Wiltshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Wiltshire isn’t just known for its fantastic countryside aesthetics and famous stone circle. It’s home to some top-notch fisheries, and we know you won’t want to miss out on them! With us as your trusted guides, you’ll find the best Wiltshire carp fishing lakes for your needs.

Wiltshire Carp Fishing Lakes

Wiltshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

Blackland Lakes

Blackland Lakes
Image Courtesy of Blackland Lakes

You’ll spot Blackland Lakes nine miles from Calne. The campsite has two lakes: Stan’s Lake and Heron Lake.

Where Stan’s Lake contains only coarse fish, Heron Lake is home to larger fish. In fact, the lake record carp is over 25lb! And its depth ranges from 4ft to 12ft.

Heron Lake’s carp stands out because of its premium quality, which makes sense, considering Tony Campbell, the renowned fish farmer, is the supplier. Aside from carp, the lake also features bream, tench, roach, crucian, and perch.

If you want to go fishing and even camping in Blackland Lakes, bring your family or friends along for a discount! Finally, note that 24-hour tickets require booking in advance.

Backland Lakes at a Glance

Name Blackland Lakes
Lake Size 1 acre
Location Calne, SN11 0NQ
Pricing £10 for day tickets – £20 for 24-hour access
Phone Number 01249810943
Record Carp 25lb+

Ivy House Lakes

Ivy House Lakes
Image Courtesy of Ivy House Lakes

Nestled in Grittenham, Ivy House Lakes is a 22-acre fishery. It features six lakes, two of which carp anglers may find interesting.

Firstly, Willow Lake, a 3.5-acre lake, is home to carp of almost 20lb. Secondly, the one-acre Specimen Lake features fish of almost 30lb! It also contains an island and seven pegs. The rest are coarse fishing lakes containing carp, bream, roach, tench, perch, and more.

At Ivy House Lakes, you can go day fishing, night fishing, and even match fishing. Also, you’ll find a cafe and a tackle and bait shop for your angling needs.

Ivy House Lakes at a Glance

Name Ivy House Lakes
Lake Size 1 acre
Location Royal Wootton Bassett, SN15 4JU
Pricing £10 for day tickets – £22 for 24-hour access
Phone Number 07725732624
Record Carp 28lb+

Shearwater Lake

Shearwater Lake
Image Courtesy of Catch

We bring you an excellent carp fishing spot in Crockerton. Shearwater Lake is mostly considered as runs water.

The lake is 36 acres and as shallow as 3ft around the dam and 20ft in the shallows. With the right weather and a bit of luck, you can catch a carp each hour! These fish may be over 20lb.

If you’re aiming to break the record, regulars will tell you that it’s in the upper twenties. But there are rumours of carp in the low thirties!

It’s worth mentioning that there’s another lake. The Little Shearwater also features carp over 20lb.

Shearwater Lake at a Glance

Name Shearwater Lake
Lake Size 36 acres
Location Warminster, BA12 7DG
Pricing £12 for day tickets – £24 for 24-hour access
Phone Number 07593834596
Record Carp 30lb+

Woodside Lakes

Woodside Lakes
Image Courtesy of Woodside Lakes

If you’re in Patney, Wiltshire, you’ll want to check out Woodside Lakes. After all, beautiful spring water feeds its two lakes.

The first is a five-acre lake for matches and coarse fish. The second is a specimen lake of about three acres.

Its carp stock is thriving. Also, there’s quite the fierce competition over the lake record, which is currently over 25lb. You’ll also find 3lb tench and new additions (such as rudd and roach).

Night fishing is available, but you’ll want to contact the owner beforehand.

Woodside Lakes at a Glance

Name Woodside Lakes
Lake Size 3 acres
Location Devizes, SN10 3QX
Pricing Day tickets are £6 for one rod, £7.50 for two rods, and £10 for three rods.
Phone Number 07557130208
Record Carp 25lb+

Tockenham Reservoir

Tockenham Reservoir

Amalgamated Fisheries Ltd brings us Tockenham Reservoir at Lyneham. The beautiful lake goes back to 1810, supplying the Wilts and Berks Canals with water.

In 1980, Tockenham Reservoir became a fishery, which now features 30lb carp, 8lb bream, 3lb roach, 7lb tench, crucian, perch, and mixed silver fish. Today, you can enjoy your fishing sessions in a peaceful setting full of old oak woodland.

Unfortunately, Tockenham Reservoir only admits members. For £55, you get access to the lake all year and night fishing.

However, its main advantage is that it’s accessible to disabled anglers, as there are platforms designed for wheelchairs. Just confirm your booking beforehand.

Tockenham Reservoir at a Glance

Name Tockenham Reservoir
Lake Size 12.5 acres
Location Bowds Lane, Lyneham, SN15 4
Pricing No day tickets
Phone Number 01179672977
Record Carp 30lb+

Witherington Farm

Witherington Farm
Image Courtesy of Witherington Farm Fishery Club

Running for 65 years, Witherington Farm Fishery is under the management of the District Angling Club and Eastleigh. It stands out with a unique mix of traditional and canalised commercial lakes.

For one, there’s a four-acre loop canal, Snake Lake. Barn Moor is 1.5 acres. As for Cottage and Selwood Lakes, they’re one acre each.

The four lakes are well-stocked with 25lb carp, 7lb tench, 2lb roach, 4/5lb bream, 3lb perch, rudd, orfe, and chub.

As for the downsides, night fishing isn’t available. Also, you need to be a member of the Ringwood & District Angling Association (R&DDA).

You’ll need to pay a £25 joining fee along with £180 if you’re an adult. This way, you’ll get access to the fishery, cafe, tackle shop, and toilets.

Disabled anglers can get a membership for £125. The fishery provides them with designated toilet facilities. Also, most swims are accessible by wheelchairs.

Witherington Farm at a Glance

Name Witherington Farm
Lake Size 2 to 3 acres
Location Witherington Road, Alderbury, SP5 3QT
Pricing No day tickets
Phone Number 01722711616
Record Carp 25lb+


With our tour of Wiltshire lakes over, we want to know if you’ve enjoyed it. We’ve selected different fisheries to accommodate your needs regarding stock, facilities, fishing time, pricing, and more. So, which lake are you most interested in visiting? Let us know your thoughts, and be sure to share this article if you like it.

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