Leicestershire Rutland Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Despite Leicestershire and Rutland’s proximity to the metropolitan areas, anglers of different skill levels may find great fishing lakes and rivers for pleasure fishing or even carp competitions.

In this guide, we’ll take a dive into four of Leicestershire and Rutland carp fishing lakes that you can explore.

Leicestershire Rutland Carp Fishing Lakes

1. Mallory Park Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Mallory Park Fisheries

Mallory Park Fisheries offers a variety of fishing options suitable for beginners and experts alike in its lakes. The lakes are rich with different types of fish for anglers, including perch, bream, tench, roach, and carp, with carp being the most common fish there.

The Glebe, where Mallory Park Fisheries is found, is a showpiece location that spans 36 acres. It’s a haven for aquatic animals and offers some of the best fishing in England, thanks to its nine lakes for casting a line in.

Whether you’re after huge fish or plenty of little ones, the Glebe’s single-bank fishing lakes will keep you entertained all day long. The largest carp caught there weighed in at under 20 lb, so we can’t boast any truly massive specimens.

To ensure that everyone who comes to fish may do so in safety and comfort, authorities have enacted a number of rules and restrictions. All anglers are required to hold a hunting license, and catch-and-release regulations are in place for specific fish species. Live bait is also prohibited.

Mallory Park Fishery at a Glance:

Name Mallory Park Fisheries
Size Varies
Location Common Road, Peckleton, Leicester LE9 7RF
Pricing Guest ticket: £10.00/day
Phone 07711 711650
Record Carp 20 lb

2. Whetstone Gorse Fishery

Image Courtesy of Whetstone Gorse Fishery

You’ll find the Whetstone Gorse Fishery on Willoughby Road, halfway between the towns of Countesthorpe and Willoughby Waterleys. Locals refer to the facility as “Phase 2,” which features two lakes: one mixed and one carp.

Both recreational and competitive fishing is permitted on the mixed lake, now known as Mallard lake. Also, there are plenty of roomy pegs, including several that are wheelchair and elderly-friendly. Rudd, roach, tench, bream, carp, and barbel thrive in these waters.

The second lake is called the carp lake, now known as the Moorhen pool. Again, there are a significant number of roomy pegs and a wide range of fishing features, including reeds and old trees — a lot of the same techniques that work in still water also work just fine here.

In addition, a feeder stocked with worms or sweetcorn is an excellent way to bring in the bigger carp. During the warmer summer months, pellet use is encouraged.

When compared to other “commercial” fisheries, the Whetstone Gorse stands out for its dedication to its original mission of maintaining a welcoming and natural atmosphere while fostering local fauna growth.

Whetstone Gorse Fishery at a Glance:

Name Whetstone Gorse Fishery
Size 36 acres
Location Willoughby Rd, Countesthorpe, Leicester LE8 6LX, United Kingdom
Pricing Day tickets: £10.00/day

Discounts for elderly

Phone 07802 233355
Record Carp 28 lb

3. Frisby Lakes Fishery

Image Courtesy of Frisby Lakes Fishery Club

Frisby Lakes Fishery is a 100-acre spatial mass, with two gravel pits spanning 36 and 16 acres and a stretch of 48 acres of River Wreake. 

Located in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, this fishing venue is home to various fish species, including carp, tench, pike, perch, and others sought out by anglers. The record carp is 32 lb.

Reeds, pools, and tall trees are all on show as potential fishing spots, further contributing to the area’s serene atmosphere. Day-ticket and season-ticket holders can fish at the facility any time of day or night.

Frisby Lakes Fishery at a Glance:

Name Frisby Lakes Fishery
Size 100 acres
Location Hoby Rd, Melton Mowbray LE14 3TL, United Kingdom
Pricing 12-Hour Day tickets: £10.00

24-Hour Day tickets: £20.00

Over 60 years (12 hours): £5.00

Over 60 years (24 hours): £10.00

Phone 07495 632909
Record Carp 32 lb

4. Temple Farm Fishery

Image Courtesy of Fisheries

Temple Farm Fishery, which straddles the county lines of Warwickshire and Leicestershire, has been around since the time of the Crusades. It got its name because the renowned English Knights Templar formerly owned the land it occupies. 

Located on a 48-acre working farm, the Knights pond comprises two fishing lakes: Dave’s Pool and Dad’s Pool. Dave’s Pool is an acre and a half in size and has its parking lot; Dad’s Pool is located at the other end of Dave’s Pool.

Both lakes have been around for a while and provide a serene and seasoned environment to spend the day fishing. Parking, restrooms, and a small tackle and bait shop are just some amenities for anglers at this all-year-round fishery.

While Temple Farm Fishery is a great place to fish, it’s also a great place to go bird-watching, hiking, or having a picnic in the countryside.

Temple Farm Fishery at a Glance:

Name Temple Farm Fishery
Size 48 acres
Location Temple Hill, Wolvey, Hinckley, Warwickshire, LE10 3HY
Pricing Day ticket: £8.00
Phone 01455 220422
Record Carp 32 lb


Leicestershire and Rutland are home to some excellent places to go carp fishing. Numerous local tackle shops are readily available, stocked with bait and equipment, and offering the guidance of seasoned fishermen.

How did you like our selection of the best carp fishing lakes in Leicestershire and Rutland? Please comment below and forward this article to fellow anglers who might find it helpful.

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