30
Phone Number 07517 198 494
Record Carp 35 lbs

3. Berners Hall Fishery

Image Courtesy of Berners Hall Fishery

The Berners Hall Fishery is a great spot to enjoy carp fishing. The main lake, the Res, is an impressive 24 acres with a record carp of over 50 pounds, so there’s always plenty of room to cast your line.

With 24-hour access available for only £35 for all lakes, you can be sure that this carp fishing lake is ready for when you are!

Name Berners Hall Fishery
Lake Size Up to 24 acres
Location Berners Hall Fishery, Ongar CM5 0TB
Pricing (Day Ticket) N/A
Pricing (24 Hr Access) £35
Phone Number 01245 231746
Record Carp 50+ lbs

4. Chigborough Farm and Fishery

Image Courtesy of Chigborough Farm and Fishery Club

Essex is known for its carp fishing opportunities, and the Chigborough Fisheries is no exception. With four stunning Essex carp fishing lakes of various sizes, you can find yourself with a rod in hand in one of England’s most beautiful counties in no time. Boasting over 30-pound catches, Chigborough prides itself on providing a unique and memorable angling experience.

Name Chigborough Farm and Fishery
Lake Size Various
Location Chigborough Farm, Chigborough Rd, Maldon CM9 4RE
Pricing (Day Ticket) £15 for adults, £10 for juniors
Pricing (24 Hr Access) Starts at £25
Phone Number 07702 244 440
Record Carp 30+ lbs

5. Crowsheath Lakes

Image Courtesy of Crowshealth Fishery Club

Crowsheath Fishery is one of the region’s most popular carp fishing lakes. It boasts an 8.5-acre expanse of velvety green grass, offering lakeside views that are nothing short of breathtaking.

If you’re looking to experience carp fishing like never before, look no further – a day ticket starts at £10 if you’re going to Carp Canal or Pleasure Lake.

Name Crowsheath Lakes
Lake Size 8.5 acres
Location Crowsheath Fishery, Hawkswood Road CM11 1JT
Pricing (Day Ticket) Starts at £10
Pricing (24 Hr Access) Starts at £20
Phone Number 07402 298 218
Record Carp 30+ lbs

6. Crow Green Fishery

Image Courtesy of Crow Green Fishery Club

Crow Green Fishery is a spectacle for carp fishing! Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned angler, Crow Green Fishery’s 8.5 acres of carefully organised waters offer something for everyone.

The best part? They stock many species, from carp to tench, bream, roach, crucians, rudd, and gudgeon fish. So why not spend your next weekend at Crow Green Fishery with friends or family – it’s sure to be a rewarding experience for all!

Name Crow Green Fishery
Lake Size 8.5 acres
Location Crow Green Fishery, Days Lane, Brentwood CM15 9SL
Pricing (Day Ticket) Starts at £10
Pricing (24 Hr Access) Starts at £30
Phone Number 01277 375 172
Record Carp 40+ lbs

7. Bentley Fishery

Image Courtesy of Bentley Fishery Club

Bentley Fishery is one of the most renowned carp fishing lakes in Essex. Bentley can provide anglers with everything they need to have a fantastic time.

Those wanting to catch Essex carp will likely be able to reach some decent-sized ones, at least. The biggest carp ever recorded here was 30 pounds, even though the lake is only 3.5 acres.

Name Bentley Fishery
Lake Size 3.5 acres
Location Mores Ln, Brentwood CM14 5RU
Pricing (Day Ticket) N/A
Pricing (24 Hr Access) Starts at £180 for six anglers
Phone Number 07939 074 089
Record Carp 30 lbs

8. Oak Lakes Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Oak Lakes Fisheries

Oak Lakes Fisheries is one of the ideal destinations if you are looking for carp fishing in Essex. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, Oak Lakes Fisheries will entice you with charming lakes, boasting an array of carp – some over 30 pounds!

So if it’s carp fishing adventures and extraordinary catches that you have set your sights on, Oak Lakes Fisheries is undeniably your place to be. Challenge yourself, think outside the box, and prepare for a great outdoor experience that will joyfully fill your heart!

Name Oak Lakes Fisheries
Lake Size Various
Location Oak Lakes Fisheries, Burnham Road, Southminster CM0 7BJ
Pricing (Day Ticket) Undisclosed; contact for booking & price
Pricing (24 Hr Access) Undisclosed; contact for booking & price
Phone Number 07702 384 027
Record Carp 30 lbs

9. Clavering Lakes

Image Courtesy of Clavering Lakes Club

Clavering Lakes is one of the candidate spots for carp fishing. Clavering boasts various lakes with incredibly diverse and abundant fish populations of mirror, common & crucian carp, roach, perch, bream, tench, and chubb, despite being fairly small.

Name Clavering Lakes
Lake Size 1.5 to 3 acres
Location Mill Lane, Saffron Walden CB11 4RL
Pricing (Day Ticket) Starts at £12
Pricing (24 Hr Access) Starts at £24
Phone Number 01799 550 261
Record Carp 37 lbs

10. Bayeswater Fishing Lakes

Image Courtesy of Bayeswater Fishing Lakes Club

Bayeswater is one of Essex’s prominent carp fishing lakes, perfect for novices and experienced anglers alike. Offering two separate large lakes with breathtaking countryside views, Bayeswater provides an idyllic setting for a day of fishing.

Overall, Bayeswater offers a unique fishing experience within its 4.5-acre expanse, whether you’re looking to fish alone or with a friend.

Name Bayeswater Fishing Lakes
Lake Size 4.5 acres
Location Benfleet SS7 2WF
Pricing (Day Ticket) £20
Pricing (24 Hr Access) £30
Phone Number 07746 050 657
Record Carp 40 lbs

11. Lakeland Fishery

Image Courtesy of Lakeland Fishery Club

Lakeland Fishery boasts three beautiful lakes: Wood Lake, Lily Lake, and Swan Lake. Wood Lake and Lily Lake have 21 decked pegs and are stocked with high-quality fish, making them ideal for pleasure fishing.

Boasting an outstanding record of catches in the region, Lakeland Fishery prides itself on its pristinely-maintained grounds offering everything you would expect from a relaxing day out. With plenty of experienced anglers to wander past for advice, Lakeland Fishery is undoubtedly the place to be if you’re looking for a great Essex carp-fishing experience!

Name Lakeland Fishery
Lake Size 5 acres
Location Wickham Bishop Road, Hatfield Peverel CM3 2JL
Pricing (Day Ticket) £15
Pricing (24 Hr Access) £30
Phone Number 07940 498 042
Record Carp 34 lbs

12. Earls Hall Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Earls Hall Fisheries

Earls Hall Fisheries is one of Essex’s carp fishing destinations. With three well-stocked carp fishing lakes, each with its character and style of fishing, this stunning location offers an exciting variety of angling experiences in a tranquil setting.

Name Earls Hall Fisheries
Lake Size Various
Location Clacton-on-Sea
Pricing (Day Ticket) Starts at £10
Pricing (24 Hr Access) Starts at £60
Phone Number 07455 442 253
Record Carp 42 lbs

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed reading about all Essex’s different carp fishing lakes. They’re all worth a shot in my book! So if you’re looking for a place to fish, check out one of these fantastic lakes and let me know which is your favourite.

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