Dorset Carp Fishing Lakes Near Me – Discover The Best Fishing Spots

Many people know Dorset for its awe-inspiring Jurassic coast and beautiful sandy beaches. However, did you also know that Dorset is a fishing haven for carp enthusiasts?

Dorset Carp Fishing Lakes

With its numerous lakes and fisheries, Dorset has become one of the best places to fish for carp. So, if you’re interested in finding out where to go for a carp-filled adventure, take a look at our list below.

Best Carp Fishing Lakes in Dorset

In no particular order, here are the best carp fishing lakes in Dorset that offer day tickets and 24 access.

1. Coking Farm Fishery

Coking Farm Fishery
Image Courtesy of Coking Farm Fishery Club

In the north of Dorset, about seven miles from Gillingham, you’ll find the Coking Farm Fishery. The facility boasts of eight different lakes totalling over 33 acres.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a short fishing session or willing to spend the night to make a big catch—the Coking Farm Fishery will allow you to meet your fishing goals and satisfy most angler’s needs.

Almost all of the lakes have carp in excess of 30 lbs, and two of them even have carp weighing over 40 lbs.

To help ease the wait, the Coking Farm Fishery is equipped with toilet and shower block facilities. There’s also a tackle shop, a food van, and a butcher shop in case you (or the fish, most likely) are in need of a bite.

In a Nutshell

Name Coking Farm Fishery
Lake Size  Each lake spans around 4 acres
Location  Gillingham, West Stour, Dorset (SP8 5SF)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 Access) From £15 / From £25
Phone Number  07789 003 044
Record Carp  40 lbs+

2. Whitemoor Lakes

Whitemoor Lakes
Image Courtesy of Whitemoor Lakes Club

The Whitemoor Lakes are composed of three different lakes, all of which are mixed fisheries.

However, don’t let the absence of a specimen lake dissuade you from going. This fishing complex has its fair share of carp, especially the main lake which has a lake record of over 30 lbs.

It’s worth mentioning that with Whitemoor Lakes, there’s no need to book a place beforehand.

Simply head there, pay for your day ticket, and fish to your heart’s content. Aim towards the islands and lilypads and you’re bound to get a bite.

The only case wherein you might need to book a spot is if you’re going night fishing, which costs around £15.

In a Nutshell

Name Whitemoor Lakes
Lake Size  Various
Location  Holt, Wimborne, Dorset ( BH21 7DA)
Pricing (Day Ticket / Night Fishing) From £8 / From £15
Phone Number  07852 413 638
Record Carp  30 lbs+

3. Todber Manor Fisheries

Todber Manor Fisheries
Image Courtesy of Todber Manor Fisheries

Located in Manor Farm, the Todber Manor Fishery is one of the top spots for carp fishing in Dorset.

Totalling 28 acres, you’ll find 11 different lakes in the Todber Manor Fishery. Six of these are match/pleasure lakes, four are specimen lakes, and one is a runs water lake.

The most popular lake for carp fishing is Paddock Lakes. It’s only two acres in size with seven pegs, but it holds carp nearing the 40-pound mark. That’s why it’s quite common to find this lake fully booked, with reservations made usually two months in advance.

In a Nutshell

Name Todber Manor Fisheries
Lake Size  Various
Location  Todber, Sturminster Newton, Dorset ( DT10 1JB)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 Access) From £12 / From £24
Phone Number  01258 820 384
Record Carp  37 lbs+

4. Lyons Gate Fishery

Lyons Gate Fishery
Image Courtesy of Lyons Gate Fishery

About 12 miles from Dorchester, you’ll find the beautiful Lyons Gate Fishery.

There are four lakes located in the fishery, with Kingfisher Lake being the main attraction.

This lake houses the bigger and heavier carps, with a lake record of over 30 lbs. Typically, you’ll find the carp hiding around the three islands situated within the lake.

Amazingly, you can get a day ticket for this fishery for just £6. Night fishing is also possible—just make sure to book it in advance.

In a Nutshell

Name Lyons Gate Fishery
Lake Size  Various
Location  Dorchester, Dorset (DT2 7AZ)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 Access) From £6 / From £24
Phone Number  01300 345 260
Record Carp  30 lbs+

5. Dairy House Farm Fishery

Dairy House Farm Fishery

About 10 miles from Blandford Forum, you’ll come across the Dairy House Farm Fishery.

This fishery is made up of three lakes, two of which are full of carp. Park Lake is a runs water lake and contains carp in the upper double figures.

However, Oak Lake should be your target as it’s the main specimen lake. In it, you’ll find multiple carp close to 30 lbs, typically around the small island and mature margins. Currently, the lake record of the Dairy House Farm Fishery holds at 30+ lbs.

If you’ll be heading to Dairy House, make sure to book a spot first. Note that there are self-catering holiday cottages if you’d like to extend your stay.

In a Nutshell

Name Dairy House Farm Fishery
Lake Size  Various
Location  Woolland, Blandford Forum, Dorset (DT11 0EY)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 Access) From £12 / From £30
Phone Number  07966 308 998
Record Carp  30 lbs+

6. Rosewall Fishing Lakes

Primarily a campsite, the Rosewall Fishing Lakes complex is another great place for carp angling in South Dorset.

With two lakes that span over 4 acres, this fishery makes for amazing catches and fishing experiences.

The larger lake (Meadow Lake) contains carp that can reach over 20 lbs. The current lake record is around 25 lbs. Interestingly enough, Wally’s lake, which is only around 1.5 acres, has a higher lake record of 29 lbs.

In a Nutshell

Name Rosewall Fishing Lakes
Lake Size  Various
Location  Osmington, Weymouth, Dorset (DT3 6HA)
Pricing (Day Ticket / 24 Access) From £10 / From £20
Phone Number  01305 832 248
Record Carp  29 lbs+

7. Clump Hill Farm Fishery

Clump Hill Farm Fishery

The Clump Hill Farm Fishery should be your destination if you’re in East Dorset.

Though only having one lake, this fishery still has a fair amount of good-sized carp. In fact, the current lake record is over 30 lbs, and people regularly catch carp in the mid and upper double figures.

However, there are also quite a few small carp, as well as several silvers. So, your challenge will be to avoid the little fishes as you target the hearty carp.

Make sure to have a few tricks up your sleeve and get ready to use different fishing tactics. In the end, the challenge will make your experience much more enjoyable and rewarding.

In a Nutshell

Name Clump Hill Farm Fishery
Lake Size  1 acre
Location  Mannington, Wimborne, Dorset (BH21 7JT)
Pricing (Day Ticket) From £7
Phone Number  07764 535 211
Record Carp  30 lbs+


Dorset is home to some great fisheries. Thankfully, quite a few of them have hearty carp that’ll get your fisher’s excitement on and adrenaline pumping.

Best of all, most of these fisheries have pretty decent prices, with day tickets usually around or under £10.

Still, before you pack your gear, make sure to contact the fishery owners and let them know when you’ll be coming. That way, they can explain their rules and tell you everything you’ll be needing for a successful fishing trip.

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