West Sussex Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Do you know that West Sussex is home to some of the most beautiful sceneries in the UK? And amidst all of its natural beauty, it harbours a plethora of wonderful carp fisheries.

West Sussex Carp Fishing Lakes

Its clear waters and vibrant ecosystems invite all sorts of fishers, and its easily accessible fisheries provide the perfect recreational activity for all enthusiastic anglers. Keep on reading for a list of West Sussex carp fishing lakes!

Carp Lakes Near Me In West Sussex

Let’s take a look at some of the best carp fishing lakes in West Sussex.

1. Wintons Fishery

Winston Fishery
Image Courtesy of Winstons Fishery Club

The Wintons Fishery encompasses three main lakes; Mallard Lake, Kingfisher Lake, and Heron Lake. All three of the lakes hold big and healthy common and mirror carp, but Mallad and Heron lakes have a better stock of catfish, weighing up to 100 lbs.

Kingfisher Lake is the main focus since that’s the one with the healthy stock of carp. The lake spans over eight acres and contains several common carp, which weigh from the mid-20s to mid-30s. A few reach an outstanding weight of 40 and 50 lbs.

The biggest known carp in kingfisher lake banked at about 52 lbs and 10 oz.

At a Glance

Name  Wintons Fishery
Lake size  3 acres
Location  Burgess Hill
Pricing  £45 for 24 hours
Phone number  01444 236493
Record carp  52 lbs

2. Menards Carp Fishery 

Menards Carp Fishery
Image Courtesy of Menards Carp Fishery Club

The Menards Carp Fishery in Manning Heaths features five islands with different depths, reaching about 12 feet at the deepest point. At the beautiful venue, there are about 15 swims available, 5 for doubles and 10 for singles.

Each swim point is stocked with healthy fish, and the best of them can reach more than 35 lbs. The fishery’s record stands at an astonishing 57lb, which was set back in 2011.

There are multiple on-site facilities, such as flushing toilets, a wet room shower, a tackle and bait shop with charging ports, and a microwave.

At a Glance

Name  Menards Carp Fishery
Lake size  6 acres
Location  Manning Heaths
Pricing  £30 for day tickets, £40 for 24 hours
Phone number  01403 243213
Record carp  57 lbs

3. Furnace Lakes Fishery

Furnace Lakes Fishery
Image Courtesy of Furnace Lakes Fishery Club

The Furnace Lake Fishery in Slinfold consists of two main lakes, Hyes Lake and Furnace Lake. Hyes lake is the smaller of the two, as it only covers 2.5 acres. However, it’s stocked with an abundance of carp ranging from 15 lbs to 30 lbs. The clay-bottom lake holds a record of 42 lb carp from 2016.

As for the Furnace Lake, it spans over 7 acres and is home to a lot more varieties of carp such as Koi’s, Mirrors, Ghost, Commons, and Grass carp. Years of careful breeding have gifted this lake with pristine carp that are colourful and healthy, reaching up to 40 lbs.

At a Glance

Name  Furnace Lakes Fishery
Lake size  7 acres Furnace lake, 2.5 acres Hyes lake
Location  Slinfold
Pricing  £22 Hyes day ticket, £45 Furnace 24 hour ticket
Phone number  01403 791163
Record carp  42 lbs

4. Passies Pond Fishery

Passies Pond Fishery
Image Courtesy of Passies Pond Fishery Club

Passies Pond Fishery is located in Coombes, approximately 3.7 miles away from Lancing. The Passies pond was created by a fellow angler, Trevor Passmore, to spread his love of the hobby.

The fishery consists of three lakes that provide anglers with 150 pegs, all with a distance of 15m between them. The ample space and a plentiful number of carp weighing as heavy as 35 lbs promise you a good and fruitful time.

Along with an on-site fishing tackle shop, the fishery also features a cafe open all seven days of the week.

At a Glance

Name  Passies Pond Fishery
Lake size  6 acres
Location  Coombes, Lancing
Pricing  £12 day ticket and £24 for 24 hours.

Concessions are offered too.

Phone number  07824429236
Record carp  35 lbs

5. Alderwood Ponds

Alderwood Ponds Fishery
Image Courtesy of Alderwood Ponds

Alderwood Ponds is a family-owned business that consists of three ponds, each with different amenities. The first pond is Dave’s pond, which is best for the disabled, as it provides hardstand parking.

The Corsican Pond is the second one that features 15 pegs. Lastly, the third and main pond, the Island Pond, covers 2 acres. It harbours a wide range of species, with its carp weighing up to 20 lbs.

The Alderwood Ponds provide flush toilets, hot running water as well as drinking water. It also offers disabled-friendly toilets.

At a Glance

Name Alderwood Ponds
Lake size 2 acres
Location Horsham Rd, Steyning
Pricing £12 for one rod. Concessions available
Phone number +44 1903 816377
Record carp 20 lbs

6. Sumners Ponds

Sumners Ponds
Image Courtesy of Sumer Ponds Club

Sumners Ponds fishery, located on Chapel road in Barns Green, is a vast facility that provides a campsite for many anglers. It spreads over 100 acres and encompasses five lakes, 4 of which are home to carp.

The Sumners Lake is the larger specimen of water filled with carp weighing up to 35 lbs. Since this is a more challenging territory, it’s advised that only experienced anglers dip their toes in it.

The Farm Pond is ideal for juniors and learning anglers, and it offers easy access for the disabled. Finally, it’s 4 feet deep and harbours carp up to 16 lbs.

At a Glance

Name  Sumners lake
Lake size  100 acres
Location  Barns Green, Horsham
Pricing  £12 for Farm ponds, Sumners, Ribbon, Match lake day ticket.

£18 Betty’s Lake day ticket.

Phone number  01403 732539
Record carp  37+ lbs

7. Amazon Wood Fishery

Amazon Wood Fishery
Image Courtesy of Amazon Wood Fishery

Amazon Wood Fishery is located in Summerhill, Polegate.

The well-kept fishery boasts three main lakes; Badger, Rabbit, and Fox lakes. Badger Lake is a 1.5-acres area, only available to members. The tree-lined site lake has four swims and is home to 30lb weighing carp.

Rabbit Lake is a small 1-acre pond with 15 slabbed swims, and it’s stocked with eight different types of carp up to 23 lbs.

Fox Lake is the smallest of them all, covering only ½ an acre of water.

At a Glance

Name  Amazon Wood Fishery
Lake size  1.5 acres Badger lake, 1 acre Rabbit lake, ½ acre Fox lake
Location  Summerhill, Polegate
Pricing  £10 for Badger Lake Day ticket, £8 for Fox and Rabbit day ticket.
Phone number  01323 449502
Record carp  30 lbs


When it comes to carp fishing, West Sussex has a lot to offer. There are plenty of options for families, juniors, and inexperienced and experienced anglers. So, no matter which fishery you decide to go to, you’re bound to have fun!

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