Oxfordshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Besides the world-renowned university, museum, and library, Oxfordshire also houses several of Southeast England’s best fishing spots. Today, we’ll list what you need to know about the top Oxfordshire carp fishing lakes to help you plan your itinerary.

Here’s a glance at the carp fishing lakes we’ll focus on for this article:

  • Linear Fisheries
  • Clattercote Reservoir
  • Linch Hill Fishery
  • Milton Pools Fishery
  • Fernhill Farm
  • Orchid Lake
  • Lodge Farm Fisheries
  • Upper Farm Fishery

Each of these locations covers different land areas and has varied ticket prices. Let’s now take a closer look at these lakes to get you started with your comparison.

Oxfordshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

1. Linear Fisheries

Known not only in Oxfordshire but across the UK, Linear Fisheries offers 17 fishing spots for you to enjoy:

  • Nine day-ticket spots
  • Five Tar farm lakes day-ticket spots
  • Three syndicate spots

All waters within Linear’s complex are open for 24-hour fishing, but they lock all gates at night for security measures.

Linear Fisheries in Summary:

Name Linear Fisheries
Lake Size Varies depending on lake
Location B4449, Witney OX29 7QF, UK (Between Stanton Harcourt and A415 Witney Road)
Pricing Day Ticket: From £8 to £20

24 Access: From £13 to £32

Phone Number 07885 327708 (Mon-Fri 8 am to 6 pm)
Record Carp 50 lb +

2. Clattercote Reservoir

Image Courtesy of Canal & River Trust

Clattercote Reservoir is known for its scenic view featuring trees and shrubs, plus a wooden walkway. Its secluded location is also a plus for anyone looking for a more private carp fishing experience.

At 21 acres, you’ll have lots of free space to move around, though weekends are reportedly busy.

Clattercote is open 24 hours a day, all year round, but advanced bookings are encouraged, especially for match fishing.

Clattercote Reservoir in Summary:

Name Clattercote Reservoir
Lake Size 21 acres
Location Claydon, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX17 1QB, United Kingdom
Pricing Day Ticket: From £7

24 Access: From £25

(excluding £7 match peg fee & £4 second rod fee )

Phone Number 07582 837181
Record Carp 30 lb

3. Linch Hill Fishery

Image Courtesy of Linch Hill Fishery Syndicate

The Linch Hill Fishery is a syndicate fishing spot, which means access is only through membership. It’s home to three stunning lakes: Stoneacres, Christchurch, and Willow.

It’s famous for its English carp and picturesque lakes with pristine and gin-clear waters that carp love to patrol.

Memberships start every 1st of April, but with the volume of anglers showing interest, the waitlist can be extensive. Also, member referrals & recommendations play a part in the selection, though only partially required.

Linch Hill Fishery in Summary:

Name Linch Hill Fishery
Lake Sizes 47 acres (Stoneacres), 9 acres (Christchurch), 8 acres (Willow)
Location Linch Hill Fishery, Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire OX29 5BB
Pricing Stoneacres: £1,300 per year

Christchurch & Willow: £1,300 per year

Gold (all three lakes): £2,000 per year

Phone Number 07908485090
Record Carp 50 lb+

4. Milton Pools Fishery

Image Courtesy of Milton Pools Fishery

Milton Pools Fishery is home to five fishing lakes, each featuring well-spaced pegs to ensure an equal chance of great catch for anglers:

  • Specimen Lake
  • House Lake
  • Lens Match Lake
  • Kidney Lake
  • Campbells Match Lake

The variety in lake sizes and fish stocks make it ideal for families who wish to bring their children. However, kids under five aren’t allowed entry for safety reasons.

Milton Pools Fishery in Summary:

Name Milton Pools Fishery
Lake Size Varies depending on lake
Location Great Milton, Oxford OX44 7JE, UK
Pricing Day ticket: From £10

24 Access: From £25

Phone Number 01844 278150 (9 am to 6 pm)
Record Carp 43 lb+

5. Fernhill Farm

Image Courtesy of Fernhill Farm

Fernhill is home to three lakes named Pleasure, Beast, and Match. Each lake has decent fish stocks, though the Beast has always been the favourite spot for carp anglers.

The complex is open the whole day, and night fishing is allowed, provided you book ahead.

Fernhill Farm in Summary:

Name Fernhill Farm
Lake Size Varies depending on lake
Location Milcombe, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 4RS, UK
Pricing Day ticket: From £7

24 Access: N/A

Phone Number 01295 720 471
Record Carp 30 lb+

6. Orchid Lake

Image Courtesy of Orchid Lake

Located around the historic village of Dorchester, Orchid Lake is a worthy stopover if you’re looking for a carp fishing location with lesser traffic.

Orchid Lake has a proven reputation for huge carp catches despite its challenging waters. Fishes in this lake move around a lot. On the good side, all types of bait, like worms and sweet corn, work, so with a bit of manoeuvring, you have a big chance of bagging a huge catch.

Orchid Lake in Summary:

Name Orchid Lake
Lake Size 18 acres
Location Abingdon Rd, Dorchester, Wallingford OX10 7LP, UK
Pricing 24 Access: £25
Phone Number 01865 341 810
Record Carp 40 lb+

7. Lodge Farm Fisheries in Fritwell

Image Courtesy of Fritwell Fishing

If you’re looking for a small place with a decent fish stock enough to enjoy a day’s worth of carp fishing, Lodge Farm Fisheries in Fritwell is a cozy place to start.

This spot has two lakes catering to specific preferences. The Specimen lake has three islands for carp fishing, while the Match lake offers other fish selections like roach, perch, and bream.

Currently, the place only allows ten people to fish at a time, with five people occupying each lake. Parking is available, but driving around the area is prohibited.

Lodge Farm Fisheries in Summary:

Name Lodge Farm Fisheries
Lake Size 1 acre
Location East Street, Fritwell, Oxon, Oxfordshire OX27 7QF, UK
Pricing Day ticket: £10 for adults; £7 for juniors with an adult companion, seniors, and disabled

24 Access: N/A

Phone Number Via their website’s contact page
Record Carp Up to 25lb

8. Upper Farm Fishery

Image Courtesy of Upper Farm Fishery Club

If you’re eyeing a tranquil carp fishing experience with options to book luxury lodges, then the Upper Farm Fishery in Chinnor is a favorite pick.

Its one-acre lake is known for carp and coarse fishing and is divided into two ponds. A narrow waterway connects these two ponds, enabling the fish to move between the two locations.

Day tickets are available for purchase on-site, but night and 24-hour access have to be booked in advance.

Moreover, guests who book luxury lodges on top of the cozy outdoor Jacuzzi spa can also enjoy unlimited access to the fishing sites.

Upper Farm Fishery in Summary:

Name Upper Farm Fishery
Lake Size 1 acre
Location Upper Farm, Henton, Chinnor OX39 4AQ, UK
Pricing Day ticket: £10 for adults; £8 for juniors, seniors, and disabled

24 Access: £22 for adults; £18 for juniors, seniors, and disabled

Phone Number 07476 082142
Record Carp 20lb


When on the lookout for the best Oxfordshire carp fishing lakes, consider your budget, experience, and preference. Take time to compare your options using the list we’ve compiled above and start booking your pick.

Have you tried visiting other carp fishing sites than the ones we’ve mentioned? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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