Gloucester Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Gloucester is a city of history and culture. It’s also a city that’s known for its fishing lakes. There are many lakes in Cotswold Water Park alone, and you can find plenty more in the region.

In this post, we shed light on some of the best Gloucester carp fishing lakes that you should try your luck at. Let’s jump right into it!

Gloucester Carp Fishing Lakes

Horcott Lakes

Image Courtesy of Horcott Lakes Club

You may find some of the most attractive carp in the Horcott Lakes, located in the medieval town of Fairford in the centre of the Cotswolds.

The three lakes in the Horcott complex include the main day ticket lake, a 10-acre syndicate lake, and two leisure lakes.

Horcott’s main lake, with over 20+ acres and gin-clear water, is a sight to behold. The lake’s average size is mid to upper double, with a good head of fish weighing more than 20 lb.

The lake record exceeds 40 lb.

The depth ranges between 5 and 6 ft and is very constant throughout. The lake also has a fair amount of weed growth amplified in the summer.

At this South Gloucestershire location, a day pass costs £10 for two rods or £15 for three rods. A 24-hour pass costs £15 for anglers using two rods and £20 for those using two rods.

Here’s a summary table for quick reference:

Name: Horcott Lakes Lake Size: Varied
Location: Cirencester, GL7 4BX Price: From £10
Biggest Carp: 40 lb Call: 07507 086 634

Whelford Pools Fishery

Image Courtesy of Whelford Pools Fishery

About 11 mi from Cirencester, near Fairford, you’ll find Whelford Pools Fishery. The complex has three lakes, and all three cater to carp anglers.

Barley Pool

Barley Pool may be reserved exclusively and is around 1 acre in size. It uses a log cabin and has 4 pegs in addition to a centre island.

This lake is frequently used by carp anglers who want the best of both worlds when deciding between a weekend getaway with their partner and a full-fledged fishing experience.

Note: a maximum of three people can fish per booking.

There are about 75 carp in the Barley Pool’s stock, the bulk of which are in the mid-double figures. The depth fluctuates somewhat between 3-5 ft.

Barley Pool’s carp may weigh up to 28 lb, and fishing costs £90 for 24 hours there. 

Willow Pool

Beautiful Willow Pool is a 4.5-acre lake with a little island and has pristine water. It provides 10 pegs.

The overall depth varies from 5 ft in the shallower regions to a maximum of 16ft in the deeper areas. Fish are attracted to the numerous gravel bars, lily pads, and reed beds.

Although Willow Pool contains several smaller carp, the largest in the lake is more than 25 lb, and they’re developing quickly.

Top Lake

The largest carp in the complex are now found in Top Lake, which is around 3 acres in size.

There are about 250 carp in Top Lake, and while some are smaller, the lake record right now belongs to a stunning fully-scaled mirror over 31 lb.

In addition to the gravel bars, canals, and islands, the depth ranges from 3 ft to a maximum of 9 ft, and the edges are known to be a hotspot.

Here’s a summary table for quick reference:

Name: Whelford Pools Fishery Lake Size: Varied
Location: Cirencester, GL7 4DT Price: From £12
Biggest Carp: 31 lb Call: 07800 909 096

Burley Fields Lake

Image Courtesy of Burley Fields Lake Club

Burley Fields Lake is a fishing spot in Shurdington, just 3 mi from Cheltenham. The lake is around 1 acre in size and comprises 2 lakes connected by a little channel.

The place has hosted a lot of matches over the years. There are lots of silverfish in the lakes, but there’s also a good head of carp. The average size is a mid-double figure.

The lake record is 34 lb, and several fish exceed the 20-lb barrier.

Due to the matches in this lake, fish are used to a “little and often” feeding pattern. This pattern can often yield good results when replicated by anglers.

Day tickets at this idyllic venue start from £6 for anglers fishing with one rod; fishing with two rods will cost £12. A 24-hour ticket is priced at £20.

Here’s a summary table for quick reference:

Name: Burley Fields Lake Lake Size: 1 acre
Location: Cheltenham, GL51 4XT Price: From £6
Biggest Carp: 34 lb Call: 07831 734 683

Elton Carp and Catfish Lakes

Image Courtesy of Elton Carp and Catfish Lakes Club

On Elton Farm in Newnham, about 12 mi from Gloucester, you’ll see the scenic Elton Carp and Catfish Lakes.

The Elton complex has two lakes, and as the name implies, you can find carp and Wels catfish in each of them.

Barn Lake

The complex’s first lake, called Barn Lake, is about an acre in size and has two islands.

The banks are lined with mature trees, and there is a healthy population of mirror, commons, and koi carp. Wels catfish have just lately been added to the lake.

Horseshoe Lake

The Horseshoe Lake was first introduced in 2007. It was supposed to be a match lake initially, but because of the carp’s fast growth, management decided to import Wels catfish and turn it into a second specimen lake.

The lake record is now 27 lb.

The cost of a day ticket at this mid-Gloucestershire facility is £8 or £10 for two or three rods, respectively, and the price of a 24-hour pass is £18 or £20 for two or three rods, respectively.

Note: night fishing requires reservations.

Here’s a summary table for quick reference:

Name: Elton Carp And Catfish Lakes Lake Size: Varied
Location: Gloucester, GL14 1JU Price: From £8
Biggest Carp: 27 lb Call: 07581 122 080

Boyd Valley Lake

Image Courtesy of Boyd Valley Lake

Boyd Valley Lake is situated in Bitton, about 9 mi from Bristol’s downtown.

Although it isn’t the largest lake in the area, at a little under 2 acres, it’s located in one of the most tranquil areas.

In the centre of the lake lies three little islands connected by narrow waterways. Carp are known to congregate on the islands and edges.

The lake sports mixed-coarse fishing. There are different kinds of fish in the lake, and the lake record exceeds 26 lb.

This South Gloucestershire location offers day tickets for £7 for 12 hours. You may book for night fishing.

Here’s a summary table for quick reference:

Name: Boyd Valley Lake Lake Size: 2 acres
Location: Bristol, BS30 6NY Price: From £7
Biggest Carp: 26 lb Call: 07927 364 170

Bagwood Lake

Image Courtesy of Bagwood Lake Club

Bagwood Carp Lake is situated in Almondsbury, about 10 mi outside Bristol’s downtown. It’s near the Woodlands Golf and Country Club and conveniently located 5 minutes off the highway for angler travellers.

The lake is divided into two portions that are joined by concrete pipes and has a size of around 4 acres.

Fish travel between various parts of the lake, so you might find fishing near the entrance or exit of any of the concrete pipes to be quite rewarding.

Note: the golf course side of the lake often yields the greatest results.

There are around 250 carp in the lake, and several weigh more than 20 lb. The lake record is 35 lb.

This South Gloucestershire location does not permit night fishing. However, day passes are available for £16 from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Here’s a summary table for quick reference:

Name: Bagwood Carp Lake Lake Size: 4 acres
Location: Bristol, BS32 4JZ Price: From £16
Biggest Carp: 35 lb Call: 01454 619 319


Many enjoy carp fishing in Gloucester due to the vast variety of options there. It’s a great way to spend time with family and friends, as well as also a good way to hone your fishing skills.

Give these lakes a try!

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