Devon Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Devon is the ideal spot for a short holiday. You can enjoy a warm cup of Devonshire cream tea and might even run into the lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin! But what truly makes Devon the perfect vacation spot is the serene fishable lakes, surrounded by wildlife.

Join us as we go through some of the best carp fishing spots in all of Devon!

Devon Carp Fishing Lakes

Here’s a list of a few fisheries and lakes perfect for carp fishing in Devon.

1. Colebrook Fishery

Image Courtesy of Colebrook Fishery

Colebrook Fishery started out as a golf course but was made into a large lake with many overhanging trees and branches. With the majority of carp going up to 24 lbs, you’re guaranteed to go home with a big catch.

Willow lake offers eight spacious swims, but you can only access those on a pre-booking stance. Other amenities include a fully functional kitchen with several charging points, a luxury toilet, and a shower.

At a Glance

Name Colebrook Fishery
Lake Size 3 acres
Location Cullompton, EX15 1PD
Pricing £15 for a day ticket

£30 for 24 hours

Phone Number 07746 732555
Record Carp 36 lbs.

2. Four Ponds Fishery 

Image Courtesy of Four Ponds Fishery Club

Four Ponds Fishery is the perfect getaway for those who love wildlife. Besides the wonderful company of birds, the fishery offers three lakes, with the biggest one being the Carp Specimen lake.

The Carp Specimen lake is full of hidden treasures, such as several plateaus, shelves, and holes, which keep fishing interesting and fun. The mature lake is stocked with carp ranging from 15 to 30 lbs!

At a Glance

Name Four Ponds Fishery
Lake Size Varies
Location Tiverton, EX16 9BU
Pricing Day ticket for Kingfisher or the Tench lake costs £10
Phone Number 07483110811
Record Carp 34+ lb

3. Goodiford Mill Fishery

Image Courtesy of Goodiford Mill Fishery Club

Goodiford Mill Fishery is a complex of 15 acres that features three main lakes, all of which have a high stock of carp. The seven lodges up for booking make Goodiford Mil the perfect place to enjoy a long weekend with nothing but the serene waters. You can even make it a family trip and take your kids along with you!

Though each lake has its own set of fish, the Specimen Carp lake harbours mostly mirror and common carp. It offers ten pegs, all of which have a healthy stock of carp that goes up to 31 lbs!

At a Glance

Name Goodiford Mill Fishery
Lake Size 1.5 acres
Location Cullompton, EX15 2AS
Pricing Day ticket starts from £10
Phone Number 01884 266 065
Record Carp 30+ lbs

4. Luccombes Fishery

Image Courtesy of Luccombes Fishery Club

The Luccombes Fishery benefits from its unique location, as it makes it possible for you to access its five fishing lakes, cycle paths, and peaceful countryside.

Its Oak pond is situated away from the hustle-bustle of the city and offers individual swims. The pond goes as deep as 4 ft, but that’s enough for the carp to be quick. This lake offers a general stock of carp, Koi carp, roach, rudd, and Skimmer bream.

The Luccombes Fishery is suitable for all, as it has many on-site amenities, such as a bait and tackle shop, a cafe, camping spots, and clean showers.

At a Glance

Name Luccombes Fishery
Lake Size 1 acre
Location Exeter, EX6 8AY
Pricing Day ticket starts from £8

And 24-hour ticket costs £14

Phone Number 01392 833 571
Record Carp 25lb+

5. Digger Lakes

Image Courtesy of Digger Lakes Club

Digger Lakes is a perfect place for all anglers, thanks to its 24/7 and 7 days-a-week availability (on a pre-booking basis). It boasts two lakes, Snail’s lake and Perseys pool.

The Snail’s lake is a fun maze of channels, islands, and bays that challenges even an experienced angler. With 16 swims on the lake and a range of 18-20 lbs carp stock, the whole experience is a joyride.

Both Snail’s lake and Persey’s pool are decorated with weeds, so you better look out if you’re not used to a weedy waterscape.

At a Glance

Name Digger Lakes
Lake Size Varies
Location Cullompton, EX15 2PE
Pricing Day tickets start from £11
Phone Number 07733 223 417
Record Carp 34 lb+

6. Oaktree Fishery

Image Courtesy of Oaktree Fishery Club

Oaktree Fishery is the perfect mix of nature and waterscape that’s brimming with all types of carp. This fishery provides three lakes, two matches, and one specimen lake. The three lakes harbour a healthy stock of common carp, mirror carp, ghost carp, leather carp, Koi carp, crucian Carp, and much more!

Other than the wide range of carp, there are also three luxurious self-serving cottages for all fishermen and anglers alike.

At a Glance

Name Oaktree Fishery
Lake Size Varies
Location South Molton, EX36 3PU
Pricing Day tickets start from £10

And 24-hour tickets cost £20

Phone Number 01398 341 568
Record Carp 40 lbs

7. Upham Farm Fishery

Image Courtesy of Upham Farm Club

Upham Farm Fishery is known for its seven magical lakes, with the exception that all fishers must possess a valid Environment Agency license to use it. Each pond is vast and offers a unique mix of fish.

Their latest lake, Specimen Lake 7, was opened in 2009 and is stocked with over 50 specimen fish. Fortunately, their best carp reaches a hefty weight of 32.8 lbs!

At a Glance

Name Upham Farm Fishery
Lake Size 1 acre
Location Exeter, EX5 2JA
Pricing £12.00 for a day ticket

And £22 for a 24-hour ticket

Phone Number 01395 232 247
Record Carp 32 lbs and 8 oz

8. Stafford Moor Fishery

Image Courtesy of Stafford Moor Fishery

Stafford Moor Fishery is surrounded by luscious pine trees and offers something for all sorts of anglers, experienced or not. This fishery boasts a collection of seven lakes, which are suitable for all ages and levels of expertise.

The biggest and best lake is Beatties lake, which features 11 swims and a huge family of 400 carp! This dream lake is home to healthy carp weighing from 20 to 45 lbs. There are also two small bays that are perfect for stalking and floating fishing.

At a Glance

Name Stafford Moor Fishery
Lake Size Varies
Location Winkleigh, EX19 8PP
Pricing Day ticket starts from £15
Phone Number 01805 804 360
Record Carp 32lb+

9. Furzebray Lakes

Image Courtesy of Furzebray Lakes

Up in North Devon, Furzebray boasts three wonderful lakes, all brimming with healthy carp. It’s your go-to place if you want to have a relaxing time and please your eyes with beautiful scenery.

The biggest lake, Island Carp lake, was built in 2006 with a depth going to 12ft in some areas. This lake is decorated with weeds and has eight swims, all of which have different features that make fishing a complete feast.

The best swim is the Inlet, as it has the highest amount of oxygenated water, providing the perfect spot for carp heavier than 46 lbs!

At a Glance

Name Furzebray Lakes
Lake Size Varies
Location South Molton,

North Devon,

EX36 4ER

Pricing Only whole lakes can be booked, starting from £1700
Phone Number 01769 572653
Record Carp 47 lb 4 oz.

10. Anglers Paradise Fishery

Image Courtesy of Anglers Paradise Fishery

The Anglers Paradise Fishery stays true to its name, providing a collection of 12 lakes! The Main Carp lake is stocked with carp, Wels catfish, and grass carp, all of which have an average weight of 18+ lbs.

The Specimen Carp lake spans over 2.5 acres and is only available to those who pre-book it. With tons of water lilies. Tench, and Orfe, this lake guarantees a healthy catch each time!

The Anglers Paradise Fishery also provides other luxurious features such as a sauna room, an indoor heated pool, massages, a laundrette, and a games room for youngsters. Not to mention, each lodge has its own private jacuzzi!

At a Glance

Name Anglers Paradise Fishery
Lake Size Varies
Location Winsford Ln, Beaworthy EX21 5XT
Pricing Day ticket prices vary for each lake.
Phone Number 01409 221559
Record Carp N/A

11. Creedy Lakes

Image Courtesy of Creedy Lakes Club

Creedy Lakes is one of the oldest fishing areas in Devon and is still stocked with ample carp.

The Main lake spans over 4.5 acres, and it features mature common carp. Other than carp, the waters are also home to tench, golden tench, and even eels. The Main Lake has a special swim that’s wheelchair-friendly and tons of overhanging willows and shrubs.

The Top lake is more suitable for learning anglers as it’s stocked with smaller fish and is covered with lily pads.

At a Glance

Name Creedy Lakes
Lake Size 4.5 acres
Location Crediton, EX17 4AB
Pricing Day ticket starts from £12

And 24-hour tickets cost £25.

Phone Number 07967 859 343
Record Carp 30 lb+

12. Hacche Moor Fishery

Image Courtesy of Hacche Moor Fishery Club

In rural Devon, you’ll find the calm and peaceful Hacche Moor Fishery surrounded by trees and beautiful plants.

The fishery features three lakes: Top lake, Bottom lake and Jake’s lake. The Top lake contains a total of 60 carp in total, and some of them weigh up to 40 lbs. This lake might be home to the biggest carp, but the Bottom Lake contains a higher stock of fish.

Bottom Lake features nine swims with ample space since the lake spans over 2.75 acres. As you move outward toward the shallow end, there’s a summer house present for a soothing picnic.

Apart from the lakes, the fishery provides its own mats, nets and retention slings to simplify things. For easier access, there’s a car park and toilets located near the lakes.

At a Glance

Name Hacche Moor Fishery
Lake Size Varies
Location Hacche Ln, South Molton EX36 3EH
Pricing Only exclusive lake bookings are available, starting from £140 for 24 hours.
Phone Number 07814 510580
Record Carp 35+ lbs


Have you chosen your next fishing spot in Devon? Considering the high-quality carp found in each lake, you can’t make a wrong decision. Just make sure to call beforehand and confirm your booking, and then you’re good to go.

Tell us what you thought about the article in the comments, and don’t forget to share it with fellow anglers!

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