Nottinghamshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Only a few cities offer numerous fishing opportunities like Nottinghamshire with its many rivers, canals, and lakes. This city ranks among the best places for carp fishing in the UK. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best Nottingham carp fishing lakes you should go to for the best fishing experience!

Nottinghamshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

1. Cromwell Lake Fishery

Cromwell Lake Fishery is an 18-acre lake with several features, such as silty areas, overhanging trees, and gravel bars. Wildlife within the complex makes it a more interesting site for relaxation beyond fishing alone. Most carp in the complex weigh over 30 lbs, and the record catch is over 40 lbs.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Cromwell Lake Fishery
Lake Size 18 acres
Location 7 Great N Rd, Cromwell, Newark, Notts, NG23 6JE, UK
Pricing £32.50 for the 24 hours ticket and £65 for the 48 hours ticket
Phone Number +44 7816 243023
Record Carp Over 40 lbs

2. Hawton Waters

Image Courtesy Hawton Waters Club

Hawton Waters is a 14-acre large water body close to the beautiful River Devon. Both water bodies boast large and beautiful carp species.

The fish is, however, hard to catch, and even the best anglers may struggle. So, Hawton Waters is the place to be if you’re looking for a carp fishing challenge. Most carp is over 38 lbs, and the current lake record stands at 38 lbs.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Hawton Waters
Lake Size 14 acres
Location Cotham Lane, Hawton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 3RJ, UK
Pricing £25
Phone Number +44 1636 704742
Record Carp 38 lbs

3. Hackett Lakes

Image Courtesy Hackett Lakes

At Hackett Lakes, you’re going to have fun fishing in a 2 acres lake with over 1000 carp stock. This is why anglers have excellent catch records in this complex. The complex has two lakes for fishing with a record catch of over 20 lbs. It offers both day and night fishing at varying prices.

A day ticket is £8 and £10 for 1 and 2 rods respectively. Night fishing for carp is slightly more expensive at £20, £22, and £24 for 1, 2, and 3 rods, respectively.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Hackett Lakes
Lake Size 2 acres
Location Holme Pierrepont, Nottinghamshire, NG12 2LD, UK.
Pricing From £8 for a day ticket and £20 for a night ticket
Phone Number +44 7798 702053
Record Carp Over 20 lbs

4. Trent View Carp Fishery

Image Courtesy of Trent View Carp Fishery Group

Trent View Carp Fishery in Hoveringham is a 28-acre fishery with an ancient gravel pit between Newark and Nottingham. It has over 2000 carp specimens, 800 of which are over 20 lbs and 35 are over 30 lbs. The current record in this complex is 45 lbs. Every angler can fish in this location, irrespective of their skill level.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Trent View Carp Fishery
Lake Size 28 acres
Location Gonalston Lane, Lowdham, Nottingham NG14 7JJ, Nottinghamshire, UK
Pricing £15 for a 12 hours ticket and £30 for a 24 hours ticket
Phone Number +44 7905 247777
Record Carp Over 45 lbs

5. The Reservoir Moorgreen Fishery

Image Courtesy of Moongreen Reservoir Club

The Reservoir Moorgreen Fishery is a 38 acres water body with more than 40 pegs to give anglers enough fishing space. It’s as deep as 30 feet with clay and hard silt at the river bottom. More than 100 carp in this fishery weigh double figures, and there are about 180+ fish with single-figure weights.

This fishery also has 20 fish weighing over 30 lbs and a few others over 40 lbs. The current record catch in this fishery is 43 lbs.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name The Reservoir Moorgreen Fishery
Lake Size 38 acres
Location Willey Lane, Nottingham NG16 3QY, UK
Pricing £600 per annum
Phone Number 07769683057
Record Carp Over 43 lbs

6. Sapphire Lakes

Sapphire Lakes is one of the oldest fishing lakes in Nottinghamshire. The picturesque complex has 3 lakes (one-course lake and two carp specimen lakes) covering over 11 acres of water. This lake caters to anglers with different skill sets. It’s s ideal for helping you reach your personal best and have fun fishing. The record cap here is over 32 lbs.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Sapphire Lakes
Lake Size 11 acres
Location Norwell Lane, Newark, NG23 6JQ, Nottinghamshire, UK
Pricing £20 for 24 hours
Phone Number 01636821131
Record Carp Over 32 lbs

7. Springvale Fishing Lakes

Image Courtesy of Springvale Fishing Lakes Club

Springvale Fishing Lakes in Bevercotes offers a unique setting in its 100-acre land, surrounded by an attractive terrain and a peaceful atmosphere. This complex has six water bodies with different fish species, like mirror carp, common, tench, ide, skimmers, bream, barbel, and chubb, all abundant in these lakes. Carp can grow as big as 100 lbs.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Springvale Fishing Lakes
Lake Size 100 acres
Location Springvale Farm, Springvale Road, Bevercotes, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 0BT, UK
Pricing £6.50 per peg for pleasure fishing and £8 per peg for match fishing
Phone Number +44 7720 581292
Record Carp Over 100 lbs

8. Gunthorpe Hall Lake

Gunthorpe Hall Lake was formerly a gravel pit covering 80 acres, but it’s now the dream location for carp anglers. This huge complex has masses of water, shallow areas, deep areas, underwater bars, weeds, islands, overhanging trees, and everything to help carps thrive. The fishes in this complex are quality and can grow as big as 30 lbs.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Gunthorpe Hall Lake
Lake Size 30 acres
Location Gunthorpe, Norfolk, NR24 2PA
Pricing £6
Phone Number +44 1263 861373
Record Carp Over 30 lbs

9. Janson Fishery

Janson Fishery offers one of the best locations for both match and pleasure anglers. This complex has 8 lakes with different fishing features, making it accessible for different types of anglers, including elderly and disabled anglers. This complex’s fish include carp, tench, roach beam, and perch.

The day ticket starts at £6, and there are discounts for senior and junior anglers. Membership tickets are also available. Carp in these lakes are usually double figure, and the record catch is around 30 lbs.

Quick Glance at the Location

Name Janson Fishery
Lake Size 1-acre
Location Redmile Lane, Elton, Nottingham NG13 9FA, United Kingdom
Pricing £6
Phone Number +44 7555 892127
Record Carp Over 30 lbs


What do you make of our pick of the best Nottinghamshire carp fishing lakes? No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed to go home with a big catch.

Feel free to drop your comments and share the article with your fellow anglers!

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