Buckinghamshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Buckinghamshire is home to some of the finest carp fishing lakes in the UK. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting, there’s a lake here to suit your needs.

To decide where to fish next, check out my list of the 5 best carp fishing lakes in Buckinghamshire, along with their key features.

Buckinghamshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

1. Farlows Lake

Image Courtesy of Farlows Lake Club

Farlows lake is located in Slough and is home to several well-stocked carp fishing lakes. It consists of the Main Lake (25 acres) and the second lake (5 acres), offering a variety of fishing experiences for anglers of all skill levels.

At Farlows Lake, you’ll have the opportunity to catch a wide range of carp, from small commons to the giants of the depths. The lakes are regularly stocked with new carp, with an estimated total stock count of over 50 carps per acre of water in the Main lake and around 100 in the second lake.

In addition to the carp fishing lakes, Farlows Lake also offers a range of other amenities to make your day on the water as enjoyable as possible. There is a tackle shop on site and toilet and shower facilities. You can also rent a fishing hut or pitch a divvy if you want to stay overnight.

The Main lake has a total of 58 pegs, which are designated fishing spots along the banks of the lake, and the second lake has 21.

The pricing at Farlows Lake is reasonable, with day tickets (1 Rod only) starting at just £17. 24-hour access is also available for £30.

Farlows Lake in a nutshell:

Name Lake Size Location Pricing (Day Ticket/24 Access) Phone Number Record Carp
The Main Lake 25 acres Slough, Buckinghamshire £20 / £30 01753 630302 40lb
Lake 2 5 acres £25 / £35 01753 630302 35lb

2. Alders Farm Fishery

Image Courtesy of Alders Farm Fishery Club

Alders Farm Fishery, located in Bragenham, Brickhill Valley, is home to three carp fishing lakes and three ponds. The lakes range in size from 3 to 25 acres offering a variety of fishing experiences.

  • Ash Lake, also known as Match Lake, is a popular carp fishing spot with 30 generous pegs. It offers a variety of fishing opportunities and is known for its hard-fighting carp.
  • Pines Lake, located in the trees, offers a peaceful and picturesque fishing experience with 25 match-ready pegs. The lake is home to carps up to 10 pounds.
  • Oak Lake is a 3.5-acre lake with reed-lined banks and some underwater features, including islands, sunken islands, and gravel traps. It’s stocked with large carp and has produced a 45-pound fish. The three smaller ponds at the fishery are ideal for beginners and offer good catches of 3-8 pound carp.

The day ticket pricing at Alders Farm Fishery starts at £20 at the most popular lake.

Overall, Alders Farm Fishery is a nice place to enjoy a day of carp fishing in Buckinghamshire. With its well-stocked lakes and range of amenities, it’s the perfect spot for anglers of all levels.

Name Lake Size Location Pricing (Day Ticket/24 Access) Phone Number Record Carp
Ash Lake 25 acres Ivy Ln, Bragenham, Milton Keynes MK17 9AH, United Kingdom £20 / £30 +44 1525 261713 100+lb
Pine Lake 12.5 acres £20 / £30 10lb
Oak Lake 3.5 acres From £16 45lb
Mylo’s Pond n/a, pond £10 per day (1 rod) 3-8lb
Wood Lake n/a, pond £10 per day (1 rod) 3-8lb
The Pump n/a, pond £10 per day (1 rod) 3-8lb

3. Furzton Lake

Are you looking for a day of carp fishing in Milton Keynes? Furzton Lake may be the right place to go! This large, 70-acre lake offers plenty of swims and is stocked with carp of all sizes, from low doubles to 30 pounds.

The lake has more than 60 pegs available, including some popular ones near the two islands on the south bank. There should always be an opportunity to find a spot, no matter when you visit.

The recommended method is fishing over a bed of bait, using boilies and particles. Give it a try and see what you can catch!

You can buy a day ticket at the location or online, and prices start at £8 for adults and £5 for seniors and juniors. There are no on-site facilities, but there’s a tackle shop nearby.

Name Lake Size Location Pricing (Day Ticket/24 Access) Phone Number Record Carp
Furzton Lake 70 acres Milton Keynes, MK17 9AH Starting from £8 for adults and £5 for seniors and juniors 01908 270 000 30lb

4. Great Linford Lakes

Image Courtesy of Great Linford Lakes Club

Great Linford Lakes is a fishery located near Milton Keynes. It offers a range of lakes for fishing, as well as watersports facilities.

The main lakes include:

  • Blackhorse Lake, which covers around 30 acres and is known for its long-range fishing opportunities and carp over 20 pounds.
  • Rocla Lake features an island and a spit, and an average size of mid/upper double figures, supported by carp over 20 pounds and a lake record of over 30 pounds.
  • Red House Lake is close to 17 acres in size; you’ll find weed beds, overhanging trees, and carp weighing up to 30 pounds.
  • Heron Lake is a 5-acre tree-lined water with average carp in the mid/upper double figures and a lake record of around 30 pounds.
  • Pines Lake is maturing 3-acre water with known hot spots in the near and far margins and carp up to 30 pounds.

There is a tackle shop on site and a cafe and bar with male and female toilets. The minimum booking is 24 hours, with prices starting at £25.

Name Lake Size Location Pricing (Day Ticket/24 Access) Phone Number Record Carp
Blackhorse Lake 30 acres  

Milton Keynes, MK19 7EB

Starting from £25 01908 690 969 20lb
Rocla Lake 30 acres 30lb
Red House Lake 17 acres 30lb
Heron Lake 5 acres 30lb
Pines Lake 3 acres 30lb

5. Woodlane Leisure

If you want to go fishing at Wood Lane Fishery in Iver, you can choose between the Match Lake and the Specimen Lake.

The Match Lake is stocked with various mixed species and has a winning record of over 250 lbs.

The Specimen Lake is perfect for catching carp, with several in the low 30s and many in the 20s. The facilities at the fishery include toilets, a tackle shop, and a cafe.

The Woodlane Leisure also has plenty of parking lots. Some rules and restrictions apply, such as the requirement to use a landing net and unhooking mat and the prohibition of boilies and oily baits. Children under 14 are not allowed on the premises.

Name Lake Size Location Pricing (Day Ticket/24 Access) Phone Number Record Carp
The Match Lake 2 acres Slough, SL0 0LQ Starting from £12 01753 651 088 20lb
The Specimen Lake 30lb

Wrapping Up

Each of these lakes offers a unique fishing experience, with various carp sizes and species to target. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at each lake can help you choose the right tackle and bait for the conditions so that you can make the most of your day on the water.

And you, have you ever fished carp in Buckinghamshire? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and share this list if you enjoyed it!

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