Hampshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover the Best Fishing Spots

Hailed as the birthplace of windsurfing and bird-watching, Hampshire is a must-visit travel stop for adventure-seekers and nature lovers. But there’s more. If you like angling, Hampshire carp fishing lakes offer outstanding fish stocks you don’t want to miss.

Today, we’ll introduce you to some of the most-visited carp fishing locations in this county:

  • Sandhurst Fishery Lake
  • Lin Brook Carp Fishery
  • Broadlands Lake
  • Willow Park Fishery
  • Headlands Farm Fishery
  • River Farm Carp Fishery
  • Orchard Lakes
  • Bowsaw & Billhook Fishery Lakes

Whether looking for an average-sized carp or a huge catch, these fishing spots have loads of stock to choose from. Let’s dive into the details and see which one you’d want to visit.

Hampshire Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me

Sandhurst Fishery Lake

Image Courtesy of Sundhurst Lake Club

Sandhurst Fishery Lake is said to be the most popular carp fishing destination in Hampshire, and justifiably so. It boasts over 400 carp stock weighing an average of 26 lb.

Its 14 acres and 31 swims give you many fish options, with bigger chances of carp capture. Bookings must be made ahead as tickets are sent out via email and must be presented to the bailiffs on site for entry.

Anglers are allowed up to 3 rods max for an added £5 on top of the base ticket price.

Sandhurst Fishery Lake at a Glance

Name Sandhurst Fishery Lake
Lake Size 14 acres
Location Swan Lane Yateley, Hampshire GU47 9DA, UK
Pricing Day Ticket: From £25

24 Access: From £30

Phone Number 07766 416223 (9 am to 6 pm)
Record Carp 45 lb

Lin Brook Carp Fishery

Image Courtesy of Lin Brook Carp Fishery Club

Lin Brook Carp Fishery is superior in terms of using high-quality farming methods to raise fish.

The 6-acre fishing spot houses 400+ carp stock scattered around 11 swims. It also houses a few rare Albino Grass Carp notable for their gorgeous pink eyes.

Moreover, all the swims are equipped with volt electric sockets, which is perfect if you’re planning to charge some devices.

For anglers bringing their non-fishing spouses to enjoy the experience, you’ll only need a £5 add-on fee for 24-hour access.

Lin Brook Carp Fishery at a Glance

Name Lin Brook Carp Fishery
Lake Size 6 acres
Location Snails Lane, Blashford, Ringwood. BH24 3PG, UK
Pricing 24 Access: £30 + £7 electricity charge
Phone Number 07596 112922
Record Carp 38.12 lb

Broadlands Lake

If carp fishing accompanied by quality meals in between is your idea of leisure, then Broadlands Lake won’t disappoint.

The complex offers 24-hour and week-long meal deal options priced at £38.50 and £225, respectively.

Its 26 acres house the following fishing sites, all packed with various fish types like carp, roaches, and breams:

  • Lower Lake: has 31 pegs
  • Match Lake: has 42 pegs
  • River Test and River Blackwater

On the downside, Broadlands lake only allows anglers as guests. Non-fishing guests are prohibited.

Broadlands Lake at a Glance

Name Broadlands Lake
Lake Size 26 acres
Location Coarse Fishery, Hill Street, Southampton SO40 2RX, UK
Pricing Day Ticket: £16

24 Access: £27.50

Phone Number 02380 869881
Record Carp 38 lb +

Willow Park Fishery

Image Courtesy of Willow Park Fishery Club

Willow Park Fishery is an easy pick for any family carp fishing experience. It has four lakes catering to different skill levels and is packed with various fish types like carp and tench.

The Stock Pond is a haven for beginners and kids, providing enough fish within a smaller area perfect for basic training. Experienced carp anglers, on the other hand, will love the Big Lake and its 400+ fish stock, including a few carp weighing over 30 lb.

Willow Park’s 5-star rated cafe offering a healthy food menu is a great add-on in-between fishing matches and breaks.

Willow Park Fishery at a Glance

Name Willow Park Fishery
Lake Size 22 acres
Location Youngs Dr, Ash, Aldershot GU12 6RE, UK
Pricing Day Ticket: From £12 for adults; £7 for those under 16, disabled users, and over 65

24 Access: From £25

Phone Number 01252 325867
Record Carp 33 lb+

Headlands Farm Fishery

Image Courtesy of Headlands Farm Fishery Club

Headlands Farm Fishery is an excellent place to experience the thrill if you’re up for a carp fishing challenge.

This fishing site has two lakes, the Top Lake and Bottom Lake. Both are home to what Headlands claims as hard-fighting wild fishes, capable of putting up a good fight when caught.

Top Lake is recommended if you’d like to catch Common or Mirror carp weighing up to 30 lb. Bottom Lake has more fish stock but smaller sizes.

You can also enjoy coffee or homemade cakes and ice cream from the coffee shop situated at a serene, cosy place next to the facility’s fountain.

Headlands Farm Fishery at a Glance

Name Headlands Farm Fishery
Lake Size 2.5 acres
Location Headlands Farm Fishery, Romsey Rd, West Wellow, Romsey SO51 6BG, UK
Pricing Day Ticket: From £10

24 Access: From £20

Phone Number 01794 328320
Record Carp 25 lb+

River Farm Carp Fishery

Image Courtesy of River Farm Carp Fishery

River Farm Carp Fishery is home to one lake with 14 swims available for early booking from 7 am to 7 pm daily.

The facility is a family-run carp fishery with a friendly atmosphere and decent carp specimens, perfect for testing and surpassing your personal best. Its tackle shop also offers a variety of new and second-hand fishing equipment in case you need backup gear.

River Farm Carp Fishery at a Glance

Name River Farm Carp Fishery
Lake Size 2 acres
Location River Farm Carp Fishery, Fontley Rd, Titchfield PO15 6QZ, UK
Pricing Day Ticket: £12 (will be £15 from March 2023)
Phone Number 01329841215
Record Carp 30 lb+

Orchard Lakes

Image Courtesy of Orchard Lakes

Orchard Lakes is considered among the most prolific fisheries in the South, housing five lakes with 12 different fish species scattered around them.

  • Match Lake
  • Main Lake
  • Tench Lake
  • Jake’s Pool
  • Jimmy’s Lake

Jake’s Pool is ideal for beginner anglers and youngsters, while the Match Lake is recommended for the more competitive and experienced guests who want to go big on their catches.

The Main Lake is famous for carp anglers with stocks featuring Mirror, Common, and Ghost carp. For visitors planning to extend their stay, Orchard Lakes also offers camping & caravanning services for a separate fee.

Orchard Lakes at a Glance

Name Orchard Lakes
Lake Size Varies depending on the lake
Location New Ln, New Milton BH25 5TD, UK
Pricing 23-hr Access: £25
Phone Number 07790 915434
Record Carp 37 lb+

Bowsaw & Billhook Lakes

Image Courtesy of Bowsaw & Billhook Lakes Club

Bowsaw & Billhook Lakes are two fishing spots at 1.7 and 1.4 acres, respectively. Each lake only accommodates 12 anglers per schedule.

There are 30 swims that have a decent mix of varied fish species like carp, tench, breams, and rudds. They also come in mixed sizes from 7 lb to 36 lb.

Sundays are reserved for fish matches and can include breakfasts and barbeques, provided you book ahead of time. Mondays to Saturdays are highly recommended if you’d want to fish for pleasure.

Bowsaw & Billhook Lakes at a Glance

Name Bowsaw & Billhook Lakes
Lake Size 3.1 acres
Location Odiham, Hook RG29 1HZ, UK
Pricing Day Ticket: From £10

24 Access: From £25

(Non-fishing guests will be charged at management’s discretion)

Phone Number 07770 724613
Record Carp 36 lb


Hampshire carp fishing lakes boast huge catches, a great location, and many fish stock options. Have our list handy the next time you visit the place and see if any site catches your interest.

Have you tried carp fishing in Hampshire? How was your experience? Feel free to share tips in the comments!

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