Somerset Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

When in Somerset, you can enjoy the stunning countryside views and go fishing. Like Devon, Cornwall, and other places in the South West of England, Somerset is a hot carp fishing destination. If you’re unsure where to go, let this directory guide you to the best Somerset carp fishing lakes.

Somerset Carp Fishing Lakes

Somerset Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

Burton Springs Fishery

Burton Springs Fishery
Image Courtesy of Burton Springs Fishery Club

Burton Springs Fishery offers both coarse and fly fishery with three picturesque lakes (along with camping holidays). The two-acre specimen lake is an great choice for some carp fishing action, whether that’s mirror, grass, or common carp.

The specimen lake only has six pegs, which renders it an intimate venue if you dislike crowds or want the water all to yourself. It features 30lb carp, and most of its stock is in the mid to upper double figures.

Secondly, Kingfisher Lake is home to 50 catfish that weigh 13lb to 80lb and carp up to 27lb. Thirdly, Alder Pool is a mixed course fishing lake, which is suitable for matches and pleasure angling.

Name Burton Springs Fishery
Lake Size 2 acres
Location Bridgwater, TA5 1QB
Pricing £26 for 24-hour access to the Specimen and Kingfisher Lakes – £9 for Alder Pool
Phone Number


Record Carp 30lb+

Pavyotts Mill Carp Fishery

Image Courtesy of Pavyotts Mill Carp

You’ll find Pavyotts Mill Carp close to East Coker. The fishery has three lakes and its newest, largest, and deepest one is the Maze, an eight-acre lake with carp up to 50lb.

Kingfisher (Jash’s) Lake is about two acres. It features a good head of carp up to 30lb. Lastly, Woodpecker (Jade’s) Lake is the smallest with one acre of water and carp up to 38lb.

All these lakes have purpose-built huts (like garden sheds) in every peg and are equipped with carp cradles, landing nets, and weigh slings. Accordingly, they’re perfect for carp anglers who value privacy in their fishing sessions.

The main downside is that you can’t book a peg for less than 48 hours, so this fishery is more suited for long fishing sessions.

Name Pavyotts Mill Carp Fishery
Lake Size Various sizes
Location Yeovil, BA22 9HB
Pricing From £150 for 48-hour access (double peg)
Phone Number 07913953844
Record Carp 50lb+

Follyfoot Fishery

Follyfoot Fishery
Image Courtesy of Follyfoot Fishery Club

Follyfoot Fishery is one of the best fisheries in North Petherton. You can go fishing in the 3-acre lake surrounded by the Quantock Hills while enjoying a magnificent view.

As for the stock, you may catch common, mirror, koi, and ghost carp up to 30lb, which is the lake record. And if you’re looking for a challenge, a few huge fish reside in this lake—some of which have never been caught.

The fishery offers nine purpose-built wooden cabins around the lake’s edge. On the flip side, you should note that day tickets are difficult to secure, as the fishery is in demand for overnight use.

Name Follyfoot Fishery
Lake Size 3 acres
Location Taunton, TA6 6NW
Pricing £12 for day tickets – £25 for 24-hour access
Phone Number 07748400904
Record Carp 30lb+

Avalon Fisheries

Avalon Fisheries
Image Courtesy of Avalon Fisheries Club

If you pay Avalon Fisheries in Westhay a visit, you’ll find three lakes within the premises. Moors Lake spans five acres of water designated for pleasure and match fishing with carp, tench, and bream.

The second is Heath Lake. Covering two acres, the lake is home to several carp over 20lb. Its record is over 30lb. With 14 pegs for night fishing and two for day fishing, this lake gets crowded.

The third lake, Fenwood, is a specimen lake accessible only to syndicate members. Non-members can get day bookings at Heath Lake instead.

Name Avalon Fisheries
Lake Size Various sizes
Location Glastonbury, BA6 9TT
Pricing £13 for day tickets – £23 for 24-hour access
Phone Number 07977210078
Record Carp 30lb+

Viaduct Fisheries

Viaduct Fisheries
Image Courtesy of Viaduct Fishery

Are you looking for a fishery with gorgeous views and multiple lakes? Viaduct Fishery is located in the Cary Valley full of lily beds, tree-covered islands, and gullies. Also, it features six lakes!

If you’re looking for large carp, check out Spring Lake and Middle Lake, the two lakes connected by gullies. You’ll love their large stock of big carp up to 27lb. Cary Lake, known as ‘Scary Cary’, is also a good choice for big carp.

For small carp, you’ll want to check out Lodge Lake. It also has larger ones up to 22lb, with the record being over 24lb.

As for Match Lake, its small size renders it ideal for juniors and beginners. They can catch some single-figure carp and silverfish.

Finally, Campbell Lake is for competition and lake bookings. It contains average-sized carp.

Name Viaduct Fisheries
Lake Size Various sizes
Location Glastonbury, BA6 9TT
Pricing £10 for day tickets – No 24-hour access
Phone Number 07977210078
Record Carp 30lb+

Bullock Farm Fishery

Bullock Farm Fishery
Image Courtesy of Bullock Farm Fishery Club

Nestled in Kingston Seymour, Bullock Farm Fishery offers you five different lakes. You’ve got the North Pool, South Pool, Rushcombe Lake, and Match Lake.

The one-acre Carp Lake not only has small carp but also bigger ones over 27lb. In fact, it has the biggest carp in the camp.

The fishery stands out with a 2.5-acre campsite, self-catering holiday accommodation in rustic cottages, and more. Also, you don’t have to book in advance, which makes this fishery excellent for a last-minute carp fishing trip.

Name Bullock Farm Fishery
Lake Size 1 acre
Location Clevedon, BS21 6XA
Pricing £9 for day tickets – No 24-hour access
Phone Number 01934835020
Record Carp 27lb+

Trinity Waters

Trinity Waters Fishery
Image Courtesy of Trinity Waters Fishery Club

Find Trinity Waters Fishery in Chilton Trinity. Like our previous pick, this family-run fishery has five lakes.

Chandos Lake is the main carp lake, so you’ll want to set your eyes on it. It spans three acres and contains an island.

The waters are tricky and mostly for night fishing, so you’ll need to put your fishing skills to the test. If you’re lucky, you might break the record of over 35lb!

Middlemarch Lake is a 1 ½ acre lake for pleasure fishing. As for Woodland and Ash Lakes, they’re two and one-acre lakes respectively, suitable for matches and pleasure angling.

Wildmarch Lake is the biggest one at 6 acres. It’s excellent for day and night fishing. Carp anglers love it, and it also features other fish types.

Name Trinity Waters
Lake Size Various Sizes
Location Bridgwater, TA5 2BQ
Pricing £7 for day tickets – £10 for 24-hour access (except for your first at £20)
Phone Number 07896982567
Record Carp 30lb+

Emerald Pool Fishery

Emerald Pool Fishery
Image Courtesy of Emerald Pool Fishery

Emerald Pool Fishery features four lakes. Among them, Jade Lake is home to the biggest fish.

The two-acre specimen lake has carp in the mid to upper double-figure bracket. The lake record is over 30lb.

Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Lakes are home to small fish of mixed species. Emerald is slightly more tricky. Otherwise, the others are quite easy, which is great news for juniors and new anglers.

On this eight-acre fishery, you’ll find six holiday cottages. Lastly, you can have as many rods as you want for the same price, as long as you have the required license.

Name Emerald Pool Fishery
Lake Size Various Sizes
Location Bridgwater, TA9 3NL
Pricing £10 for day tickets – £25 for 24-hour access
Phone Number 01278794707
Record Carp 30lb+

HBS Fisheries

HBS Fisheries
Image Courtesy of HBS Fisheries Club

HBS Fisheries is both a syndicate fishery and a fishing management service provider. As a fishery, it features two lakes.

Firstly, the specimen lake has 2.5 acres of spring-fed water. Its residents are mid to upper double-figure carp, with the record standing at 30lb.

The lake features two islands. With varying depths and numerous features, it’s suitable for serious carp anglers.

Secondly, Match Lake is about half an acre. It’s tree-lined and stocked with carp up to 10lb, and it houses other fish.

Unfortunately, anglers need a membership to go fishing in these lakes. That’s £275 and £50 per year for the specimen lake and Match Lake, respectively.

Name HBS Fisheries
Lake Size Various Sizes
Location M5, West Newton, West Newton, TA7 0BZ,
Pricing No day tickets
Phone Number 07966239436
Record Carp 31lb+

Bearley Lakes

Bearley Lakes
Image Courtesy of Bearley Lakes

Bearley Lakes is a beloved fishing holiday venue with two lakes. You get to fish carp and stay in a deluxe caravan!

The 3.5 acre-Willow Lake is available for exclusive and non-exclusive fishing. It holds 330 mirror, grass, and common carp weighing up to 38lb. The surrounding caravans have their private pathways to the lake—some even come with summer houses!

Rowan Lake is a two-acre lake with a large island and reed-lined margins. It’s available for exclusive bookings, which gives you access to 270 carp up to 30lb all to yourself. Like Willow Lake, it comes with luxury accommodations.

Since you’d be booking a fishing holiday, you can book either lake for a week depending on availability. Prices start at £760.

Name Bearley Lakes
Lake Size Various Sizes
Location Bearley Farm, Tintinhull, Nr Yeovil, BA22 8PE
Pricing No day tickets
Phone Number 07964949730
Record Carp 38lb+


With our Somerset fishery list over, we want your opinion. Did you enjoy it? We made sure to diversify our choices so that they can accommodate all levels of expertise, budgets, required facilities, fishing times, carp sizes, and more.

What do you think of these fisheries? If you liked them, be sure to share this article with your fellow anglers.

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