Surrey Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover the Best Fishing Spots

Did you know that Surrey made an appearance in some of the most famous movies in history, namely James Bond and Harry Potter? The county’s shimmering lakes rendered it a favourable backdrop for cinematic scenes, but Surrey isn’t all looks. Its lakes are home to some of the best carp catches around England.

To help you find a suitable fishing spot, we’ve made a list of the best Surrey carp fishing lakes.

Surrey Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

Here’s a list of some of the best carp fishing lakes in Surrey.

1. Edenbrook Farm Fishery

Home to a 3-acre lake called Edenbrook Lake, Edenbrook Farm Fishery is one of the best fisheries to visit around Surrey. The lake holds large carp catches for anglers, who can use up to 3 rods to fish. If you prefer fishing at night, you’ll be glad to know that the fishery allows night fishing and offers a 24-hour ticket.

There’s also another large lake that covers 1.5 acres, and it goes by Meridian Lake.

At a Glance

Name Edenbrook Farm Fishery
Lake Size 1.5 acres and 3 acres
Location Popes Ln, Oxted RH8 9PL
Pricing Day ticket starts from £11

24-hour ticket costs £20

Phone Number 01883 722 029
Record Carp 37 pounds

2. Beaver Fishery

Image Courtesy of Beaver Fishery

Located in the heart of Newchapel, Beaver Fishery is home to 8 fishable lakes and 2 stock ponds. The most famous lakes are Tuscany Lake, which has an average carp size of 30-40 pounds, and Daughters Lake, which is famous for its grass carp.

That said, the lake that attracts anglers the most is Snipe Lake, which covers 2.5 acres and has an average carp size of 20 pounds.

At a Glance

Name Beaver Fishery
Lake Size Varies
Location Eastbourne Rd, Newchapel, Felbridge, Lingfield RH7 6HL
Pricing Day ticket starts from £15

24-hour ticket starts from £25

Phone Number 07710 656 041
Record Carp 37 pounds

3. Greens Farm Fishery

Image Courtesy of Greens Farm Fishery Club

Greens Farm Fishery boasts 2 large lakes ideal for professional carp anglers. The first goes by Guinea Lake and covers 5 acres, and the other goes by Bean Lake and covers 6 acres. The fishery features 10 pegs and 3 islands, leaving enough area for anglers who prefer privacy.

The only catch here is that Greens Farm Fishery doesn’t allow night fishing, so you’re limited to morning times.

At a Glance

Name Greens Farm Fishery
Lake Size 5 acres and 6 acres
Location High St, Weedon Lois, Towcester NN12 8PL
Pricing Day ticket starts from £10
Phone Number 01306 631 573
Record Carp 45 pounds

4. Twynersh Fishing Complex

Image Courtesy of Twynersh Fishing Complex

Covering about 44 acres, Twynersh Fishing Complex is among the largest fisheries around Surrey. It boasts 8 lakes, 5 of which are fishable, and some of them allow carp fishing at night. The lake that’s home to the largest carp catches goes by Pit 2, and it features 14 pegs to give many anglers a chance to fish comfortably.

Meanwhile, the lake that’s famous for aesthetically pleasing fish is called Pit 7, and if you’re lucky, you can catch a carp up to 30 pounds.

At a Glance

Name Twynersh Fishing Complex
Lake Size Varies
Location Thorpe Rd, Chertsey KT16 9EJ
Pricing Day ticket starts from £12

24-hour ticket costs £25

Phone Number 01932 570 156
Record Carp 39 pounds

5. Old Quarry Lake

Image Courtesy of The Old Quarry Betchworth

Although not very large, Old Quarry Lake is one of the most famous lakes around Surrey. It takes place in Betchworth and covers 1 acre. The lake is home to many diverse species and has a picturesque nature, thanks to the woodland that surrounds it. The lake’s depth varies from 2 to 8 feet, and you have a good chance of catching a 20-pound carp if you visit it.

Best of all, the lake has a cabin that you can book if you appreciate breaks or privacy throughout the day.

At a Glance

Name Old Quarry Lake
Lake Size 1 acre
Location Reigate Rd, Brockham, Betchworth RH3 7EZ,
Pricing Day ticket starts from £12

Cabin ticket costs £60

Phone Number 07768 875 272
Record Carp 30 pounds

6. Thorpe Lea Fishery

Image Courtesy of Thorpe-Lea-Fishery

Thorpe Lea Fishery boasts a large lake that covers almost 18 acres of water. The lake features 3 islands and 60 pegs, leaving more than enough space for anglers to enjoy fishing. It’s famous for having fish over 30 pounds in weight, so it’s your go-to place if you like big catches.

If you’re a night fisher, you’ll be glad to know that Thorpe Lea Fishery offers 24-hour tickets.

At a Glance

Name Thorpe Lea Fishery
Lake Size 18 acres
Location Thorpe Lea Rd, Egham TW20 8LH
Pricing Day ticket starts from £12

24-hour ticket costs £24

Phone Number 01784 492 182
Record Carp 30 pounds

7. Bury Hill Fisheries

Image Courtesy of Bury Hill Fisheries Club

Home to 4 large lakes, 2 of which are for carp fishing, Bury Hill Fisheries are a solid choice if you like fishing from a boat. The lakes are deep enough to hold boats and banks, and they don’t lack big catches that pass the 30-pound milestone.

The only catch here is that you can’t go fishing at night if you aren’t a member. Instead, you’re limited to a day ticket that starts at £19.

At a Glance

Name Bury Hill Fisheries
Lake Size Varies
Location The Boathouse, Old Bury Hill, Westcott, Nr Dorking
Pricing Day ticket starts from £19
Phone Number 01306 877 540
Record Carp 40 pounds

8. Red Beeches Fishery

Image Courtesy of Red Beeches Fishery

Red Beaches Fishery is home to 2 picturesque lakes that get stocked for guaranteed catches, Red Beaches Lake and Lower Wade Lake. Their depths range from 1 to 9 feet, and they hold various types of fish like carp, bream, roach, pike, tench, and rudd.

The fishery has a cabin you can book if you want to enjoy a relaxing day by the lake.

At a Glance

Name Red Beaches Fishery
Lake Size Varies
Location Fernden Lane, Haslemere, GU27 3LB
Pricing Day ticket starts from £15
Phone Number 07786 626 247

07732 610 414

Record Carp 30 pounds

9. Tillingbourne Fisheries

Tillingbourne Fisheries are home to several species of fish and are famous for carps that pass the 20-pound milestone. The place’s main lake goes by Frog Island, and while it isn’t that large at 1 acre of water, it’s an ideal place to fish due to its clarity and depth.

The fisheries allow night fishing for anglers and open as early as 7 am for morning people.

At a Glance

Name Tillingbourne Fisheries
Lake Size 1 acre
Location Dorking Rd, Dorking RH5 6SA
Pricing Day ticket starts from £10

24-hour ticket costs £25

Phone Number 07766 326 020
Record Carp 27 pounds

10. Willinghurst Fishery

Image Courtesy of Willinghurst Fishery Club

Willinghurst Fishery is home to 11 lakes that stock carp to guarantee you big catches. The main lake in the fishery is called Main Lake, and it covers 4 acres of water. To satisfy all fishers, the fishery allows night fishing, but you need to book it before you go.

That said, it’s fair to warn you that crayfish are more common than you might like in these lakes.

At a Glance

Name Willinghurst Fisheries
Lake Size Varies
Location Wonersh, Guildford GU5 0SQ
Pricing Day ticket starts from £18

24 hour ticket costs £27

Phone Number 07774 188 760
Record Carp 32 pounds


Are you as excited as we are now to go fishing in Surrey? We hope so!

In addition to Surrey’s picturesque lakes, it doesn’t lack big carp catches. Whatever lake you choose to visit, you’re guaranteed to go home with some fish.

Give us your feedback in the comments, and share the article if you like it!

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