Kent Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

With its numerous parks and orchards, Kent has earned its name as “The Garden of England.”

Kent Carp Fishing Lakes

However, did you know that Kent is also chock-full of lakes ripe for carp fishing?

Kent has some of the best carp fisheries in the country. Whether you’re looking for a slice of adventure or a simple relaxing day on the lake, you won’t find a better place to do it than Kent.

Here’s your guide to the beautiful lakes of Kent.

Kent Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

In no particular order, here are some of the best carp fishing lakes in kent.

Monk Lakes

Monk Lakes
Image Courtesy of Monk Lakes Fishery Club

Spanning almost 120 acres, the Monk Lakes are the biggest fishing lakes in Kent.

This lake complex includes seven lakes and 2000 meters of the River Beult. Of the seven lakes, two are pleasure lakes, four are match lakes, and one is a specimen carp lake. Whether you’re a rookie angler or an expert specimen hunter, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself in the Monk Lakes.

The bodies of water are accessible. Situated in Marden, just off the A229 south of Maidstone, you can enter the Monk lakes by purchasing a day ticket for £10, £15, or £18.50 for one, two, or three rods, respectively.

Note that the specimen lake is a bit more expensive, costing £25 or £27.50 for two or three rods respectively for a day ticket.

The price difference exists because fishing is limited in the carp specimen lake. In it, no more than 10 anglers are allowed to fish at a time. That way, each angler can enjoy their area of water without any interference from the neighbouring anglers.

In a Nutshell

Name Monk Lakes
Lake Size  Various (from 1.5 to 16 acres)
Location  Marden, Maidstone, Kent (TN12 9BS)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 access)  From £10 to £27.50 / From £25.00 to £37.50
Phone Number  01622 833 332
Record Carp  45 lbs+

Elphicks Fishery

Elphicks Fishery
Image Courtesy of Elphicks Fishery

The Elphicks Fishery is another lake complex in Kent that’s famous for its vastness and grandeur.

Similar to the Monk lakes, the Elphicks fishery is also composed of seven lakes, though on a slightly more compact scale.

However, don’t let the smaller size fool you. The Elphicks are home to some of the biggest carp in all the country, weighing up to 50+ lbs.

Moreover, the biggest lake of the Elphicks houses “The Big Girl”— one of the largest carp in the United Kingdom—weighing over 60 lbs.

Nevertheless, if the carp aren’t enough to convince you to come to the Elphicks, then the complete facilities will. There are toilets for men, women, and diables, as well as net dips, showers, snacks, and bait.

So, if you’re ready for some rod-bending action, the Elphicks fishery should be your first destination,

In a Nutshell

Name Elphicks Lakes Fishery
Lake Size  Various (from 1.3 to 6 acres)
Location  Tonbridge, Kent (TN12 8EL)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 access)  From £13 / Form £28
Phone Number  01580 212 512
Record Carp  60 lbs+

Claygate Lakes

Claygate Lakes
Image Courtesy of Claygate Lakes

Made up of three lakes, the Claygate Lakes are a mid-sized private fishery in Maidstone, Kent.

Two of those lakes are aimed at pleasure anglers, while the third is a specimen lake filled with plenty of perch, tench, bream, roach, and carp.

The specimen lake boasts an impressive 2.5 acres of water with an average depth of about 5 feet. In it, you’ll find plenty of carp weighing 10+ lbs.

The Claygate Lakes can be accessed through a day ticket starting as low as £10. However, the specimen lake is a bit more expensive, starting at £15.00. 24-hour tickets are approximately double the price, but that’s to be expected.

In a Nutshell

Name Claygate Lakes
Lake Size  Various (Specimen lake: 2.5 acres)
Location  Maidstone, Kent (TN12 9PL)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 access)  From £12 / From £24
Phone Number  07770 513 448
Record Carp  39 lbs+

Orchard Place Farm Fishery

Orchard Place Farm Fishery
Image Courtesy of Orchard Place Farm

Orchard Place Farm is a family-run fishery located in Tonbridge, Kent.

Made up of 12 lakes, the Orchard Place Farm contains a diverse selection of fishing spots for anglers of all ages and skill sets. Unbelievably, nine of those 12 are specimen lakes. Whether you’re looking to fish 50-lb carp or even a 100-lb catfish, you’ll be able to enjoy your time at this fishery.

Though it’s a simple, family-run fishery, Orchard Place Farm has no competition when it comes to beauty. Almost all the lakes feature submerged islands and marginal water plants, making for a gorgeous picturesque setting.

Accessibility from one lake to another is also quite easy. There’s parking close to almost all of the lakes, as well as an on-site tackle shop, kitchen, toilet, and shower.

In a Nutshell

Name Orchard Place Farm Fishery
Lake Size  Various
Location  Tonbridge, Kent (TN12 6NY)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 access)  From £15 / From £30
Phone Number  01892 838 576
Record Carp  49 lbs+

Shirkoak Farm Fishery

Shirkoak Farm Fishery
Image Courtesy of Shirkoak Farm Fishery

Though previously filled with small fish, Shirkoak Farm Fishery has now become one of the best fishing sites for carp enthusiasts.

It contains over 30 medium-sized carp, weighing between 12 to 19 lbs. However, there are six ones coming up at 20 lbs or more.

Best of all, you’ll also find pike in the fishery, which can help provide some variety.

In case you’d like to stay over, Shirkoak has recently introduced a bed and breakfast containing three comfortable bedrooms, Wi-fi, TV, and tea-making facilities, among other amenities

However, if a day ticket is all you need, a two-rod ticket only costs £12 (double that for 24-hour access.)

In a Nutshell

Name Shirkoak Farm Fishery
Lake Size  3 acres
Location  Woodchurch, Ashford, Kent (TN26 3PZ)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 access)  From £12 / From £24
Phone Number  01233 860 279
Record Carp  20 lbs+

Strawberry Fields Fishery

Strawberry Fields Fishery
Image Courtesy of Strawberry Fields Fishery Club

If you’re up to a challenge, then you should head to the Strawberry Fields Fishery.

Located about three miles from the Royal Tunbridge Wells, this fishery contains multiple carp over 40 lbs and a few over 50 lbs.

We cannot mention Strawberry Fields without mentioning “Lee Jackson,” the 60+ pound carp that has put many an angler through the wringer.

Believe it or not, “Lee Jackson” isn’t even the best thing about Strawberry fields—it’s the view. Set in the middle of the Kent countryside, you’ll find yourself enjoying two beautiful lakes surrounded by lush trees and shrubbery.

In a Nutshell

Name Strawberry Fields Fishery
Lake Size  Various (largest around 2.5 acres)
Location  Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent (TN3 9AD)
Pricing (24 access only)  From £35
Phone Number  07519 770 310
Record Carp  60 lbs+

Tricklebrook Fishery

Tricklebrook Fishery
Image Courtesy of Tricklebrook Fishery Club

If carp fishing is all you care about, then the Tricklebrook Fishery will make your dreams come true. It consists of two lakes: a one-acre match lake and a four-acre specimen lake.

Within the fishery’s specimen lake, you can find some magnificent carp weighing over 20 lbs. There are even two 40+ lbs carps, “Sugar” and “Arthur”, who is widely beloved and sought-after by the fishing community,

And it’s not just carp. In the Tricklebrook Fishery, you’ll also find catfish weighing up to 30+ lbs. There’s also some perch, match fish, and more. You’ll also find beautiful scenery, with mesmerising reed-lined margins and a spectacular island within the specimen lake.

In a Nutshell

Name Tricklebrook Fishery
Lake Size  1 and 4 acres
Location  Five Oak Green, Tonbridge, Kent (TN12 6SH)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 access)  From £15 / From £25
Phone Number  01892 835 453
Record Carp  40 lbs+

Hartley Lands Fishery

Hartley Lands Farm Fishery
Image Courtesy of Hartley Lands Fishery Club

If you’re near Royal Tunbridge Wells, then make sure to swing by Cranbrook to visit the Hartley Lands Fishery.

With a total of seven lakes, this fishery accommodates angles of every sort.

Three of Hartley Lands Fishery’s lakes are aimed at pleasure anglers, while one of them—Pear Tree Lake—contains many carp weighing over 20 lbs.

There’s also Reservoir Lake, Henniker Pond, and Nicks Lake, all containing some good-sized carps. However, the standout in the fishery is Barmely Lake, having a lake record of 41 lbs.

Once you couple the huge carp with three beautiful islands and marginal shelves, you’ll understand why this specimen lake is so popular among anglers.

In a Nutshell

Name Hartley Lands Fishery
Lake Size  Various
Location  Cranbrook, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent (TN17 3PS)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 access)  From £13 / From £25
Phone Number  07703 825 064
Record Carp  41 lbs+

Gabriel’s Fishery

Gabriel's Fishery
Image Courtesy of Gabriel’s Fishery Club

Five lakes and a stretch of the river Eden. What more can you ask for?

This is why Gabriel’s Fishery is a top destination for carp enthusiasts.

You’ve got two specimen lakes, going as deep as 16 feet and containing multiple carp weighing 20 lbs and more. The Admiral Lake—the larger of the two—has several carp exceeding 30 lbs, with a lake record of 44+ lbs.

Gabriel’s Fishery has a 24-hour vending machine that sells bait items. You also have a regular on-site tackle shop that offers fishing necessities, as well as snacks and drinks. It’s a convenient and complete fishery!

In a Nutshell

Name Gabriel’s Fishery
Lake Size  Various
Location Edenbridge,Tonbridge, Kent (TN8 5PP)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 access)  From £13 / From £25
Phone Number  01732 865 355
Record Carp  44 lbs+

Cottington Lakes Fishery

Cottington Lakes Fishery
Image Courtesy of Cottington Lakes Fishery Club

If giant carps are your thing, head to the Cottington Lakes Fishery. Containing eight different lakes, this fishery accommodates many anglers raring for a challenge. However, what sets it apart from other fisheries is Lake Pepper, the main specimen lake.

Most fish caught from this lake is over 40 lbs, with an impressive lake record of 53 lbs 4oz. Just note that fishing at Lake Pepper is slightly expensive, with a 24-access ticket costing £42.

In a Nutshell

Name Cottington Lakes Fishery
Lake Size  Various
Location Deal, Kent
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 access)  From £12 / From £35
Phone Number  01304380691
Record Carp  53 lbs+

Cackle Hill Lakes

Cackle Hill Lakes
Image Courtesy of Cackle Hill Lakes

In Biddenden, about 12 miles from Ashford, you’ll find the splendid Cackle Hill Lakes complex.

Made up of a mixed coarse lake and two specimen lakes, this complex will fulfil your carp-fishing dreams.

While the mixed coarse lake contains a healthy amount of carp, it doesn’t compare to the two specimen lakes.

The first lake is about three acres of water and contains three islands—all hot spots for carp fishing, with a lake record of 43 lbs. The margins are also great for fishing, but they require a bit of expert touch.

As for the second lake, you’ll find a central island within 3.5 acres of water. Again, plenty of carp roams this lake, though they’re a bit smaller than those of the first one.

Still, when we say smaller, we don’t mean tiny. After all, the lake record here was 38 lbs.

In a Nutshell

Name Cackle Hill Lakes
Lake Size  Various (3 and 3.5 acres)
Location Biddenden, Ashford, Kent (TN27 8JW)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 access)  From £15 / From £25
Phone Number  01580 292 292
Record Carp  43 lbs+


As you can see, Kent has its fair share of carp-fishing spots. Impressively, quite a few of them house 40+ lb carp.

So, if you’re planning a fishing trip and you don’t know where to go, Kent should be your destination. The carp are hearty, the scenery is terrific, the facilities are top-notch, and most importantly, the prices are reasonable.

Just remember that some fisheries require advanced booking, so always call before making the trip. Then, once you get there, relax, enjoy, and have a happy carp fishing day.

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